First off, I want to apologize for those thinking this might actually be a new chapter. I wanted to reach out to anybody who still might be out there, and this is the only way to do it, so again I'm sorry if I got anybody's hopes up.

It's been a while, almost four and a half years actually. I went to college, graduated, and got a job and became an 'adult' (pffft) all in that time period. Crazy to think I started all of this ten years ago when I was thirteen... A review on Halo: Republic Commando actually brought me back here, and it got me thinking.

I never wanted to abandon this story. I still have plans and an outline for how the rest of it is going to go. From what I've seen on , Halo/Star Wars crossovers aren't nearly as popular as they once were 5-6 years ago. It may be the waning interest in Halo over the years (I know I've certainly lost track of things over time), or it just might be trends, but I'm honestly considering continuing this story, maybe breathe a little life into the scene.

For those wondering where I went, I started to fall more into the roleplay portion of writing instead of the novel based stuff I did here (not saying the two are exclusive, but just what I did more of). As of now, I'm an avid roleplayer in the Old Republic, and still do some writing based on that.

All that aside, I wanted to know who was still out there, and who would still be interested after all this time in me finishing this story. I'll be amazed if some of my regulars are still out there, and if you guys are, I'll continue writing. Any new people who happened to stumble upon this... New support would be incredible. I have no idea what the 'big names' are now, I've been off the scene for so long. Back in the day it was Mr. Clark, Don113, Ninjoc... But I'd like to try and come back.

If anybody's still interested... let me know, either by review or message. I'd love to see who's still out there.