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Never Be Alone

Chapter 1

Children's laughter filled the air as Max walked past a park, slightly irritated by the squeals and high pitched screams penetrating the otherwise peaceful surroundings. She squinted and could barely make out the back of her best friend, hurrying into a corner. Once again, she cursed herself for agreeing to go on this wild goose chase with Cindy. Not only was it unusually hot that day, but in agreeing to go with Cindy, she had left her baby at Jam Pony, thinking she would make it straight to Crash from work, and now...

Now my baby's stuck over there and I'm looking for a woman who may or may not be a figment of Cindy's imagination.

And, no, she wasn't going to acknowledge that Cindy had said Logan had been with this woman.

"Would you hurry up?" Cindy's indignant voice called out to her.

She looked up and smiled slightly at Cindy, who had come back around the corner, apparently having missed Max behind her. She quickened her steps. If Cindy found this girl quickly, she could still make it back to Jam Pony to make sure her baby was okay.

"Original Cindy saw them over here, like they be decidin' where to eat." She said, pointing to the row of shop houses across the road.

"She sure was fine, boo." Original Cindy added, trying to get some sort of reaction out of Max. She was rewarded by the slight narrowing of Max's eyes and the appearance of a scowl on her face.

"Looks like she's not here anymore, though. Let's go." Max said curtly, turning around and starting to walk away. Cindy reached out and caught her arm, pulling her back.

"Boo, you got a listening problem or something? I said your man was with her. Are you not at all curious about that?"

Max gritted her teeth, not at all comfortable with the myriad of unfamiliar emotions flooding through her as Cindy fixed her with a knowing smile. Logan was not her man, and why in the world would she care if he was with this woman? She could very likely just have been another one of his informants.

"He's not my man. And you're not even sure you saw him. It might have just been you and your overly active imagination. Don't look at me like that." She glared at her friend, becoming more and more frustrated with Cindy, and the ridiculous idea of coming here in the first place.

And yet, Cindy's smirk remained. And, if possibly, it got bigger. Max's suspicion peaked.

"Now, will you look at that?" Cindy drawled, pointing to something behind Max.

Max's head whipped around so fast, a normal person would have gotten a sprain. Max looked at where Cindy was pointing at, and suddenly she felt a surge of annoyance flow through her. There they were, both of them, casually strolling out of the cosy little restaurant. It definitely was Logan, striding proudly with his newly reacquired ability to walk, side by side a blonde, slightly shorter than him.

So what if Cindy was right, so what if that woman was hot? It wasn't like she gave a damn.

Max continued watching them as they walked along the sidewalk slowly, directly across from where she and Cindy were standing. Logan said something to her and the woman put a hand on Logan's shoulders as she laughed. Logan never let her get that close before.

'Cept for that time on her bike ... just that once.

But this woman was touching him. Holding his hand.

"Your face is gonna stay that way, boo."

Max turned to Cindy, as if she just realised she was there. She scowled at her, not at all amused she had been so transparent. Screw men. Screw men everywhere.

"Fine, you were right. Are you satisfied? Can we go now?"

Cindy nodded, stifling her laughter as she watched Max stalk away. She quickly stored Max's expression in her memory, to be retold to Kendra over drinks at Crash. She hurried, seeing Max quickly disappearing from her sight.


There was a sudden blast of noise as the deejay began playing loud music from the speakers. Max welcomed the distraction. Together with the periodic cheers as other people watched bike stunts, the noise proved to be a more preferable form of entertainment than what her two so called friends were talking about.


And Logan.

And the woman.

Cindy had been very efficient, immediately catching Kendra up with their afternoon activities, resulting in them teasing her, which, after failing to elicit any form of response from Max, turned into a heated debate about how Logan met the blonde, and how it managed to escape Max's knowledge. Max turned away from her friends, seriously thinking about hitting something.

Logan had every right to see whoever he wanted to, whenever he wanted to and it wasn't any of Max's business if he did. Why couldn't they see that? Besides, the woman may have just been an informant, or someone who needed help from Eyes Only. It could have been a totally innocent meeting.

Who are you kidding, Max? There was nothing innocent about Blondie...

Her thoughts were interrupted however, as Sketchy slammed a pitcher of beer on the table, spilling half of its contents on it, and nearly onto her. She pushed her chair away, avoiding the drips from the edge of the table.

"Watch it, FOOL!" Cindy screamed as she stood up.

"I'm sorry, so sorry, I didn't mean to splash it all over..." Sketchy said, not at all feeling sorry and sat himself down beside Max. "What's wrong with you?" He asked Max, eyeing her warily. It was in his experience that a moody Max meant no fun, and, no bailing him out from the pool games that he lost.

"Nothing. What's that?" She answered shortly, pointing to a flier Sketchy was holding, not at all wanting to broach the subject of Logan again, now that Cindy and Kendra had halted their conversation. She snatched it out of Sketchy's hand.

She studied the colourful flier. Never be alone it said. One night only, free flow drinks, at HALF the price!

"Is this for real?" She said, asking Sketchy before passing the flier to Cindy. Sketchy nodded. "Yeah, but you have to follow the theme." He said, taking a big gulp of beer, and then burping loudly, eliciting disgusted scowls from the girls.

"What's the theme?" Kendra asked, her eyes shining with excitement at the prospect of a themed party.

"It's written there," Sketchy pointed to the flier. "Never be alone. And you can't come if-if you co-come alone." He slurred, the effect of many hours spent at the bar taking its toll on him.

Max should have realised, by the looks Kendra and Cindy had exchanged with each other that trouble was brewing. It was only when she noticed Kendra, fashioning an evil glint in her eye, and Cindy smiling knowingly at her that she realised they were up to something. And when those two got together, that something was bound to be bad.

"It's perfect." Kendra said. Cindy nodded alongside her, a sly smile forming on her lips.

"What's perfect?" Max asked, reluctantly playing along.

"This, the theme, boo. Original Cindy and Kendra are obviously going together. So that just leaves you, boo! You can ask him-" Original Cindy started, but was cut off by Kendra.

"-him, as in Logan, Mr. Blondie, to go with you! And then," She trailed off, waving her hands at Cindy, indicating for her to conclude the sentence.

"-if he says no," Cindy wiggled her eyebrows.

Max cut their tirade off. "Then I just won't go." She didn't like where this was going. She was already regretting showing her interest in the flier. It wasn't her fault the idea of cheap beer was so appealing. She sighed inwardly at her two friends, Sketchy already lost in la-la land, singing out of tune to an imaginary pre-pulse 'Sexy Back'.

"I'm not asking him, okay? It's not like he's ever accepted all the other times I've asked him to come. This time isn't going to be any different, Blondie or no Blondie." She said. She pushed away from the table and got up. Enough was enough. Kendra and Cindy flashed each other knowing smiles. Max narrowed her eyes at them, irritated and grabbed her jacket from behind the chair.

"Don't wait up." She snapped at them and stormed off.


Never be alone. Who came up with that jewel? Can't even enjoy my booze properly without some old romantic sap ruining it.

She stared out at the city, the wind on top of the Space Needle blowing hard, whipping her hair into a tangled mess. The glimmering lights below reminded her of the little Christmas lights Logan had forced her to hang on his tree. Max stepped closer to the edge and sat down, pulling her knees to her chest.


So what if he's got a new lady friend. It wasn't like I didn't expect it, he was a player before the accident. Now he's walking again, his options are wide open.

He's not that kind of guy anymore, though.

How does that explain Blondie?

She ran her fingers through her hair, once more confused by the feelings going through her. She sighed. Only Logan could manage to get under her skin like this. Not that she was going to admit that to anyone anytime soon.

Maybe those two nut heads got it right on the first go. If I asked him, then... No. He's going to say no anyway, why waste my time? But if I did, though, then that leaves the floor open to further questions about Blondie. Who may still just be an informant.

Or his new lady friend.

Shit. I knew there was a reason I call those two my friends.


End Part 1 of 3

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