Professor Snape Bangs Again Part 2

Severus walked down the hallway and turned off into a guestroom. He approached the walk-in closet, pulled out his wand and said, "Lumos" lighting the interior. He walked to the end of the closet and swung his hand about in the air until he touched Hermione's disillusioned clothing, which was hung up on hangers. Using the sense of touch, he gathered them together and carried them out into the bedroom. He laid the clothes on the bed and removed the disillusionment spell.

Her robes appeared, along with a white dress, her knickers and her bra. Severus immediately searched her robes pockets. He frowned and pulled a tiny bottle out of each pocket. Scowling, he restored them to their proper size and read the labels.

"First Night potion and the Tenderness potion," he read, his eyes narrowing.

It seemed the little Gryffindor witch had tried to go Slytherin on him and manipulate this weekend to suit herself. So, she hoped to make her experience with him pleasurable. If she just let go, it could be that way.

Still, it rankled the Potions Master a bit that the witch believed he couldn't bring her pleasure. He was quite a good lover, if he thought so himself. He had never been with a witch he didn't bring to orgasm. Hell, he had given Hermione several on New Years Eve.

Severus stared at the bottles. She had to pay for this attempted subterfuge. He had told her not to bring anything with her. She even had her wand…like he would allow her to have that. Hermione did not follow instructions well at all.

Severus stuck the two bottles into his pockets and returned Hermione's clothing to the closet, disillusioning them again. Then he headed for the bathroom in his master bedroom. The Potions Master entered, his eyes falling on his four-poster draped in Slytherin colors. He'd be driving the witch across it sometime during this weekend. He walked into the bathroom, opened his potions cabinet and took out a contraceptive patch. He would apply it to the witch himself, and make sure it took before he engaged her.

He didn't need any bastards running about, after all.

He walked back toward the living room, scowling as he thought about how Hermione tried to pull one over him. If he hadn't divestoed her clothing, she would have drank either or both potions. Severus' face went completely black as he imagined what his reaction would be after the Tenderness potion wore off. The witch would have paid for her deception. In spades.

He entered the living room. Hermione was curled up in the chair, looking terrified. Yes, that was the reaction he had been expecting. Obviously she drew strength from the belief she would be able to control the situation. Well, belief was not fact…and the face was Hermione Granger was completely at his mercy. The thing was, Severus had no intentions of being merciful to the witch.

The wizard looked at her imperiously as she sat there, her knees drawn up tight and arms crossing her chest.

"Put your hands down, witch. I've seen you naked before," he snarled at her, his nostrils flared and black eyes flashing angrily. "There's no need for false modesty. You will become used to being naked in my presence. Now hands down!"

Hermione slowly lowered her hands, revealing her full breasts.

"And your knees," the Potions Master said, frowning.

Slowly, Hermione lowered her legs to the floor, keeping them close together. This was so humiliating. The wizard's eyes raked over her, then approached, standing over her, his face contorted.

"Open your legs," he ordered.

Hermione hesitated then complied, spreading her thighs slowly. She watched as his eyes glinted at the sight of her chestnut patch of hair, then he leaned forward.

Suddenly he slapped her right inner thigh and Hermione jumped in the armchair, squealing.

Severus looked at her with a disgusted expression on his face.

"Stop acting like a child," he growled at the witch, "I've only applied a contraceptive patch," he said, looking at the circular green patch stuck to her thigh. It turned red, and vanished.

"It's taken," he said straightening and looking down at the naked witch. He stared at her for several minutes, not saying anything.

Then he reached in his pockets and removed both bottles, holding them out for the witch to see.

Hermione paled. Shit. He knew what she had been up to. This couldn't be good.

"First Night potion…Tenderness potion, Hermione?" he asked her, "You honestly thought I wouldn't notice that you'd taken something when I shagged you? Particularly this…."

He shook the Tenderness potion at her, the look on his face terrible.

"The moment I started caressing you, I would have known," he sneered, "And afterwards witch, you would have paid dearly for your use of this elixir."

Hermione stared up at him, not knowing what to say. Severus looked at her.

"It was a good attempt. Quite Slytherin in its execution. However, you were caught. There is always a price when you are caught, Hermione," he said.

The Potions Master walked over to the couch and set both bottles on the closest end table, then walked back to the witch. Standing in front of her, he began to unfasten his robes. He looked down at the witch, his tool swollen to full capacity.

Hermione watched the wizard's hand fly down the front of his robes, revealing the shirt and trousers beneath. He flung back the fabric, then began working on his trousers. He got them open, then stopped.

"Invert yourself," he said to the witch.

"What?" Hermione responded. What did he mean, invert herself?

Severus caught her shoulders and twisted her in the chair, forcing her down until her head and shoulders rested on the chair cushion and her legs were held straight against the back of the chair. He pulled her forward so her head hung partially off the end of the cushion. She was upside down in the chair.

He knelt on the floor before the upside down witch, lowering his trousers, then his boxers…his huge member springing out, blood engorged and ready.

"You are going to give me a bit of fellatio, witch," he said, pressing himself against her lips. "You were so intent on turning the tables. It's only fitting I follow through on it…a fitting start to our night. Now open up."

Hermione looked up at the inverted wizard, stricken at being found out and not responding.

Severus didn't take this well.

"Open, damn it!" he seethed, grasping her by a breast and squeezing it hard. Hermione gasped and her mouth flew open. The Potions Master pushed between her lips, groaning as he immersed himself in her wet heat.

Hermione felt his fullness force her mouth wide, his hot hardness sliding in. He tasted clean with a slight saltiness as he began to stroke into her mouth, grunting.

"Suck witch. Remember what I taught you the first time," he hissed, pumping into her mouth with alacrity, his organ glistening with her salvia. "Use your tongue…encircle me. Act like you know, Hermione."

The Potions Master caught the witch on either side of her head with his large pale hands, thrusting into her mouth as she applied suction and worked her tongue around his thick head, her mouth forced wide.

"Yessss," Severus groaned, looking at her inverted body, then releasing her head with one hand and running a finger through her labia, parting it and rubbing her nub, making the witch buckle against the chair and gasp around him as his digit collected her juices.

The wizard stuck his finger into his mouth, tasting her as he continued to thrust into her warm, wet mouth. Hermione's core was sweet and musky, just as he remembered.

"Use your hands," he hissed at Hermione. "Grasp me…caress me, witch."

Hermione brought her hands up and grasped the wizard, working her hands up and down.

"No, lick your palms first, I need lubrication. Wet your hands," he said, jerking her head roughly. Hermione let go of him and the wizard slid out of her mouth to let her wet her hands, watching as her pink tongue licked her palms, wetting them. Then he shoved his tool back into her mouth roughly as Hermione grasped him again, working her hands back and forth as she sucked and licked him.

"Mmmmm. Good witch. Good," the Potions Master groaned, his black eyes looking down at her, watching himself fill her mouth. "Delicious. Make me come."

Hermione continued to suck and stroke the Potions master, trying to provide the stimulation he needed in order to come. Severus pulled out of her mouth and pressed his lower parts against her lips.

"Suck them," he commanded, hissing as she drew them into her hot mouth, sucking and licking them with her tongue, rolling them over and over in her heat as she continued to caress his length with her hands, sliding the silken skin over the iron beneath.

Severus shuddered at the pleasure of it, loving her mouth manipulating and drawing him in. He was close now. He pulled away from Hermione's mouth and inserted his length again, his hips pumping back and forth, his eyes half-closed with pleasure as he looked down at her, twisted in the armchair, totally at his mercy. Shit, this was good.

The Potions Master sped up, sinking as far as possible into the witch's mouth, gagging her as he approached his pinnacle.

"You swallow it all, Hermione. Every drop," he groaned as he tightened.

Hermione felt him swell then hesitate. She gagged as he thrust deep between her lips, flooding her mouth with his release. She swallowed desperately, but could feel some of his emissions drain down her face, running over her cheek and around her eyes.

"Swallow!" he groaned, straining into her mouth.

She did the best she could as the wizard pulsed in her mouth, shooting jet after jet. She had to please him, particularly since he found out her secret. If she were good, maybe he wouldn't seek a terrible retribution.

Severus panted, his chest and abdomen rising and falling as he felt the witch swallow his release down. He watched some of his thick, white come roll over her face, into her hair and it turned him on immensely. Softening, the wizard withdrew, then collected the spilt ejaculate from the witch's face with a finger and stuck it into her mouth with a groan.

Her sucking it off his finger was so sexy, so erotic. He already felt a throb.

Severus massaged Hermione's breasts for a moment, listening to her moan a bit before pulling back and drawing his boxers over his spent organ. He stood and grasped the witch by an arm and pulled her upward, inverting her back to a sitting position.

Hermione's amber eyes were heavily lidded…and as much as she hated to admit it to herself, her body was aching to be claimed by the wizard. Obviously personal feelings had little to do with physical desire. Her body quaked.

Severus looked at her.

"A nice start, witch," he said, meeting her eyes. "I'm pleased."

The Potions Master rose, fastening his pants. Then he looked at her.

"You can go to your room and wait for my next visitation," he said.

"My room?" Hermione said in a raspy voice.

"Yes. You have your own room. Of course I have access to it, but I feel you will need some space after my…shall we say…attentions," he said evenly. "I have other things to do besides bed you, although bedding you will be my main concern. Be ready for me."

Hermione looked at the Potions Master. She could still taste the slightly bitter flavor of his come.

"Where is my room?" she asked him, feeling a bit disoriented.

"This way," Severus said, pulling her from the armchair roughly and leading her down the hall.

Yes, this weekend would be stellar.

Severus walked Hermione past the room that held her disillusioned clothing and to another on the left. He opened the door. The room was rather small with a twin-sized bed covered in Slytherin colors. There was a nightstand with several drawers, a wooden chair, a wardrobe, and a small bathroom with a loo, basin and shower. Several washcloths and towels rested on a shelf, a new toothbrush lay on the basin, tooth powder, and even jasmine scented soap and shampoo were provided.

On top of the nightstand was a stack of books, a quill and parchment.

"This is your room. I am sure you can entertain yourself for an hour or two," Severus said, his eyes drifting over the witch then shifting toward the books on the nightstand.

"I will bring you some food and drink when I return," the Potions Master said, exiting the room and closing the door.

Hermione stared after him. She was feeling rather achy and randy after the wizard's inverted blowjob. Except for when he rubbed her button for a quick moment, it had been all about him. Selfish bastard.

Hermione looked around the small room. Surely he had better accommodations than this for guests. But then again, she wasn't exactly a guest…she was his plaything for the weekend. She walked over and tried the door. It was locked.

"I should have figured. He's going to keep me a prisoner in here until he wants sex," she thought to herself, idly walking over to the wardrobe and throwing it open. There was a large mirror on the inside of one door. Hermione looked at the garments.

Her jaw dropped.

Severus walked over to his small writing desk and sat down. He needed to create a test for his Potions class. There were standard tests that were used over and over each year, but Severus suspected, and rightly so, that those tests had long ago fallen into the students' grubby little hands…so he made his own quizzes and tests, telling his students he would be using the standardized test, then switching at the last minute.

The students soon figured out that memorizing the answers for the standardized test didn't help. They always studied now, even when the Professor said the test would be standard. They knew not to trust him.

He opened his drawer and took out some parchment, a quill, an inkbottle and a small mirror. The mirror he stood on his desk.

"Show me the object of my desire," the dark wizard said, and Hermione came into view, standing in front of the wardrobe, her round bum looking delicious as she shifted through the items.

The wizard smirked, pulled the parchment toward him and started writing, occasionally looking at the witch as he did so. If she thought the wardrobe was interesting, she should open the nightstand drawers. Severus knew eventually Hermione would investigate everything in the room. She was curious, inquisitive and hopefully worked up. He glanced over at the two bottles of potions she'd smuggled in. They still slightly irked him…the First Night potion more than the Tenderness potion. He couldn't blame the witch for wanting some control, but she was in his domain. He was the king here. He held all the control.

He glanced at the mirror and saw Hermione had drawn something out of the wardrobe.

How curious was she?

Hermione looked at the small, black leather knickers she had taken out of the wardrobe. They had no crotch to them and were very tiny. She drew out another item. It was a black leather bra, but the center of the cups had been removed so the naked breasts would be exposed. The witch looked again and found a leather tie-on mask and what looked like a body harness made of hard leather that criss-crossed between the breasts, had a wide strap that went between the legs, a convenient hole in the strap for access. The monstrosity tied in the back and was covered with little rings.

Hermione looked at the knickers and bra curiously though, holding them up against herself in the mirror and cocking her head. Maybe she'd play dress up, she didn't have anything else to do. Her eyes dropped to the floor of the wardrobe. A pair of four inch black stiletto heels rested there, begging to be tried on. Hermione loved heels secretly, though she always wore sensible shoes. Ginny Weasley had turned her on to the slim-heeled footwear and taught her how to walk sexily while wearing them.

Hermione picked up the shoes and carried them, the bra and knickers to her bed and dropped everything on it. Then she sat down and opened the top drawer of the nightstand. Inside it were black leather bracelets with little studs, leather garters and a pair of black fishnet stockings. There was even a collar.

Hermione knew she was probably being set up by the Professor…but wow. She had seen pictures of witches dressed up in leather like this, usually with whips. The Professor wouldn't dare leave a whip in here with her. The way she felt toward the selfish, controlling bastard was she'd use it.

The moment she thought of him, she felt the ache between her legs pulse, and she held her lower belly, bending over a bit.

Severus was watching her steadily. He had only written about five lines on the parchment, he was so caught up in watching Hermione examine the leather outfit and accessories. He saw her clamp her legs together, and drop her hand to her belly. The witch was probably rather heated after that blowjob. It had been exquisite and one-sided, with him purposely teasing her core and leaving her unfulfilled. As wet as she was, he didn't doubt she was turned on by what he did to her. She was a very responsive little witch.

The wizard didn't really pay attention to that on New Years Eve. He just wanted to get off. She could have lain there like a corpse and he would have did her just as hard. He watched her, wanting her to open the second drawer.

Hermione put on the collar and the bracelets, then walked over to the wardrobe mirror to look at herself. She looked…interesting. The witch walked back over to the bed sat back down and opened the second drawer. Her brow furrowed as she pulled out a long, bullet-shaped device, all silver.

It was a vibrator. Ginny had one of these…and knew how to use it too. Hermione couldn't understand it then, but the way she felt inside right now…well…she was starting to see Ginny's point concerning the sexual toy. Experimentally, Hermione twisted the bottom, and the vibrator started to vibrate hard, the witch staring at it, and Severus staring at her now…test, quill and parchment all but forgotten as the witch held the silver tool in her hand.

Severus wanted to see her use it. Then he'd interrupt her and give her a bigger tool, self-driven…in a manner of speaking.

Hermione pressed the side of the vibrator to her palm and bit her lip as it vibrated against her skin. Then she ran it up her arm. It was like a mini-massager. Her amber eyes shifted toward the door. It was locked but the Potions Master could just walk right in. She looked at the little wooden chair in the corner, then stood up and retrieved it, tipping it back and setting the back of it under the doorknob, wedging the chair in. The Potions Master would be furious, but she could remove it. Anyway, he probably couldn't get worse than what he was already.

Severus scowled as he watched the witch wedge the chair against the door to keep him out. Then his face relaxed somewhat. She wanted to use the vibrator and was afraid he'd walk in on her. If a chair was what she needed to make her feel comfortable enough to stick that inside her…it was fine with him. For the time being.

He watched as Hermione climbed into the twin bed and lay on her back, staring at the tool for a bit, then pressing the side of it between her breasts. She made a little "o" with her mouth as it shuddered against her skin…then slowly she moved it over her breast, biting her lip as she moved it over her nipple, which instantly hardened. Her hips thrust up a bit, and the Potions Master's eyes glinted at her wanton response as the witch moved the vibrator over her other breast, her head leaning back and eyes closing in pleasure as she rolled it over and over the sensitive peak.

Severus was rock-hard again, his breathing speeding up as he watched Hermione stimulate her own body. His face contorted a bit. He hadn't seen this side of her…in fact, neither had Hermione. All she knew was she needed relief…pleasurable relief…and most likely this was the only way she was going to get it.

"You'll be much better than the Professor," she said to the vibrator as she moved it down over her belly. "You'll give me pleasure at least. He doesn't do that."

Severus' face went black. What? What did she say?

He watched as the witch moved the vibrator through her pubic hair, sighing, her amber eyes heating up, tossing her hair back as she sat up on one elbow and ran the tip of the toy over her nub, gasping. Gods, she looked absolutely edible.

Severus watched as she slipped the vibrator inside, his tool bouncing at the look of surprise on her face.

"Oh shit! Shit!" Hermione hissed falling back on the bed, lifting her knees and working the tool in and out of her body, groaning, arching and rolling her hips. The look on the witch's face was one of intense pleasure, her head twisted back and forth as she pumped the sex toy in and out. Severus could see streaks of ample lubrication on the silver casing and let out a small groan.

The wizard watched Hermione pleasure herself, his nostrils flared and brow furrowed as her words came back to him. Again, he glanced over at the First Night potion and scowled, suddenly feeling his manhood was being bested, and the witch thought she could get more pleasure from a bottle or a sex toy than from him. Yes, he was selfish to a fault, but as he watched the witch getting off on an inanimate object, he felt challenged.

Fuck. This weekend was supposed to be all about his pleasure, not hers. The witch's reward was to be the scholarship and attendance at Lewder's. But how could he enjoy himself with Hermione, knowing that the witch believed a potion and a vibrator were better than he was? Even her shrieks as he pummeled her wouldn't help get that out of his head.

He watched as she began to pump her hips harder, working the vibrator faster, a scowl of concentration on her face as she thrust the toy in her at different angles, instinctively trying to find her g-spot and fly over the edge.

"Fuck yes!" the witch panted, "Yesyesyesyesyes!"

Then she let out a scream, stiffened and began to shudder, her hand releasing the vibrator as she arched upward, moaning sexily as her orgasm hit her. Her body was covered in perspiration, and the wizard was sure the entire room smelled of release. Hermione was licking her lips and undulating as she rode out her climax. Severus continued to watch her as she came down, panting, a wet pool underneath her hips. She pulled the vibrator out, turned it off and studied it.

"That's that best thing I've ever felt in my life," she panted at the silver sex toy. "I have to get one of you as soon as I get back to Hogwarts. Who needs a wizard?"

Her arm dropped to the bed and she lay there with a sated look on her face, the vibrator beside her.

Severus stood up, scowling and began pacing back and forth in the living room…stopping every now and then to look in the mirror at the contented witch. He had decided to watch the show in entirety, rather than interrupt it. He wanted to see how far the witch would go…and she went all the way and obviously was extremely happy with the results. Much more happy than she would be with him it seemed.

He continued to pace, growing more and more furious. He could go in there and shag the shit out of the witch, ride her until she didn't have any voice left, ripping orgasm after orgasm from her body, but what good would that do? Well, he would get gratification as he rode her raw. Then he'd feed her healing potions and do her again, and again in numerous positions. But in the end, the witch would still think he wasn't any good.

Severus' black eyes fell on the First Night potion again, and in a fit of anger he strode over to it and flung the bottle into the fireplace, where it broke and sizzled in the flames.

Thoroughly pissed, the Potions Master walked into the kitchen to prepare a couple of sandwiches and two glasses of pumpkin juice. He'd bring the witch out to eat and decide what he was going to do then.

Hermione half-opened her eyes and looked at the chair blocking the door. She had to move it and clean herself up before the Professor returned. The witch rolled out of the bed, walked over to the door and dragged the chair back to its original position. Then she picked up the vibrator and brought it with her into the bathroom. She washed it off, dried it and returned it to the second drawer of the nightstand.

Hermione then took a nice, cool shower, bathing herself thoroughly with the jasmine-scented soap the Professor supplied. She brought it to her nose.

"Well, at least he knows what I like. But more than likely he provided this scent because he likes it," she said to herself as she soaped her washcloth and drew it across her body.

Hermione turned off the shower, exited the bathroom and looked at the huge wet spot on the twin bed. Ah well, there was nothing she could do about that or the scent of sex in the air. She looked at the leather outfit. Maybe she'd try it on. Suddenly the door opened and the Professor stalked in.

"Are you ready to eat, witch?" he asked, his black eyes flicking toward the bed. He saw both the wet spot and the leather outfit.

She certainly had come a lot. Less for him. His scowl got darker.

"Yes," Hermione said shortly.

Severus looked at her a moment, his eyes falling on the collar and bracelets. He pulled out his wand and flicked it at her. Suddenly Hermione was dressed in the leather outfit, fishnet stockings and leather garters. She didn't have either the shoes or mask on however and was in her stocking feet.

"Your outfit was incomplete," the Potions Master said silkily, gesturing for her to leave the room. Hermione walked past him and he slapped her on the bum as she passed. Hermione spun, her eyes furious.

"Don't look so upset, Miss Granger…I'll be slapping you with more than my hand in a little while. Get used to the contact," he said, pushing her up the hall. He returned to the bedroom, walked over to the nightstand, opened the second drawer and took out the vibrator. He looked at it. Hermione had cleaned it. He stuck the sex toy in his pocket and quickly caught up to the witch.

Hermione walked ahead of the wizard, aware of his eyes on her leather-clad body. Soon he'd be slamming away inside her, brutal, uncaring, taking his pleasure while she withstood his pain. The witch steeled herself. At least she had some pleasure before he got at her. She would try to focus on that. Maybe it would help.

Hermione turned into the living room and saw two plates on a small table between the two armchairs by the fireplace. She took the chair where Severus made her give him the topsy-turvy blowjob. The witch looked at the sandwich, then lifted up the top slice of bread to see what it was. Rare roast beef with lettuce, tomato and mustard. There was also a tall glass of pumpkin juice. Hermione looked at it skeptically as Severus sat down in the armchair next to hers.

The wizard looked at her expression as she eyed the pumpkin juice.

"It's not dosed," he said, picking up his sandwich.

Hermione looked at him.

"Switch with me," she said evenly.

Severus frowned at her impertinence. Not only did she think he couldn't bring her pleasure, she thought he would resort to using potions on her.

He switched the glasses and drank out of hers.

As he set the glass down he said loftily, "Unlike you Hermione, I don't have to resort to potions."

"Unlike me, Severus, you aren't going to be penetrated by a wizard who treats your body as if it has no nerve endings. If you were, trust me…you'd use potions to try and offset the impending pain," she replied, taking a bite of her sandwich.

"There's nothing wrong with the way I take women," he responded, his eyes narrowing. "I've left a trail of satisfied witches in my wake. You just don't have enough experience to appreciate me."

Hermione swallowed her sandwich and looked at him.

"The way you did me last time, Severus, made me feel as if I don't want any more experience. Period. You've managed to put me off wizards," she said. "I'll probably end up alone. Or a lesbian. I imagine another woman would be more understanding of a woman's needs."

Severus fought back a growl. What the fuck was the witch saying? She felt he was so bad she didn't want to have sex another wizard ever? He felt like striking her for saying such a thing, but he withheld his hand, and bit savagely into his sandwich, his face black.

Hermione noticed a dangerous mien about the wizard and fell silent, eating her sandwich and staring at the fishnet stockings she wore. They really were sexy. Too bad this weekend was under duress and she had nothing to really look forward to other than being used as a cockhole…she might have enjoyed herself otherwise.

Hermione had no idea Severus was in her mind now and heard this thought. Well, she was right about that. It had been his intention to use her supple young body just for that purpose. Hermione was quite curvaceous and in the Potions Master's opinion, made for bedding. But her estimation of him as a lover rankled him. He watched as her thoughts went back to the vibrator…only this time she was in Hogwarts, using one in the privacy of her bedroom, bringing herself to climax after satisfying climax. He searched through her memories and found his tryst with her in a dark part of her mind. He didn't even look like himself…but more like a beast, heavy browed, panting and drooling as he rode her body and herself, screaming miserably, her only thought was of him getting off of her. There was nothing remotely sexual.

The Potions Master pulled out of her mind, his expression dark and brooding as he finished his sandwich. Severus Snape was a wizard who never really cared about what anyone thought of him. His life didn't allow for such luxuries. He wasn't apologetic at all for how he was. The wizard had to glean whatever pleasure he could from whatever source he could. Hermione was convenient and fresh. He had never considered her being "willing" to be of much importance.

Obviously, she was willing to give herself to him to reach her goals. Well, maybe willing wasn't the right word. Resigned would be a better description. But the fact that she preferred a vibrator to him coupled with the fact that she didn't want to engage another wizard, and was even considering becoming a lesbian because of his sexual performance really made him feel a bit…well…inadequate. Severus didn't like this feeling at all. It was as if a cloud had descended upon his sunny weekend of unbridled sex. He was rather proud of the way he wore women out, and Hermione's poor but sincere estimation of him was affecting.

The worst part was, this wasn't something the witch was saying to try and emasculate him. This was something she honestly felt about him. That he couldn't bring her pleasure. That he was incapable of such a thing. The wizard saw how she had responded to the vibrator…he had to admit it was erotic as hell.

Severus watched Hermione drain the last of her pumpkin juice, his eyes dark.

She was wrong about him. Dead wrong. He could outshag a vibrator and bring pleasure. The thought that he could be blamed for driving a woman to seek out her own sex for intimacy was a horrible one.

The witch set her glass down on the table, and sighed, turning her amber eyes on the wizard without enthusiasm. It was time to do what she came here to do…or rather time to have done what she came here to have done to her. She wasn't a participant in this after all. It was all about the Potions Master. Most likely he was looking forward to making her beg him to stop. With that monster of a snake he had hidden in his trousers, more than likely she would, not that it would make a difference.

Little did she know the wizard did want to make her beg him…but not to stop…but to keep going. Hermione had no idea she had inadvertently issued a challenge to the wizard, a challenge to make her love his sex.

A challenge he planned to win.

Severus' eyes swept over her.

"Leather suits you," he breathed. "Stand up and come over here."

Hermione stood up and stepped over to the Potions Master, facing him as he sat in the armchair. She was collared, and her breasts were secured and encircled in black leather, the full globes firm and dark-tipped visible. Severus eyes dropped to the small leather knickers that rode low on her belly, then to the garters and the fishnet stockings. He shook his head as he looked at her.

"If your housemates could see you now," he purred.

"We'd be knee deep in vomit if they saw me with you, even with the leather," she replied a bit coldly.

The wizard arched an eyebrow at her, but didn't correct her. It was true after all.

Severus reached in his pocket and pulled out the vibrator. Hermione flushed.

"Ever seen one of these before?" he asked the witch, his black eyes glinting.

Hermione nodded.

He turned it on, and the silver sex toy hummed. Hermione's eyes went a little hot. Severus studied her face as she stared at the vibrator.

"Ever use one, Hermione?" he asked her silkily. Hermione's eyes shifted to his rather guiltily.

"Yes," she said hoarsely.

"When? Where?" he asked her.

Suddenly Hermione realized that somehow, the wizard knew she had used the vibrator. She could tell by the way he was looking at her, wearing an odd kind of expression. As if he were smirking and frowning at the same time. It made no sense to lie about it. The vibrator had given her the best sexual experience she'd ever had.

"Tonight. In the room you gave me. It was in the second drawer of the nightstand, and I…well I was feeling randy and needed some pleasurable release," she said, flushing.

"Why didn't you wait for me? I would have given you an orgasm. Several in fact," he said to her, cocking his head.

"I wanted it then. You had received your…your satisfaction, and I got nothing but an ache. Plus, I wanted to feel pleasure while coming to climax, Severus, not have one brutally beaten out of me. Climax with you is forced. It isn't real. What I got tonight was a real orgasm, brought by pleasure like I've never experienced," she said.

Severus looked at her consideringly, then laid the side of the vibrator against her breast and ran it over her nipple slowly. It peaked instantly, and the witch shuddered.

"So the touch of this cold, inanimate object is preferred to my touch, Hermione?" he asked her, running the vibrator over her belly and the front of her leather knickers slowly, before bringing it back up to her breast.

The witch was fairly trembling.

"Yes. It brings me pleasure. You don't," she responded, looking the wizard in the eye.

Severus stared at her a moment, then turned the vibrator around in his hand, thrusting it at her.

"Show me," the wizard said, his eyes glittering.

"Show you?" Hermione repeated, looking at the vibrator and him rather wildly.

"Yes. You tell me this toy brings you pleasure. I want to see it," he said evenly. "Remember, Hermione. Staying the weekend is not enough. You have to please me too, or it's just a sleepover. So…if you want me to hold up my end of this little bargain, I suggest you take this vibrator and get to work."

Hermione slowly took the vibrator out of his hand. The Professor was much worse than she ever imagined he'd be. He wanted to watch her masturbate with a vibrator. All right. First she had to pretend he wasn't there.

"Can I at least close my eyes? You watching me is going to ma…:" she began.

"No. I want to see your eyes," Severus replied.

Hermione frowned at him, then remembered what she had learned in her public speaking course. Find a spot on the wall above your audience's head and stare at it. It is the place to focus and run to when having performance anxiety.

Severus sat back in the armchair, his hands folded on his lap, looking expectant as the witch looked a bit above his head and brought the vibrator to her throat.

"Public speaking technique," he thought, "Whatever works."

Hermione ran the vibrator around her throat, letting it massage and relax her somewhat. It really did feel nice against her skin. She brought it slowly over her leather-encircled breasts, sighing a bit as the toy warmed and shuddered again her fullness.

Severus watched her breasts jiggle as she ran the vibrator over one then the other, turning the tip of it to her nipples and biting her lip as pleasure shot through her. She let out a moan as her nipples hardened to tight peaks, and her eyes lit up with heat as she ran the toy lower.

Severus began to unbutton his robes.

Hermione didn't notice as she lost herself to the vibrating tool, sighing and moaning as she shifted her position slightly, moving from in front of the Professor and leaning back against the wall, her pelvis thrust out, moving the streamlined vibrator downward, working it back and forth over her pubic hair and up and down her thighs, her body undulating deliciously.

Severus stood up and peeled off his robes, his eyes glinting at the witch, who had all but forgotten him as she stimulated herself, rolling her hips sensually as she slid the length of the vibrator better her thighs, running the tip between her labia and groaning, her eyes turning downward. The wizard began to remove his shirt as well.

"Oh gods, this is so good," she purred uninhibitedly, panting as she ran the vibrator over her sensitive flesh.

Severus watched her, and could see her lubrication on the silver tool. His nostrils flared as he watched Hermione, her upper back leaning against the wall, her pelvis stuck out and rolling as she watched herself work the vibrator between her legs, completely caught up as she writhed, hissed and moaned. She was a dirty little witch when she got going.

Severus took off his shirt, his lean, pale, muscled torso exposed. His trousers were immensely tented to the point of being uncomfortable, and he quickly opened them, sliding them off. He'd already toed off his shoes. He heard the hum off the vibrator deepened and looked up to see that Hermione had inserted it inside herself and was working it back and forth, angling the sex toy as she did so, moaning and whispering her pleasure as the tool did this to her body that she believed he couldn't. Her free hand moved over her breasts and belly

The Potions Master quickly removed his boxers, his member hard and ready, pointing straight out in front of him. The wizard rubbed the leaking lubrication from its mushroomed head up and down his shaft as he walked over to Hermione and stood in front of her, watching her fondle herself as she stroked in and out of her wetness with the vibrator, bliss all over her pretty face.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself very much, Hermione," Severus said to her in a silky voice, watching her wind her hips greedily as the vibrator worked in and out of her.

Hermione opened her eyes and looked at him as if she really didn't see him as she continued to use the vibrator.

The wizard reached out with both hands and began to massage her breasts, running his thumbs over her nipples. The witch sighed as he watched her as closely as he would watch a simmering potion. She didn't protest, but kept pleasuring herself, though her eyes were now on the Potions Master. Her hand slid over one of his, and he caught it and brought it down to his erection.

"Caress me," he commanded, wrapping her small hand around his shaft. Hermione did it in time with her own motions as she buried the vibrator between her thighs, her hot hand sliding the velveteen flesh of his organ up and down his length, making the wizard hiss. Severus never took his eyes off her face, but thrust his hips forward as he continued manipulating her breasts. He could feel the witch heating up.

"Feel how big I am," he said to her, rawness leaking in to the silk of his voice as her hand pleasured him. Now he wanted heat all around it, soft, wet heat.

Hermione continued moaning at the sensation of the shuddering tool inside her.

"I don't vibrate, but I can fill you better than that…that…imitation," he breathed.

"This feels good…" Hermione managed to get out as she approached her peak. "So much better…"

Suddenly Severus grabbed the wrist of the hand that held the vibrator and pulled it toward him, removing the instrument. Hermione let out a cry of protest when he did so.

"Let me finish…please…before you …you ruin it," she gasped at him.

Ruin it? Why the little wench.

Suddenly the naked wizard bent and slid his arms between Hermione's thighs, lifting her up the wall, feeling the pattern of the fishnet stocking on his forearms. He looked at the open crotch of her crotch-less leather knickers. The leather around her apex was so wet it looked oiled. He positioned himself against the writhing witch. She still had the vibrator in her hand, running.

"Ruin it? Does this feel like I'm ruining it?" he hissed, thrusting into the witch with some power, filling her and stretching her over his girth, groaning as she swallowed him.

Hermione let out a surprised gasp. It did feel good…so much more. The Professor rotated his pelvis, and the witch's eyes rolled up.

"Shit!" she breathed, quivering around him.

Severus began to stroke her, his black eyes fixed on her face as he possessed her with long, deep strokes, hitting her cervix, parting her flesh over and over, the witch groaning, the wizard adjusting his angle, listening to her responses and judging what to do next by the timbre of her voice. Hermione was thrusting back.

"Oh my gods," she breathed.

Severus groaned. She still felt good. Tight, hot and wet. He felt her arms wrap around his neck, and her chin rest on his shoulder.

"Harder," she whispered to him.

"Harder? Don't tell me I feel good, Hermione," he replied, pulling his head back to look at her. Her eyes were heated and half-closed with pleasure.

"I won't. Just do it harder," she whispered.

Severus smirked and began to take the witch harder, slamming against her cervix and Hermione shrieking…but this time it wasn't because of pain. There was an ache, yes, but she didn't want him to stop. Obviously the wizard was capable of giving pleasure, and his strong body felt wonderful against hers as he pressed into her, jerking her body as he flexed, his thick, rigid shaft penetrating her over and over. Hermione could feel his shoulders bunch under her arms as he drove into her, grunting and cursing his pleasure as her voice rose.

Hermione began to shudder, the sweetness inside her almost too good as the Potions Master drove into the middle of it, hard and fast, panting, feeding her primal need.

"Is it good, Hermione?" Severus asked her, growling.

"Yessss," she replied jerkily, the rhythm of his pounding body throwing off her speech pattern.

"Better than the vibrator?" he asked her.

"Yesssss," the witch replied.

Severus stopped, staring at her.

"That's all I wanted to know. Finish yourself off," he hissed, pulling out of her, letting her legs drop, unwrapping her arms from around his neck and releasing her. He gathered up his clothes.

"What?" Hermione asked him, disbelief and dissatisfaction making her belly ache. She wanted him to make her come.

"Use the vibrator and finish yourself off. I have work to complete," he said, carrying his clothes over to the sofa, his erection bouncing thick and straight out in front of him.

The wizard dropped the clothing and walked over to his desk. He pulled out the chair and sat down at the desk to finish completing the test for his class. He had come once already, and had the rest of the weekend to indulge himself with her. He had wanted to show the witch he could give her pleasure…if he chose.

He could also take it away.

Hermione leaned against the wall, flabbergasted.

He was actually good…was actually taking her someplace wonderful…then he just...just…walked away. He'd done it on purpose.

The witch looked at the vibrator. He'd ruined that too. The Potions Master was so much bigger, and could go deeper with more power, more motion. He was both hard and soft as he moved inside her. There was heat. Hard flesh to soft flesh. Life meeting life. The vibrator was now a pale, very pale comparison.


Hermione bit her lip. . The witch was so close to pleasurable release by the wizard, she felt she could cry with frustration

Severus appeared to be concentrating fully on the parchment in front of him, his pale hand flying across the page, his head leaned forward, black hair hanging on either side of his face as he worked.

"You are a fucking big-nosed bastard," Hermione seethed at him.

Severus looked up at her.

"My big nose is merely a reflection of my even bigger wand, so you haven't insulted me, witch. My parents were married when I was conceived, so the term 'bastard,' at least in the literal sense doesn't apply to me. However the fucking would…if I were doing it, which I am not at this time. I have to finish my work, Hermione. All play and no work makes the Potions Master a very irritated and unprepared teacher," he said smirking at her.

Then he looked curious.

"But, why are you verbally attacking me? Have I done something wrong?" he asked her, knowing very well he had taken her to the edge and left her hanging.

"You…you brought me to the brink of climax, then…walked away," she replied.

Severus put his quill down and folded his hands on his desk.

"Don't tell me you wanted me to 'force' another orgasm out of you, Hermione? They aren't real. You get your 'real' orgasms from that little humming tool in your right hand. At least that's what you led me to believe. I was sure you'd be able to reach a satisfactory conclusion on your own," he said silkily. "In either case, I suggest you get busy. I'm going to be a while. You can return to your room if you like."

He returned to his parchment.

Hermione stared at him a moment, then let out a little shriek of fury and stormed back down the hallway to her tiny room.

Severus watched her go with hooded eyes.

"One point for the bat of the dungeons," he said to himself, smirking and returning to the test.

The night was far from over, but now Hermione had something to think about other than him not giving her pleasure.

Now the problem was he hadn't given her enough.

Severus watched Hermione enter the bedroom and slam the door shut, the vibrator still in her hand. She let out another little stream of frustration, cursing him soundly in muggle terms. He smirked, feeling vindicated as the witch threw herself on the bed and tried to bring herself to completion, finally managing to work a small climax but looking no where near as satisfied as she did the first time.

She scowled.

The Professor actually grinned.

"Don't worry, Hermione. You'll get what you want when I come for what I want,' he said, closing the connection so he could actually get some work done.

Hermione lay in the small twin bed for a moment, totally dissatisfied and pissed off at the wizard. Then she suddenly rolled out of the bed and began removing the leather outfit, flinging the clothing and stockings all over the room in a tantrum. Naked, she sat on the edge of the bed, flinging her hair back, and looked down at the sex toy she thought held all the answers to her sexual drought.

"Damn him," Hermione thought, thinking about how good the Potions Master felt when he started to shag her, and how her ache increased when he pulled away and left her hanging on the edge of what she was sure would have been a beautiful climax.

Though Hermione managed a small orgasm from the vibrator, her body craved more of the wizard's possession. She had been wrong that he couldn't give her pleasure. It was more likely that on New Years Eve night he was too randy or too selfish to worry about her needs. Actually, he didn't seem too worried about them now either. But the fact remained, he could give a witch satisfaction. He could make her want more of him.

This wasn't good either. The Potions Master seemed to get immense satisfaction from leaving her hanging. It was as if he had just wanted to prove something to himself.

Hermione's eyes hardened and she looked around the room, her eyes falling on the wall mirror. She walked up to it and studied it closely. He knew about the vibrator. He must have watched her use it, and heard what she said to the sex toy afterwards.

That sneaky, voyeuristic fuck. He knew exactly what she had done, and had punished her for enjoying it by giving her even more pleasure then cutting it off. He was really a cruel wizard. Hermione walked over to her bed, pulled off the top sheet and draped it over the mirror. There. No more peep shows for Professor Snape. Until he came in and snatched the sheet down, that is. She fell into the bed and rolled over.

With the wizard playing games like this, the weekend was going to take forever to end.

It took Severus about three hours to complete all his work. Besides the test, he had to mark three essay assignments he had been putting off. Despite his rather strict marking, he studiously read every pupil's attempt, no matter how horrible, hoping to glean at least something worthy from the text. Most of the time he was disappointed, but once in a while a bit of knowledge and critical thought shined through. He didn't include Hermione's work however. She always showed the ability to think critically, even in her first year. Marking her parchments was another case entirely.

The witch was brilliant, and knew she was brilliant. She made excellent grades easily in every class…and it wasn't even work for her. She breezed through her academic life, the only hitch in it, his class. She needed at least one area of struggle, one class where she was constantly striving and not treated as a goddess of knowledge, or she would come out of Hogwarts believing she could do no wrong. She needed humility…she needed to be challenged and checked, to know there was always more she could do, more she could accomplish. That there was no end to knowledge.

Actually, he had a bit of knowledge he wanted to impart to her right now…and it certainly wasn't intellectual. The wizard looked at his mirror.

"Show me the object of my desire," Severus said to it, expecting to see Hermione asleep in her bed. The mirror remained black. The wizard scowled.

"Show me the object of my desire," he commanded again, frowning at the bit of glass.

Still nothing. Was it broken?

He rose from his desk, retrieved his wand from his robes, and naked, walked up the hall to Hermione's door. He turned the knob. It was locked.

Severus' brow furrowed. So she locked the door against him in his own house. Not nice, Hermione. Not nice at all witch. Severus pointed his wand at the door.

"Alohamora," he said in a very low voice.

The door clicked and opened slightly. The room was dark.

"Lumos," the Potions Master whispered, then toned down the light from the tip of his wand as he stealthily entered the witch's room. She was asleep on her back, her arms flung up on either side of her head, her hair spread wildly on the pillows, her legs slightly open. She was quite accessible.

The Professor noted her sleeping position with approval. Despite her situation she wasn't sleeping in the fetal position. People who slept on their backs were more open to life than those that curled up protectively. Severus looked down at her, pointing his wand at her pubic hair.

In the case of witches, they were also more open to receive engorged erections.

Severus turned toward the mirror and snorted softly. She had figured out he was watching her and covered it. As he yanked the sheet down, he considered removing all Hermione's bedding and making her sleep on the bare mattress for the length of her stay.

The witch sighed and shifted slightly in her sleep. Severus hardened as her thighs moved back and forth. He placed his lit wand on the nightstand. It lent a soft, candle-like glow to the room. The wizard walked around to the end of the twin bed and carefully knelt on the mattress, easing his knees between Hermione's legs.

He rethought his current actions as he looked down at her core, then backed up and knelt on the floor instead. He gripped Hermione's ankles and quickly yanked the witch's body down the bed, wrapping his arms around her thighs, lifting them and diving into her core, his tongue lashing hungrily.

Hermione woke up with a shriek as she felt herself pulled down the bed, then gasped as she felt the Potions Master's mouth on her, licked, biting and sucking. She screamed and twisted ineffectively as he worked on her sensitive inner skin, inserting his tongue inside her, making her buckle as pleasure spread from her core up her body, her nipples hardening as her hands clutched at the bed covers. Severus sucked on her nub hard and she arched, crying out as thrill after thrill washed over her.

Damn, he could give oral sex.

Severus was enjoying Hermione's sweet, musky taste as more and more of her juices dribbled out of her, the witch bucking, hissing and crying out in pleasure. He had to hold her securely as he suckled and licked at her, running his tongue between her labia roughly, then tugging on her button with his teeth before soothing it with his lips.

"Oh gods!" Hermione cried out as she writhed uncontrollably…this was almost too much. She began to thrust her pelvis against his mouth, one hand wrapping itself in his hair, pulling him closer reflexively. Suddenly Severus stopped and Hermione felt as if her heart stopped with him

"Nooo," she cried, lifting her head and looking down at the glistening mouthed wizard. His eyes glinted.

"Let go of my hair," he growled.

Hermione hadn't even realized she had locked her hand in his hair and quickly let go. The Potions Master dived back in again, and the pleasuring resumed.

His tongue feeling good to Hermione was just a side effect, however. He wanted to taste her before he took her and that's precisely what the wizard was doing, to his heart's content. She was delicious. Severus had so little opportunity to indulge himself with a witch who was a pristine as Hermione, and intended to take full advantage of it. He tugged on her pubic hair with his teeth, making the witch hiss before he moved to her inner thighs, licking off all the lubrication. But she wanted him back at her center…she was ready to explode.

"Professor, please…" she sighed, pushing her hips forward hungrily.

Severus returned to her core, lapping and licking the witch until she was on the verge of orgasming, crying out and writhing loudly, then straightened, positioned himself at her entrance, then rammed it deep inside her. The witch shrieked, buckled and came, her eyes rolling up into her head as she gushed around the wizard, her sleeve clamping down, choking his tool as he hissed.

"Oh yes. Good one, Hermione," he growled, then he started riding her through it, gripping the witch's waist and drawing her body into his stroke, her pulsing heat bathing his shaft lusciously.

The Potions Master closed his eyes and flung his head back, listening to Hermione's gasps and the sucking noises her body made as he buried himself into her over and over. She was so wet and tight. He began to shag her harder. He opened his eyes and looked down at the witch's jerking body, her breasts bouncing so deliciously, he just had to lean over and suckle one.

Hermione was in pure heaven. Damn, this was so fucking good. When the wizard's hot mouth engulfed her nipple, sucking and licking it, she arched up and released again, pouring over him, shuddering powerfully. Severus launched himself over her, lifting her legs over his arms and started pounding into her, slamming her body into the mattress at first, then driving her up the bed as she cried out.

But she certainly wasn't begging him to stop as he followed her, slamming inside her to the hilt. He had no doubt she wanted him this time, and he pummeled her good, sweat pouring off his body as he took all of that sweet, young trim, the veins in his pale arms standing out, his hips raising high then plunging his member into her body over and over, his eyes rolling up with pleasure as he felt the tightening in his loins.

"Yessss," he hissed, falling on the witch, reaching under her body and gripping her shoulders, his black eyes locked on the witch's twisted face as he went into overdrive, his hips blurring as he rode her fast, his body rippling over hers, flowing and ebbing.

Hermione's eyes were wide open and she seemed to be looking at something far away as the wizard gave her what she wanted, completely unintentionally. She had wanted him this time, that was the difference. Every inch of him. Severus hadn't changed his mode of operation at all as he pummeled her.

Suddenly, Severus stiffened, slamming deep inside the witch and letting out a long groan as his orgasm shot through him, filling her, his organ pressed into the witch's cervix so hard it throbbed as his fluids burst against it repeatedly, hot, creamy and powerful. The witch wrapped her legs around his waist and scissored him, pushing upward as another climax hit her, shrieking, her juices adding to the slippery wetness inside her.

Severus felt Hermione shuddering beneath him and was satisfied for the moment, his tool softening inside her. The moment his pulsing ended, he pulled out of her, the witch gasping as the contact broke and she was alone again.

Severus rose and looked down on her still undulating body.

"You're a wanton witch," he breathed, his deflated organ resting long and sated against his thigh. "That works in your favor. Good night…for now."

The Potions Master picked up his wand and exited the room, leaving the witch in darkness as he closed the door.

Hermione lay there in the dark, panting, throbbing from his ministrations.

"Damn," she breathed, looking up into the blackness, not wanting to move.

Sleep washed over her.

He'd been good.

About three hours later, Severus returned to Hermione's room, his wand tip lit. He looked down on the sleeping witch. She was on her stomach this time. He grinned as he laid the wand on the nightstand and once again walked to the end of the bed, looking down at her plump buttocks. He would've taken her anally if it weren't so much work. Right now, he wanted the easy ride. He climbed into the bed on his knees and pulled the witch to hers. Well, half-way. Her head was still on the pillow. She roused then came fully awake as he entered her.

"What the…" she breathed then gasped as the Potions Master hit bottom.

"I'm back," he announced with a groan, driving into the witch very quickly, his erection parting her soft flesh and sliding into her sheathe as he gripped her waist, yanking her back.

"Oh gods," she groaned as the wizard's huge organ invaded her body again, and warmth rose quickly inside her, becoming a longing for more ache as his loins slapped against her loudly, the odor of sex filling the small room once again.

Severus looked down, watching himself sliding between her full globes, then he gripped her buttocks in both hands, leaning back a bit and spreading her so he could see better. Oh Merlin she had a pretty little core. He began moving faster and harder, watching his possession, biting his lip as her lubrication gushed over him, making the way slicker, her juices coating his loins and her cheeks.

The wizard let go of her flesh and leaned over her, his hands on either side of her body and hunched into the witch before gripping her shoulders and pulling her up on all fours, wrenching her back into him, watching the small of her back arch up as he took her. Again, there were no pleas to be released. Only cries of pleasure.

Severus was willing to bet now she'd give another wizard a shot. No witch could give her this. He began slamming into her brutally, shagging her in the established manner, and she gushed all over him, squealing as she orgasmed. He followed her, thrusting into her pulsing orifice and releasing with another groan, falling over her back and resting against it heavily as he filled her again. He could feel Hermione's heart racing against his chest.

Again, as soon as he finished pulsing the wizard withdrew. But this time he gave her a pat on the bottom.

"I'll see you in the morning," Severus said to the witch, who collapsed on the bed on her stomach, still shuddering slightly as she looked at him, her face turned toward him as it rested against the pillow.

The wizard studied Hermione for a moment, picked up his wand and with the tip still lit, scourgified both her and the bed. Severus wanted her fresh in the morning and not smelling of old sex. Most likely he would arrive before she had a chance to get up and take a shower. He was an early riser in more ways than one.

Again, he exited the room, leaving Hermione in darkness.

The witch was asleep before she could even consider what just happened.

Severus scourgified himself as he walked to his bedroom and climbed into his large four-poster bed. He'd bring the witch here tomorrow and turn up the heat a peg. The wizard needed room for what he wanted to experience with her next. The twin bed was too small. He'd indulge himself with her and send her back to her room when they were finished.

He throbbed as he lay back on the pillows, his arms behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling. Yes, he would enjoy this weekend, making sure he had enough sex with the witch to tide him over until his next conquest. It would probably be with a witch with more experience and less tightness than the Gryffindor witch. But…Hermione was nothing but a dalliance like every other woman. The Potions Master had no desire to make her his paramour even if he wasn't in the Dark Lord's service. He just felt like doing her. The wizard liked reaming the only female member of the Golden Trio, enjoyed sticking his wand into the supple little body of the goody-two-shoes Princess of Gryffindor. Her crown was certainly tarnished now.

Albus, Minerva and the rest of Hogwarts would continue to adore their innocent little know-it-all until she graduated, but only he'd know just how wrong they'd be in their rose-colored view of Hermione. She was no innocent.

Severus turned on his side, letting sated sleep slowly creep over his limbs.

Damn, Hermione had good trim.

The next morning while sleeping, Hermione was aware of something quite heavy and warm hitting the side of her face lightly. She groaned, and felt it strike her again, harder this time. She opened her eyes and looked straight at the pale, muscular thighs of the Potions Master, who was leaning across the twin bed, one hand against the wall, the other grasping his swollen erection and hitting her in the face with it.

"Good morning," he purred, hitting her on the cheek with his morning hard-on. "Open up, Hermione. My morning erection needs relief. I'll be quick, I assure you."

Hermione blinked up at him, barely registering what he was saying, and got slapped in the face again with his huge tool. It hurt this time.

"Turn your head and open your mouth, witch," the wizard hissed, scowling now as he shook his organ at her.

Hermione could smell the maleness of him as she complied, turning her head slightly and opening her mouth. The Professor stuffed himself into it urgently, groaning. He started thrusting immediately, his eyes closing with pleasure as he released his shaft and brought his other hand to the wall, using it for support as he buried the head of his organ into the witch's mouth.

"Use your hands, witch," he hissed looking down at her. Mmm, she looked good with her hair wild and her mouth stretched around him.

"Quite a mouthful before breakfast, eh Hermione?" he said in a low voice, grunting as he sped up and Hermione sucked him hard, her small hands moving up and down his shaft, spreading her saliva. Severus threw his head back and pumped into her mouth several more times before stiffening and ejaculating.

"Arrrrrrgh!" he groaned, his pale face contorting almost as if he were in pain, his black eyes glaring down at the witch as his come filled her mouth.

Hermione knew to swallow, and she did…all of it this time without spilling a drop, sucking on the wizard as if he were a straw. Severus loved it. He began to deflate, and pulled his sated organ out of the witch's mouth.

"That's better for you than a muggle protein shake in the morning," he said smirking, his eyes drifting down her body before turning to the mirror.

"Oh, and by the way, if you want bedding for the duration of your stay here, witch, keep it on the bed where it belongs. Don't cover up that mirror again," he growled.

"Yes, sir," Hermione replied, still in the same position she was when she gave him his morning blowjob.

Severus looked at her steadily, and she saw him noticeably bounce and decided to get up before he shagged her again. She was starving. And she hurt. The Potions Master had given her good sex, but it still stung afterwards. She felt a bit raw from his sizable shaft rubbing against her walls, and the rim of her entrance just plain hurt.

The witch looked toward the nightstand and saw there were three bottles of pain and healing potions resting there. So he had thought about her condition. But she doubted it was actually concern. Most likely he wanted to keep her in good shagging order. She sat up, the wizard looking at her with satisfaction.

"Get yourself a shower, and do something with your hair. You look like a cavewoman," he said brusquely. Actually he liked the way she looked, like she'd been in a brawl, but he would never tell her that. "I'll go make breakfast. You have a busy morning ahead of you. Come to the kitchen when you're done."

Hermione bit back a reply saying she looked this way because he beat her with his club several times within a few hours, but didn't. Instead she rolled out of the tiny twin bed, walked into the bathroom, closed the door and immediately sat on the loo.

"Ow," the witch said as her hot pee stung her soft inner skin.

The wizard grinned a bit as he heard her exclaim and listened to the slow, stilted trickle of her piss hitting the loo before he left the bedroom. That had to burn. She should have drunk the potion before she went to the bathroom. Well, live and learn.

Hermione exited the bathroom to find the Professor gone. Good. He was a randy bastard. The witch drank down the potions and immediately felt better, the soreness disappearing immediately. She noticed the potions were a bit thicker than normal. It was probably the Potions Master's own brew.

She returned to the bathroom and took a nice long shower, standing under the hot spray and taking her time washing, careful not to get her hair too wet, but when she ran her hand through it, she realized there was dry, flaky come in it from her being inverted in the chair the day before and not swallowing all the wizard's release. The Professor had scourgified her body and the bed, but not her hair. So she washed it with the jasmine scented shampoo.

The shampoo must have been charmed because when she rinsed it out, her hair became soft, curling and mostly dry, falling over her shoulders gently. Hermione wouldn't need to brush it or anything. Wow. She wondered if she could persuade him to give her another bottle of this to take back to Hogwarts.

Probably not.

Hermione exited the shower and dried herself off. She then made up her bed then headed for the kitchen. The witch was starving and rather thirsty. The smell of ham reached her nostrils before she even reached the living room. She followed her nose and entered the kitchen. The Professor had on a pair of black silk boxers, his muscular, scarred back facing her as he busily scrambled eggs in a pan. A pile of ham sat on the table, alongside a stack of buttered toast with jam and two pitchers, one fill with pumpkin juice, the other with rich, creamy milk.

She looked back at the busy wizard, and for the first time clearly saw his Dark Mark on his forearm, a serpent coiling out of the open mouth of a skull. She shuddered for a moment as his dangerous role as a double spy settled into her psyche. For all she knew, she could be the last woman the Potions Master ever touched. Voldemort could discover and kill him at any time. He lived such a dangerous and uncertain life.

Hermione sat down at the table and looked at what was ready. Her mouth watered but she didn't dare fill the plate that rested in front of her. He probably had some kind of thing about eating together. She was right.

The Potions Master scraped the eggs on to a plate and carried them over to the small table. He walked over to Hermione and put almost half on her plate, then the rest on his own. He sat down.

"Help yourself," he said to the witch, spearing some ham with his fork.

Hermione did, piling ham and toast on her plate, pouring a tall glass of milk, then tucking into her food as if she hadn't eaten for a week.

Severus watched as the witch put the food away quickly, chewing loudly and sucking her fingers. Well, at least she appreciated his cooking. He consumed his own food slowly, though he too was very hungry.

Hermione's plate was empty and she eyed the last piece of ham.

"Can I have that last piece of ham, Severus?" she asked him, reaching out with her fork.

"No. It's mine," he replied, food still on his plate, "You've eaten enough. Don't be a glutton."

Hermione seethed. She wasn't being a glutton, she was hungry. Angry, she rose, intending on going back to her room until he needed her.

"Sit back down. You haven't been excused," the Professor snarled at her.

Hermione sat back down, her eyes on the wizard.

Unperturbed, Severus took his time finishing his meal, reaching out and stabbing his fork into the last slice of ham, folding a piece of jam and toast around it, and consuming it slowly, savoring it exaggeratedly as the witch watched, licking her lips unconsciously. Finally the Potions Master finished, wiping his hands and mouth with a napkin, then leaning back in his chair, patting his stomach.

"A good hearty breakfast," he said, his eyes resting on the witch consideringly. Then he said, "Go over to the far counter, retrieve that package there, bring it back here and open it," he said to her.

Hermione looked at the counter and saw a very small package wrapped with string on it. She stood up and walked over to it, the Professor eyeing her petite body as she walked, his dark eyes first resting on her long shining hair and buttocks when she walked away, then her breasts and thighs as she returned. She put the package on the table, sat down and opened it. She stared at the contents, then looked at the Professor.

"What's this?" she asked the wizard, scowling.

"That is your uniform for today," he said as she picked up a rather tiny white apron with lace around the edges, and what looked like a scullery maid's hat.

"Put them on," the wizard ordered. "You will clean and serve me today."

"What?" Hermione said incredulously.

"My house has not been properly dusted in ages. Since you are here, you might as well do it while I catch up on my reading. I have several trade magazines I must go through this morning, and I don't want you idling about. So you will clean and bring me what I want for the duration," Severus said evenly. "Whatever I want."

"I'm not your maid," Hermione said, frowning at the wizard, whose eyes took on a rather dangerous light.

"You are whatever I say you are for this weekend, Hermione. Either you obey me or go back to Hogwarts and wait for your failing grade," he responded, his nostrils pulsating with anger.

Hermione's eyes flashed at him.

He didn't care.

"Put them on!" he said roughly.

Hermione sighed and stood up, tying the apron around her waist and pulling on the maid's hat.

"Tuck your hair into the hat so it doesn't get in the way," the wizard said.

Hermione snatched the hat off her head in bad temper, twisted her hair and piled in on top of her head, then pulled the hat on.

"Spin slowly for me," the wizard said.

Hermione did so. Severus liked what he saw.

"Fine," he said, standing up and walking past her. "Start with the breakfast dishes. I want the cabinets emptied, wiped down and the dishes replaced. Then you can do the cooler and the pantry. Then mop the floor. Supplies are under the sink."

Hermione put her hands on her hips.

"You can do all of that with magic," she complained.

"I could, but I don't want to," he replied, "I'd much rather have you do it. I like the 'personal touch.' When you're done in here, you can come into the living room and dust. Trust I will be checking behind you, so do a good job."

Severus left the kitchen, the door swinging behind him.

Hermione felt like tearing the maid's hat off her head and throwing it on the floor. What a bastard he was. Not only was he treating her like his own private hooker, but his maid as well. This was some deal he'd struck up with her.

Frowning, she walked over to the cabinet under the sink and pulled it open, surprised to find an assortment of muggle cleaning supplies, complete with cloths, buckets and whatever else was needed to clean properly. They were all new.

He had planned this.

Hermione took out a pair of rubber gloves, a dish brush, sponge, brillo pad and dish detergent and set them on the counter next to the sink. She then cleared the table. The witch didn't need to scrape any plates because they had eaten everything. She stoppered the sink, added some dish soap and filled it with hot water. She put the dishes in and pulled on the rubber gloves. Using a glass she dipped up some of the soapy water and dumped it into the cast iron frying pan on the stove.

She had never expected this.

Severus picked up the stack of trade magazines on his desk. He told Hermione the truth, he did have reading to do. As a Potions Master, Severus had to keep up with the latest developments in Potions Making, such as new brewing methods, theories and discoveries, absorbing the new knowledge and using it to enhance his art. He also had to be on top of the latest developments to test and debate them with other Masters several times a year when they gathered together in conference. It was at the conferences he would love to see Hermione as a Potions Mistress, picking everything apart. It would be glorious, as well as rewarding. Hermione was his student after all. He was the one who gave her a love of potions in a matter of speaking.

Severus snorted. The witch probably wouldn't even speak to him when she was a full-fledged Potions Mistress. People had a tendency to pretend some things never happened. He suspected a weekend spent as his sex slave/maid would fall into that category.

Severus grinned wickedly. But she'd know, and he could have a lot of fun making her uncomfortable with sly references to this weekend that no one else understood.

Ah, the future would be interesting. If he had a future, that is. He probably didn't but Severus had learned not to dwell on tomorrow too much. It wasn't promised him. What was more likely to happen was that he would die a very painful death at the hands of the Dark Lord. It was better to think of today and enjoy the situation he found himself in, spending a weekend with a young, sexy witch who was completely under his power. He rarely had control over many aspects of his life, and so was quite elated to be able to lord himself over Hermione. It was a rare pleasure indeed.

The wizard walked over to the armchair in front of the fireplace, set the stack of magazines on the table, then sat down and pulled a lever on the side. The kicked back, the front lifting up. It was a recliner.

Severus heard Hermione clinking dishes around in the kitchen. It was a perversely comforting domestic sound. Better than the silence he was used to. The wizard picked up the first magazine, looking at the date it was published, then opened it…starting on the first page. He would read it cover to cover. He had a total of seven magazines to read.

After about half an hour, he bellowed for Hermione. The witch stuck her head out of the kitchen door. She had finished the dishes and emptied all the cabinets. Wisps of hair stuck out from under her cap.

"Yes, Severus?" she called, clearly irritated he had interrupted her.

"I need coffee, witch. Black," he said imperiously, his eyes narrowed. "And don't put anything 'extra' in it. I'll know."

Hermione scowled at him then withdrew her head. She walked over to the counter and looked around. She found an old fashioned percolating pot that sat on the stove. She walked to the pantry, found the coffee and set it on the kitchen table. Rinsing the pot and metal filter out, she added cold water to the pot itself. She carried it over to the table, opened the tightly rolled bag of coffee and found a small scoop in it. The coffee smelled wonderful, though she wasn't really a coffee drinker. She filled the metal filter, covered it with the thin, holed metal top and put the cover on. It had a little see-through glass top that would show when the coffee began to percolate. She set the coffeepot on the stove and turned on the flame, then went back to work.

Hermione had to admit working kept her busy, which was better than staring at four walls, waiting to be taken again. Plus she was used to cleaning the muggle way and she wasn't a lazy witch by any means. It was almost easy to forget she was naked with an apron tied around her and wearing a scullery maid's hat. Almost. Not completely.

Presently the kitchen was filled with the scent of fresh-brewed coffee. Hermione filled a cup with the fragrant brew, placed it on a saucer and carefully carried it into the living room, where the Professor was reclining, reading his magazine. He looked up at her as she bent to place the cup on the table, her breasts swinging invitingly.

"Here's your coffee," she said, looking at him for a moment, then turning to go back to the kitchen.

"Hold it," Severus said to her, his eyes on her buttocks. "Come back here."

Hermione's stomach flipped. Surely he wasn't going to do her already. His black eyes swept over her, focusing on the little apron. He reached out and lifted it, resting his gaze on the triangle of pubic hair that announced the sweetness hidden underneath. Hermione stood there stiffly, a little heat rising in her belly as his eyes glittered a bit.

Severus looked up at her.

"Taste it," he said.

Hermione's brow furrowed. She looked down at his slightly tented boxers then at his face.

Severus frowned.

"Not that…the coffee," he said, "I want you to drink some."

"Why?" she asked him, looking at the steaming cup.

"If you don't die, I'll know it's safe to drink. There are a lot of poisonous liquids in my kitchen. I think it's safe to assume that I am not on your 'good will' list, Hermione. Now, taste it," the wizard said evenly.

Hermione frowned at him as she picked up the steaming cup of coffee.

"You really think I'd risk spending the rest of my life in Azkaban for you?" she asked him.

Severus raised one eyebrow at her.

"You're a woman, Hermione. Women do the most illogical things at times. Particularly to men. Now drink up," he responded.

Hermione sipped the coffee. She was tempted to pretend to gag and roll her eyes up as if dying a horrible death, but she set the cup back down as Severus studied her for ill effects.

"Satisfied?" she asked him.

The wizard's eyes swept down her body, making Hermione flush.

"Hardly. But I will drink the coffee. Get back to work," he said, shifting the chair forward so he was seated erect, then picking up the cup of coffee and taking a sip. He drew the cup back from his lips and looked at it appreciatively as Hermione returned to the kitchen.

Not only did the witch have a treasure trove of pleasure between her thighs, but she made a rousing good cup of coffee too.

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