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Your Precious Lies

Axel sighed and pressed his face a little further into Roxas's throat, wrapping his arms around the younger Nobody's body and holding him tightly. He let his eyes fall closed as Roxas threaded his fingers through his hair, smoothing damp strands back from Axel's cheek. Roxas shifted underneath him, bringing his other arm up and taking Axel's face in his hands. Axel opened his eyes as Roxas kissed each cheek, darting his tongue out to trace the tattoos under each of Axel's eyes before he rolled him onto his side, wrapping his arms around Axel's waist and snuggling closer to him as his eyes drifted closed.

Axel ran a hand up into Roxas's hair, fingers curling absently in the blond strands. Roxas muttered something unintelligible and burrowed his forehead against Axel's shoulder. Axel landed a quick kiss against the top of his head as he tightened his arm around the kid's shoulders.

Roxas was leaving soon.

Axel knew Roxas thought he had him fooled, and Axel let him think so – one less thing for the kid to worry about. But Axel knew Roxas, probably better than the boy was willing to admit, and he'd noticed the pensive silences, the way Roxas's eyes, usually so cold and closed, would soften as he stared somewhere no one could follow – the loathing in his expression as he glared at the Keyblades clutched in his hands.

Axel had tried to make him forget, distract him with empty kisses and nimble fingers, tried to pretend he had a claim on the pale porcelain boy who was so much stronger than he looked. It had been a futile effort – nothing Axel could say or do would change Roxas's mind. He supposed that somewhere where some part of him remembered being human, that hurt – that he wasn't enough to make Roxas forget, wasn't enough to keep him from leaving.

It wasn't fair, Axel reflected, that they could still think and plan and want. Roxas wanted answers. Axel wouldn't give them. Axel wanted Roxas. Roxas wouldn't stay. He smiled, the expression somehow melancholy as he buried his face in blond hair, Roxas's breath whispering against his chest as he murmured sleepily and tightened his hold on the redhead's waist.

No, he couldn't keep Roxas from going. But Roxas wouldn't be able to keep him from following.

And if he closed his eyes and let himself believe the lie for only a moment – that he did love the kid, that it would be enough to make Roxas stay – it didn't hurt, right?