A/N : Short songfic that popped into my head. Decided to jot it down before I forget it. Song from The Fox and The Hound, "Goodbye May Seem Forever."

Saria's head thudded in her head as she spoke, her palm sweating against the side of the smooth bark. "So you're leaving?" She spoke as if hoping against all odds that it was not true; perhaps she would see him again, that glow in his smile.

He said nothing, but the look in his eyes told her everything she needed to know. She hung her head slightly, thinking back to the day she met Link…

"Great Deku Tree, what is it you have summoned me for?"

"It's this boy, Saria. Take him and raise him to be a Korkiri. He shall be one of us. His mother can no longer care for him and I sense greatness hidden within his heart."

The girl dressed in green stepped slowly forward towards the tiny bundle, peeling back the blanket stained in blood and other fluids to reveal a pair of shimmering blue eyes.

We met it seems… such a short time ago.

You looked at me, needing me so.

Her heart melted at the sight of him. She picked the babe up, holding him close, a warm feeling of maternal instincts rushing over her body. The years passed, and Link never did know of his true past. Saria kept it a secret from him, just as the Deku Tree asked, but there were times she felt he knew. He would stare into the distance, quiet and thoughtful, almost sorrowful.

Yet from your sadness, our happiness grew.

And I found out, I needed you, too.

"Link, wait up!" Saria laughed as she chased him, the two becoming best friends as they enjoyed the forest sanctuary, the girl's favorite secret place she shared with none other.

I remember how we used to play…

Suddenly, the heavens began to shed their tears. "Link! Come on! It's raining!" She huddled beneath a large tree as the true Hyrulian rubbed sticks together, forming a comfort. The two leaned against one another.

I recall… those rainy days.

The fire's glow… that kept us warm.

"I always knew that one day, this day would come. I've always known we're so different…"

And now I find we're both alone.

"…and I'm not sad, because you have a lot ahead of you." She closed her eyes to hold back the tears, taking the ocarina from her pocket, holding it close to her chest just as she had held Link himself those many years ago.

Goodbye may seem forever…

Farewell is like the end…

She dared not look up at him, for she knew he would see her crying. That wouldn't help anything. No, she had to be strong. For him, if nothing else.

But in my heart's a memory…

And there… you'll always be.

"I want you to take this. Don't forget me." She whispered, extending her hands to reveal the solemn parting gift. Slowly, he stepped forward, taking it from her and holding the precious trinket up, examining it. She stood like a statue, watching him take two steps backwards, screaming for him to stop, yet unable to move.

Goodbye may seem forever…

Farewell is like the end…

As if he feared something unseen, he turned on heel, his footsteps thudding as he ran into the dark void of the portal to Hyrule Field. Her chest heaved, the tears brimming in her eyes as she clenched the bark tightly.

But in my heart's a memory…

And there… you'll always be.