A/N: Drabble-y One-shot AU, Neville is the BWL. Final battle:

Power the Dark Lord knows not, Neville repeated furiously in his thoughts. Couldn't the bloody seer be a mite more specific?! He dodged hexes with agility belied by his heavy frame. Shit, there's nothing but flowers in Greenhouse One. Why couldn't I have been in Greenhouse Six, with the dangerous plants?

He swiped the bag of Kettle Rose Pollen on his next dodge, figuring he could at least blind Voldemort with it and jump out a window or something. But when he tossed it in the Dark Lord's face, Voldemort gave a truly horrific sneeze and started swelling up like a balloon. Neville was transfixed with fascination as the most feared wizard of the decade went into anaphylactic shock and died within minutes.

Apparently, Tom had been deathly allergic to rose pollen.

Bloody hell.