It was dark aboard the bridge of the Rebellion Frigate Yenteron as it appeared from its jump through Hyperspace. It had been a random jump, trying to lead the Empire in the wrong direction. The crew had been trying to make their way back to the Rebel base located on Yavin 4. The Empire had intercepted them and had tried to follow them, but by making the random jump they had, hopefully, lost them.

"What's our status?" asked the captain of the ship, Brel Ternen.

"We're good to go, sir," replied a lieutenant on the bridge. "Luckily, they wanted to follow us, not kill us." Brel nodded in reply and looked outside the cockpit window. It had been too close of a call; had the Empire been intent on killing them they would not be here right now.

"Sir?" asked an Ensign, looking at Brel. "What's our next destination?" Brel thought about their options. It would be safe to wait here and make sure that the Empire had not followed them, but it would waste too much time. They had information of a Star Destroyer that was after the Tantive IV, intent on capturing. Aboard the Tantive IV were the plans to the Empire's deadly weapon, the Death Star. If they left now, they could make it back to base and warn Captain Antilles, the captain of Tantive IV, of the danger. But that risked leading the Empire straight back to their base, and blowing the entire operation. Brel sighed and pinched his nose; being a captain was never easy.

"Captain." He turned to look at the lieutenant that had spoken earlier, "you need to see this." Brel walked towards the back of the lieutenant's chair and looked over his shoulder at the view screen.

"What is that?" he breathed, staring in amazement at the image shown on the monitor.

It was a planet; or was it? It was in the shape of a ring, floating in the middle of space. On the inside, there were signs of vegetation and water, but the outside showed metal. It was definitely man-made, but the question was, who made it?

"Capture some images of this structure," Brel ordered. "This thing may come in handy, whatever it is. After that, set a course for Yavin 4."

Author's Note: This is a taste of the sequel and what it's going to be like. Unfortunately, swimming is starting soon so I won't be able to work on the story much in the next few months. I wanted to post this so you guys can see, partly, where the story will take place. I'm sorry, but don't expect Ch. 1 for a while. And the chapters will be longer, don't worry.

If you have not read Halo: Republic Commando yet, I highly recommend you do before you read this story.