Ways to Get Sasuke in Trouble or Embarrassed at the Academy

When Iruka is turned around to write something on the board or something, throw a newly sharpened pencil at him. When e turns around, blame it on Sasuke.

When Iruka is turned around, yell and hold your shoulder. When he turns around, say, "Sasuke just jabbed me in the shoulder with his pencil.".

During a test, raise your hand. When Iruka calls on you say, "Sasuke won't stop looking on me paper!".

Start passing a note to Sasuke during class. Randomly at any point stand up and yell, "you take anti-depressants!".

Before anyone gets there in the morning, go to the board and draw a picture of Naruto and Sasuke kissing. Then run to Sasuke's house offering to walk with him to school and apologize for the things you did before. When you get to the academy, wait for his reaction when he sees the board and everyone starts laughing at him.

Start passing notes to Sasuke during class and randomly yell, "You're not a virgin!".

Put some gum in your mouth before class starts. Randomly during class, spit it out in your hand and yell, "Sasuke! For the last time I DO NOT want to put the gum you've been chewing all day in my mouth!!!!".

Take his pencil and put it beside you. When he leans over to get it, move your head so that he accidentally kisses you. Make sure you are in clear view of his fangirls.

Start passing notes to Sasuke (jeez, you'd think he'd of learned by now) and randomly say at any point, "SASUKE!!!! STOP ASKING ME TO SLEEP WITH YOU!!!!". Make sure you well loud enough so that anyone NEAR the room can hear.