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Two Dogs With Past Bodies - Part 4

Back at camp, Inuyasha and Kouga sit down around their campfire trying to find a way of explaining themselves to Kagome and the others. "We could just not even tell them," Inuyasha told Kouga. "If we do hide our secret, then that means we can't do anything, that means no kissing or other stuff," Kouga told him, "And I don't think I can last that long without touching you Inuyasha." Inuyasha slightly moved a little closer to Kouga as he was talking. "Oh, really," Inuyasha asked. "Not now Inuyasha, we need to discuss this first," Kouga told him.

"Well if we do tell them, what can be the worst that can happen," Inuyasha asked. "Well, I think everyone will most likely not agree to our relationship. I mean after the way I have been acting with Kagome, it might hurt her feelings. Especially you Inuyasha, she is madly in love with you," Kouga told him. "I know, but I am going to have to tell her eventually, even if it breaks her heart," Inuyasha replied. "Your right, so I guess we are going to have to tell them," Kouga said. "Ok, tomorrow morning we will tell them, but for now lets get some sleep, I'm tired after saving your life," Inuyasha said. "Oh yeah, thanks again for that," Kouga said. "Don't mention it," Inuyasha replied. Slowly they both drifted to sleep holding each others hands next to the fire.

"Wake up Inuyasha, it's morning," Kouga said while pushing Inuyasha. "Ugh… a couple more minutes…," Inuyasha said in a hushed voice. "Damn it Inuyasha," Kouga yelled and hit him. "Ok, ok, I'm up," Inuyasha yelled at him. "Not even a good morning kiss, your pathetic," Kouga said. Suddenly Inuyasha pounced on him, and gave him a mighty kiss. "How's that for a good morning kiss," Inuyasha asked. "That can work," Kouga said, laughing. "Now lets get going before Kagome leaves," Kouga told Inuyasha. "Oh right, I almost forgot," Inuyasha said, with a little bit of sadness in his voice. "Don't worry Inuyasha, everything will turn out alright, I don't they can be that mad at us," Kouga said, trying to cheer him up. "Your right, well let's get going," Inuyasha said, a little happier.

So they walked for a couple minutes, holding hands. "Well here we are, are you ready Inuyasha," Kouga asked. "I guess," Inuyasha said. Slowly they walked to the campsite where they can hear Kagome's voice. As they got closer, Kagome slowly turned around. She was stunned to see them. They were coming to her, as little 12 year olds, holding hands. "Is it just me, or is that Inuyasha and Kouga," Kagome asked Maroku. "It looks like it is," Maroku said, "but they look so small." "It also looks they are holding hands," Sango said. "There is only one way to find out," Shippo said and then screamed, "HEY INUYASHA IS THAT YOU AND KOUGA?" "Looks like they have seen us," Kouga told Inuyasha.

"YEAH IT'S US," Inuyasha yelled back. Slowly Kagome got up and then ran in a sprint towards Inuyasha. "Oh, Inuyasha," Kagome said, "We thought you and Kouga were gone. All we saw the bright blast from Naraku and then you guys disappeared." "Yeah, he cast a spell on us that caused us to reform to our 12 year old bodies," Kouga said to Kagome. "Well that explains that, but why were you guys holding hands," Kagome asked. "Yeah why were you guys," Shippo suddenly asked. Everyone else has caught up to them. "Well, Inuyasha and I are….," Kouga started. "You and Inuyasha are what," Kagome asked a little angry. "Kouga and I are…in," Inuyasha tried, but couldn't finish. "In what," Kagome asked again, but this time furious. "We are in love," they both yelled. "What…." Kagome asked.

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