Writing from the most pure inspiration I have had in a long time...Saya and Hagi.


Sun. Moon. Rain. Shine. Cold. Heat. In dark times. In good times.

Their lives, eternal, intertwined.

Relying on each other in cold nights, having a shoulder to lean on in dark days. Questioning nothing, grateful for everything. Trudging through a long life, living for each other.

Saying nothing, understanding everything.

A love without condition, theirs alone, built with strength fostered from lonely decades of waiting, dark nights of regret, extended periods of confusion. Always together, a beautiful, heartwarming portrait of utter dependence, a soft, supporting touch crossing all mediums of feeling.


For better or for worse.


A/N: You know, I had the perfect three-liner to end this, but dammit, I forgot at the last moment. Stupid, stupid me. Regardless, I must say that Saya and Hagi are my favorite romance ever, and there's something about them that just warms my heart. Speaking of hearts, if this thing seems fragmented, it is, and that's why, because it spontaneously came from my heart. Just expression and such.

I'm gonna continue this set of drabbles as long as I'm anywhere near Blood+, but even I run out of ideas after a while, so review and send me challenges every now and then, even if it's just one word, mmkay?

Thanks for reading.