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YEAR: Circa 2507 AD

Simon ran down the streets, dragging Kaylee behind him. They were both laughing in a breathless fashion when they got back onto Serenity.

Kaylee leaned on Simon. "Wow, this is fun."

"I love welcome mats. Malefactors like us can just walk right in," Simon smirked. "A welcome mat is just as good as an invitation… or even better!'

"Well, I'm so glad the both of you had fun on your little excursion." They looked up to see Mal standing on the walkway. "Tell me, have either of you heard of 'curfew'?"

Simon laughed. "Yeah."

"Oh, but the greatest thing happened to us, cap'n!" Kaylee enthused.

"I don't rightly care. I thought you was supposed to be bringin' our girl back some needed parts. Where are those needed parts?"

"We left 'em," Kaylee shrugged. Mal stopped in his tracks and stared at her. Such a blatantly mutinous attitude was unusual for his mechanic.

"Kaylee," Mal began, but Simon cut in impatiently.

"Shut up. Listen, I have a debt to repay." Before Mal could retort, Simon bounded up the stairs and met him halfway up. He pushed Mal down roughly. "Where is everyone else?"

"Probably in their bunks," Kaylee answered for Mal.

Mal fumbled for his gun. Simon casually knocked it out of his hands. "Go and check on them for me, would you Kaylee? The captain and I have some business to take care of." Kaylee nodded and skipped off while Simon straddled Mal.

"Simon-" Mal started angrily, but Simon hit him across the face.

"I said shut up! Now, you've taken me in, me and River. You've looked out for us. I appreciate this," Simon paused. He covered Mal's mouth with his hand and kept him pinned down. "You've given us a home, a family, protected and sheltered us. I need to return the favor." Mal stared up at him defiantly, but also definitely curious. Simon leered at him. "I'm going to introduce you to a brave new world, Mal."

Kaylee peeked into the cockpit. "Hiya, Wash!" she said cheerfully.

Wash bolted out of his seat. "Kaylee! Hey- you- where have you been? We've been worrying, and we looked for you guys, but you weren't anywhere in town…"

"Sorry. The past few days have been a little… hectic…" Kaylee answered vaguely.

"Yeah, I'd say," Wash looked down sadly. "Uh, Kaylee… Book's dead. They found his body in an alley… no one really knows what happened to him, but… Well, Inara's in town with Zoe, they're talking to the police about it…"

Kaylee's eyes filled with tears and her lip quivered. "W-what? H-he's dead?" Wash hugged her tightly. She sobbed into his shoulder.

"I know… it's awful…" Wash said lamely, not entirely sure what else to say. "Uh, are you all right? I mean, you've been gone a while…"

"Yeah…I'm fine," Kaylee morphed into her vampire face. "In fact, never been better!" She pulled back and cupped Wash's face in her hands. "And you'll feel the same, soon enough."

Wash's eyes widened. "Kaylee? What-" his last words were drowned out as Kaylee bit into his neck.

YEAR: 2807 AD

Daniel replayed the footage from Three Hills again. And again. The news reporters were covering the crucifixion of River, and then the demons came… he watched the Prince break down the cross and pick up his bride. Daniel ignored the screams and random violence of the townspeople, soldiers, or newscast- he focused on the worst of the vampires. Mal turned, holding River close to him, his face set coldly in dark fury. Behind him his faithful werewolf companion prowled. Even over all the noise the slaughter was making, he could hear Jayne's hair-raising howl.

"Sir?" the Alliance soldier behind him dared to interrupt him. "Your ship is ready."

"I'll be there shortly," he answered in his typical clipped voice.

"Yes, sir."

Daniel watched the clip one last time. "Do you remember, monster, what you did to Fess and Inara Higgins?" he asked the image of the Prince. "Do you remember siring him and burying him alive? Do you remember throwing her from her balcony?" The image didn't, couldn't, hear him. He stepped back. "Would you? Are they just lost in your long list of homicides?"

He turned off the screen and left the room, heading for his ship. He would catch the Prince- and he would make him suffer for his crimes.


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