Hey Guys I know it's been Suuuuper long but I have news! I'm working on writing again 8D

Now it's slow going but I do have a new drabble ready to post (thank you Zootopia XD ) and I'm trying to rework SWAT KATS!

I'm not changing the story completely but I am working on getting it past this First draft feel that I believe it currently has, I hope to have the new re-worked chapter up soon (pending on life not smacking me for a loop again Dl )

Also, I'm moving Sites, Fanfiction just doesn't hold that same allure it once had so I'm Moving over to Archive Of Our Own under the name KrystalGhost. I know the site is still in Beta and still has a few bugs but I'm liking it so far and LOVING the talented writers I've been finding there.

I look forward to seeing you there ^w^/