Living With Boys

She shoved the window open, panting a little and then sighing in relief as the evening breeze brushed by making the curtains flutter. She ached all over. She wanted to flop down and go to sleep, but she had to change clothes before any of the guys got home, take a shower, dry her hair, paint her nails if she had time, do some cleaning before the compound rotted under layers of Naruto's clothes, and probably cook dinner since the guys would be starving. She groaned.

"Living with boys stinks!" She drooped onto the foot of her neatly made bed in defeat as she thought of the living room's current state as a dumpster for any and all miscellaneous objects, and how many dishes and few groceries there were, and… She inhaled, standing up. "Better get started." She peeled her sweat-soaked dress top down with an exhale. She was too tired to be disgusted at being sweaty. For a moment she enjoyed another breeze that cooled her burning skin before beginning to slip off her smoldering, black bra. She stopped abruptly as the door opened and followed her instinct, knowing that if it was an enemy she was far too weak to defend herself. "AAAAAAAHHHH!" She pulled the dress top back up to cover her chest in a frenzy and scuttled behind her bed, positioning herself close to the window. The door remained opened halfway. She blinked, glaring. "Naruto, if that's you, I swear I'm gonna-" A sandaled foot appeared, followed by a familiar black head as Sasuke backed into the room.

"Mmmpf." Her eyes widened in shock as she clutched the dress to her tighter.

"W…w…w…what?" He turned his head, dark hair, unconstrained in the absence of his headband, dancing over his equally dark eyes. Two folded napkins were clamped in his mouth. He dropped them onto the tray he carried.

"I said, 'Dinner'." He walked to the windowsill as she retreated to the corner, being sure her front was always facing him. She turned scarlet as she internally fought over what the right thing to do was.

"Um, Sasuke, I… I'm, uh, well, I'm kind of half-way undressed, and-"

"So?" He shrugged, gazing out the window.


"I said, 'so'. I won't look. I've seen worse anyways." He brushed raven hair from his eyes. "It doesn't really bother me."

"Oh…" He's seen worse? What does that mean? She inched a bit closer to the window, just enough to put both elbows in the corner of the sill and lean forward. He pushed the tray towards her.

"Oh…yeah, Naruto and Kakashi are getting ramen tonight with Iruka. They won't be home for a while." She looked at the try and its meticulously arranged contents, realizing how hungry she was.


"Go ahead and eat. I didn't make it for fun, you know." She leaned awkwardly to pick up a pair of chopsticks, simultaneously trying to hold the dress over her chest. She snapped them apart. He followed suit. Neither of them made a move to eat, however. He played with his chopsticks, continuing to stare at the crimson-laced trees out the window. She was watching him. Her heart throbbed as a breeze reminded her just how little she was wearing.

It's just so…weird. I'm not nervous or anything, but I'm not all that excited either. Normally I'd be flipping out…

"It's hot," Sasuke announced as his slender, deft fingers unsnapped his arm covers and laid them beside him on the sill, at the same time slipping out of his sandals. She felt his bare foot brush hers as he widened his stance slightly. He now made the chopsticks walk across the sill in front of him, apparently bored. She laid hers down slowly, entranced by his lazy actions. She found her hand captured in a movement she hadn't seen and gasped, letting go of the dress in shock. His hand was warm, slightly larger than hers, and calloused as a result of tireless training. She should have been freaking out at this contact with her idol, crush, governor of her existence, but instead she just smiled softly and laced her fingers in his, lifting the chopsticks in her other hand.

"I knew there was something missing," she murmured before eating a bite of rice.

"Hm." He pinched elusive noodles between his sticks and neatly slurped them into his barely grinning mouth.

"WE'RE HOME!" Sakura cringed at the all too familiar shout.

"THAT'S GREAT!!!" She hollered back at the door. She turned with irritation, which turned to shock as her lips met a warmth like the hand squeezing hers, and then on her bare back, and then meeting her bare skin as he stepped closer, closing the gap between them. Naruto shouted something which was countered by sensei's soft melancholic chiding, the words of both lost on her as she focused entirely on the lips touching hers, trying to remember how it felt as her subconscious told her this would never happen again. He released her, pulling back sharply. His eyes were squeezed shut. He turned abruptly, bangs whipping in a black ripple across the closed eyes. He stalked towards the door.

"You'd better get dressed before Naruto comes barging in." He left the door open a crack, and she realized the lit hallway was now brighter than her previously sunlit room. The sounds of Naruto and Sasuke's banter echoed in the hall and it registered that he was buying her time. She yanked the dress up, zipping the back and then smoothing it out. She lifted the tray, gently closing the window. She tossed her hair. She wasn't as tired anymore.

"Yeah, well, who died and made you sensei!"

"Hey! Let's not discuss that possibility, okay! You two are making me nervous…"

"Hmm." The door shoved open to reveal her two teammates.

"Hey, Sakura! Want me to tell you about ramen with Iruka? Well-" She expertly tuned him out as he animatedly jumped about behind her, followed by the ever sullen Sasuke. They made it to the kitchen. Kakashi turned from the sink, smiling.

"Hey, Sakura!"

"Hi, sensei," she said, placing the tray on the table. She smiled to herself. Living with boys stinks… sometimes.