"Momma, read me the sto-wee!!! Pwease!!!"

The small girl with green eyes looked up at her mom, who smiled back and picked up a small, old book.

-- --

Natsuki stared down at the casket, her inheritance inside. Her eyes were painfully sleepy, yet every time she closed her eyes, she would only wake up. She opened the book, a child's tale indeed.

The Sky Has Angels, a published child's book with no author. It was only published around Natsuki's old town, and many knew it there.

To some, it was a prophecy, a meaning, a legend. To others, it was a story, a fairytale, or a poem with no meanings.

Natsuki couldn't remember what the story was about; Or how she thought of it as a child. Sighing, she put the book back into her bag. Opening the casket, she found other things.

Her mother's wedding ring, the house back in Natsuki's old town, her father's old legendary motorcycle, her grandmother's feather- it was a silky feather, fully silver, and she swore it granted her good luck- her grandfather's prized sapphire dagger, and a note.

Natsuki picked up the small note and read it carefully.

-- --

"Natsuki, what's wrong?"

Natsuki looked up at her Aunt Shauna, with a terrified expression. She quickly gestured what was in her head, and her Aunt grabbed her, and held her tight. "I'll call the police."

-- --

Natsuki, If you read this, then…will…ironically I am already dead. Do you remember the story I once told you? The book, the original, tells the full tale. I'm sure you'll enjoy, even if you are 'mature' as you say.

See? Haha, even when I'm 'dead' I can still crack jokes! I should win the best mom award- but anyways, you've inherited everything I've owned. The house, the money, you pa's great bike, ma's silver feather, and your granddad's dagger. And my ring, as a safe-keeper.

Also, one part of my will – not the inheritance part you selfish sweetie pie- states that you will stay in our old village for a year. Just to relax…

-- --

"Momma!!! Wook! Dadda's going fast!!!"

The 19-year-old girl looked at her 1-year-old, with a smile on her face. "I know, he's a racer. Look, Natsuki, he won! Let's go to your papa now!!"

Natsuki clapped her hands screaming in delight. "Papa!! Papa!!!" The young man with messy black hair picked up his daughter. "Hey champ! Do you want to ride a motorcycle too??"

Natsuki nodded her head, her eyes looking around for her daddy's fast bike. "Me want!! Daddy!!!"

"I know you want me Natsuki, every child wants a daddy!" her dad joked. Natsuki pouted and shook her head. "No, I want da bike!!! Mommy!!!"

Natsuki's parents exchanged glances and let out a laugh.


"Stay here, don't move. Ssh…don't cry…Natsuki it'll be alright, it's going to be okay…"

The girl a few years older than her hugged her tightly before kissing her cheek. "My mom will be alright. Natsuki, I want you to know that I love, so much…"

"Y-yukari…are you going with Aunt Shauna??? D-don't leave me!!!"

Her cousin kissed her other cheek. "No no no, I'll always be with you no matter what. Mentally though, you know…Natsuki please…ssh…they're coming…"

-- --

Kinda like a vacation. I know, I'm sorry I missed your graduation, but hey, Your aunt was givin' life! You can't expect me to run to a plane to see you through a hat up in the air! Plus, you were just going to Middle School, not much of a graduation there, y'know.

But anyways, (I can't stall much longer, haha) you are my darling angel. I love you so much, Natsuki, If I haven't told you all the time. I know you might not want to go back, but for my sake please.

You can visit all of us here, well, some of us will specifically be underground (laughs), but yeah! Oh yes, as for the house, I know you inherited it, however there are occupants in it, so you will be like roommates. She's a year older, and she's recently moved in. You should tell her the story, who knows you might get lucky!

Just kidding, but even if you did like girls you know I'd always love you.

-- --

"Momma, Papa, is it okay if I get married to Yu-chan?"

Yukari blushed. "Na-chan, you can't do that! I'm your cousin!!!" Natsuki pouted. "I don't get it, Kana-onee-san has a girlfriend! Why can't I!?"

Natsuki looked towards her mother, who was smiling gently. "Natsuki, if you're patient you might get one. You're an absolute angel sweetie…"

Yukari pouted. "What about me? Onee-san has one, I should have one too!!!" Natsuki's dad picked up his niece.

"You are just like you're one-san Yukari, but Kanari is old enough to make these decisions. Its not something you want because someone else has it…society gives them enough problems. But if you do get a girlfriend, this village here will accept you no matter what."

"Yey! What problems mommy?"

Natsuki's mom let out a nervous laugh. "N-not till you know the birds n' bees sweetie."

"But birds poopie and bees stingie! I don't want to know about them!!"

Yukari playfully hit her cousin on the head. "Ittai Yu-chan!!"


Natsuki was running away…again.

She did bad things, very bad things. And they were here again, but not to help her. They were after her. She never did like cops. One of them tackled her, and it hurt.

She felt metal against her hands, and quickly panicked, but a voice in her head made her calm down.

"We got her, after all these months, we finally got her. Not so fast, are you? Punk!" Natsuki felt something shove down hard on her head, but her senses went numb the minute it did, and she remembered nothing.

-- --

You remember that poem I made up for you to stop your crying? Well, I give you the copyrights for it. I mean, you inspired me to make it. You'd hum a small tune, and I'd make up words. Then you forced me to sing it, even when I forgot the words.

You were a little devil back then, and I bet you are now. But don't worry, no matter what you've done, I'm your mother and I always love you!

Oh yes, the reason I brought up the song. At the house, you'll find a locket. In the locket, you'll hear it. The voices that sound, like angels themselves.

A riddle in my will? Which means I'm FORCING You to go back 'home'.


Your One and Only Momma.

Natsuki wanted to cry, but her eyes were so tired. So instead, she smiled. Picking up her phone, she called a cab and awaited her flight.

--------------- -------------- ---------- ------- --------- -------

The plan arrived in the warm season, and Natsuki got off. After collecting her luggage, she called up her Uncle.

"Oji-san? It's me, Natsuki. Yeah, is the boat th- oh, thanks then. I'll see you there I guess…"


Natsuki looked up at the sky, it was a beautiful color, bright and blue. The ocean reflected its color off it, yet managed to stay clear for the white sand to see through it.

Natsuki saw her old uncle waving at her at the ports, and she brought her luggage.

In Natsuki's old village, there was no internet connection. So she only brought a few games, a lot of her clothes, and the stuff from her inheritance. "Hey Uncle, its been a long time.."

Rin smiled at his niece. "You've grown taller, how old are you now?"

"17 sir."

"Haha, you really learned some stuff from there, but you're outside of their reach. You did your time, and now you're free. Free to soar around here. Now hop on, before my grandchildren have their grandchildren!"

Natsuki smiled at her Uncle's comment. "Thank you…"

After that, Rin helped Natsuki carry her bags onto the small boat before riding off. Natsuki sat on the deck, looking down at the ocean. The breeze was going against her face, making her hair flap out crazily.

And then she saw them. Dolphins we're swimming near by the boat, jumping out as if to say 'hi'. Natsuki smiled and waved at them, watching them catch up with the boat.

After 15 minutes, The island was visible. Sora Island, consisting of a village, and nature in it.

Natsuki looked at the island, it looked the same as it did before Natsuki had left.


After Rin stopped the boat at the docks, he immediately pointed out one of the houses on the rim of the beach. "I'll visit you from time to time, and if you want money you can help me out at the shop!"

Natsuki nodded before setting off to the house the she had once lived in.


Opening the door, Natsuki saw a pair of shoes at the front and a beautiful smell. Inside her house were three rooms, two bathrooms, a living room and kitchen. Who ever was rooming in this house had gotten the guest room, Natsuki gets her old one, and her parent's remains untouched.

Natsuki went straight for her old bedroom, and smiled when everything was still in place. Blue wallpapers, a giant bed taking up all of the room, a body pillow, puppy-dolls, teddy-bears, and Natsuki's set of water guns. Feeling a pit form in her stomach, Natsuki immediately set her bags down and lied down on the bed, curling up.

It hurt her too much to be here, all the memories that happened.

And it occurred to her; she had to visit them no matter what. She was here for a year, and just a year. Then she'd leave.

But first, the locket.

Unrolling the note her mom left her, Natsuki reread the part about the locket.

At the house, you'll find a locket. In the locket, you'll hear it. The voices that sound, like angels themselves.

"Damn it, at least give me a few more clues mom…"

Natsuki sighed and leaned back into her head, looking out the window. Her window gave a perfect view of the beach and the sky, and at the moment, the sun was setting creating a beautiful color to be reflected onto the ocean. It was euphoria itself, it made Natsuki smile. She pulled out a pad and climbed out her window and up on the tree next to it.

Sitting on the roof, she began to draw what words couldn't describe completely.


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