A//N:: I continued. The first world doesn't have to be ShizNat…the second world is…as you can see…I have a feeling this story won't work out as I plan it to be…these chapters will be in this order…One world, another world. In each chapter it goes around different events, different times that slowly blhaawbuiroath. Tired..


The sounds of waves crush the silent beauty of a white-sanded beach, crashing over and over onto it, pushing sand onto it and pulling it into the unknown blue. Opening her eyes, Natsuki saw the morning light piercing through her window blinds. An eerie silence grazed upon her own world, pulling her back into more sleep.

-- --.-- --.-- --.-- --.--

The snow was falling around them, the two with their hands close to each other. Breathing in the cold, they opened their eyes. Yes it was a dirty old city, yes they had to live above the river alone, squashed between more buildings, but it was beautiful. The chestnut haired teenager stood up, stretching and walking to the door to their house.

"Natsuki…its really cold. Do you really want to take up another job?"

The darker haired girl gazed into the crimson eyes, feeling the worried aroma within them. Chuckling, she got up and hugged her. "Then we freeze to death down here with less money. Plus, the race is starting in a few days, and I really don't feel like having to drill holes making the thing more lightweight."

"You're just like your dad you know…"

"You too with your dad."

Both laughed a bit, reminiscing about their parents. The sad atmosphere that always took upon the two sometimes hurt. "Hey Shizuru…do we have enough money for dinner tonight…?"

Shizuru looked gloom, her eyes focusing on the wooden dock they sat on. "If we use money, then we won't have a booster for the engine by the time for a race."

Natsuki sighed and thought about the situation. "Then we'll do two missions…a big of a higher class. Let's say 5 stars each. Or 4. I think that'll give us enough to have-"

Shizuru grabbed Natsuki's shoulders and shook her. "Natsuki! 5 Stars!? We've only just got the hang of 3 Star Jobs!!! I don't want you to get hurt!"

Sighing, Natsuki pulled Shizuru into another reassuring embrace. "Don't worry. It'll be fun too!"

Natsuki pulled back when a the shadows overlooking them started to move, and the morning sun started to rise above the dark skies. A loud horn shrieked around the town, telling all pilots to what time it was.

"Let's go then! 5 Stars, here we come!!!"

Shizuru sighed. "Natsuki, if you get hurt…or if our precious Vanship gets broken, I swear, I will kill you."

Natsuki's green eyes gazed into Shizuru's, a connection of confidence they shared between them. "That's what I'm telling you not to worry, because I refuse to get hurt. Now hurry before stupid Remy says I screwed something up."

"I hate it when you do stupid things yet do things that'll cheer me up…"

Natsuki smiled sincerely at Shizuru. "That's cause I hate it when you object to my stupid doings that cheer you up."


Shizuru got into the seat of the thin, silver vanship. "Engine Outbreak is loaded for Maximum Acceleration. Fuel is Full. Starting Ignition Transition, On. Ready when you are Natsuki!"

Natsuki grinned and pulled on her goggles. Opening the garage, the two pushed the vanship out, and started to push it faster. As it rolled along the wooden dock, Natsuki and Shizuru jumped and climbing into it, and Natsuki grabbed the Steering Stick.

"Let's go!"

Turning the P.M. Gauge on, the vanship started off from a wheezing old mumble to a loud powerful roar. It accelerated at 10 Mph, and then up to 284 mph as they approached the end of the wooden dock. Slowly, they lifted up into the sky.

"Whooo! Fun!" Shizuru shouted, feelings the joys of flying rush onto her. Natsuki smiled and they joined a group of flying vanships to the Vanship Center where jobs would be held out.

As they passed a few, a recognizable green vanship came into view. "Ey, Natsuki, I see you guys fixed up your ship a bit. But its still rusty, how much did it cost you just to get it, 1000 Craudia? (100$)"

Natsuki pulled up her hand and out of the vanship and flipped off the teenage boy, sticking her tongue out. "Yeah, and it runs better than your piece of crap!!"

Remy became flustered and tried to ram his vanship into Natsuki and Shizuru's, but Natsuki did a barrel roll in the air, something a 17-year-old girl really can't do with out killing herself. Or, as a fact, many vanship pilots, male or female.

Claps from the people below them erupted, all enjoying Natsuki's skills.

From below, Natsuki could hear two little boys shouting their names. Kouya and Touya, two twins. They were Natsuki and Shizuru's first supporters since they started to become official vanship pilots.

Shizuru checked the map, and told Natsuki to higher up so the wind current above can make them go faster before any of the good missions were gone.

Going at the speed faster than a lot of vanships, Natsuki and Shizuru were the first few to enter the two cliffs. Shizuru turned to the side, reading the jobs on the wall as they wizzed by, until she pointed one out.

"5 Stars Natsuki! Job 23, pay is 7000 Craudia!"

Natsuki did a little pose, and laughed in joy. Shizuru brought up a large flasher, telling the Job Handler what job they wanted while he would give them the Job Information.

"All right, here we go, Miss Kuga and Miss Fujino!" said the Job Handler while waving to them. Shizuru carefully grabbed it, making sure not to drop it from the 200 ft elevation, or making sure to not fall off the flying ship.

"Here we go!!!" Natsuki screamed in delight, doing a few tumbles in the air. The Job Handler chuckled. "Those two are really something…"



Hundreds of soldiers loaded their guns on their ship, reading for the cockpit to open before shooting their enemy.

Many were nervously fidgeting, others talking. Some were crying.

The walls opened.


Gunshots were echoed, blood sprayed from each sides of the flying ships.


Both sides of the battle stopped to looked at the falling object, hearing it start to roar as it accelerated down onto their atmosphere. It was a blue sphere, crashing down fast.

Soon it became close enough for all of them to see; it was an orb of clear blue water, with a human inside it.


-- --

A young Natsuki, shivering in the dark next to Shizuru stared up at the dark wall. Breathing slowly, she felt an unknown sensation. She was only 11, and yet such a cold force was being thrusted and etched into her memories.

An emptiness she could not understand, what was occurring was something she had not yet come to understand yet. She knew Shizuru felt it too sometimes at night, an emptiness. Even if they were with each other, they still didn't feel whole.

Was it because they were lonely? Or was it because the struggles they were going through?

Natsuki clutched her doll, her eyes drooping down, and she sighed.




Okay, I take it back. With a lot of thinking I'm adding ShizNat in BOTH worlds (please notice that the beginning AN and the ending one's are made with a big time gap, sometimes I change ideas!!!) Many references to Last Exile, although this hardly is a crossover with it.