AN: Hey, everyone I'm a new author to this category. I've written fan fiction before but not for Harry Potter. It might sound a bit off because I haven't written any fiction in ages. Anyways I really wanted to do a Hermione/Draco fic because I love the pairing and Ron's character is really starting to annoy me.

Anyways, enjoy!

Title: Losing One (the title may change in the near future!)

Description: Set in Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. What if Hermione was captured by the Death Eaters during the flight from Harry's house and was mistaken as Harry.

Warning: It does contain a bit of a spoiler but nothing major. You just find out a certain little detail that happen at the very start of the book.

"Get down," Kingsley yelled at Hermione, masked as one of the seven Harry Potters. A killing curse just missed her head by centimeters. The Thestral that the Auror and the Hogwarts student were riding was sweeping here and there through the sky trying to avoid all the curses aimed at them.

"Hold on," Hermione barely heard Kingsley yell as the Thestral dived into a vertical drive. However this did not shake the Death Eaters that were on there tail.

"Take control," Kingsley ordered and Hermione nervously rode the Thestral on, zig zagging through the green and red strips of lights. Oh, how she hated flying. She felt Kingsley turn around and he screamed, "Avada Kedava!"

Hermione had no time to turn around and see if the spell had reached its intended destination because Kingsley took charge of stirring the Thestral in a new direction.

"Almost there," yelled Kingsley. Suddenly Hermione senses something every wrong and what she and Kingsley saw near next nearly gave her a heart attack. There flying beside them on no broom or creature, just gliding along was him.

Hermione gave a scream, more in surprise rather then terror and Kingsley swore. Lord Voldemort was pointing his wand directly at Hermione's disguised face and screamed, "Avada Ked-"

But Kingsley was too fast; he swirled the Thestral sideward and blindly through couple of killing curse into the air where Voldemort had been. It was a complete blind attack but Kingsley had no choice.

Then something happened that was worse then seeing Voldemort in the attack. They heard it, someone screaming, "The real Potter! He's with the motorcycle!"

"NO!" screamed Hermione suddenly, "Kingsley, we have to help-"

"We can't," cried Kingsley, "We must get-"

But Kingsley never finished his sentence because a Death Eater who had been pursuing them shot a curse and hit the Thestral they riding in the head. Completely taken by surprise the Thestral did a looped somersault in the air.

Hermione, having not expected the suddenly move slipped from the creature as she heard Kingsley yell her name. That was the last thing that she heard, before she plunged into night's darkness.

The Death Eater that had resulted in Hermione Granger's fall by attacking the Thestral swiftly avoided the remaining passenger's curse on the creature's back. He watched as the Potter fell from the animal and dived into the darkness after the figure.

But hooded Death Eater was followed and he saw a green strip of light almost catch his head but he spun around and headed into the darkness in a different direction. Still the man followed, sending curse after curse after curse.

The Death Eater swore and through a freezing charm at the creature the Order member was riding. Before the man would react the animal gave a high pitch screechy scream in pain. The Death Eater took its chance and through himself flat on his broom and shot out of sight and tracking as if he was a silent bullet.

It wasn't the first time he'd had to face a difficult flying opponent. Instead of heading towards the directions to help his fellow Death Eaters he flew vertically and came to a slow when the muggle gardens came into view.

Such dirty places he thought. But he had to find the Potter that he had made fall before that Order member did. He search until he for seemed like forever until he finally found him.

Harry Potter or one of his Copies was crumbled on the road. To his horror he noticed a group of muggles standing around him, clearly shocked and implying about his state. The Death Eater could hear the shouts and bangs from the battle even from a hundred feet below. He noticed that muggles were peering through there front doors; some standing out on there lawn flabbergasted by the colourful display above.

He saw a group of muggle children crowded on the inside of a muggle house, looking up at the fly in pleasure and excitement at the entrainment. The Death Eater smirked and resisted the sentiment to show the dirty children what the display of colours that they were gazing at could really do. But it wasn't the time for that. He had to get the Potter away from here before he attracted anymore attention or any of the Order members turned up.

He almost glided towards the group and heard some of what the muggles where saying,

"We have to call an ambulance!"

"What happened?"

"He just fell from the sky!"

"He has to be dead! He looks too pale to be alive!"

"No he's breathing and I can feel a pulse. But only just."

"Oh for God's sake, someone call an ambulance for the poor boy!"

"Nobody move!"

The last outburst came from the Death Eater. All the muggles turned to see a very strange sight. A figure stood before them in a black robe; a hood covering his head and a mask over his face. He was carrying what looked like a broom in one hand and was pointed a shiny, black stick about 12 inches in length at them.

A muggle in the group laughed and said, "You know, Halloween is not for another 3 months! Why are you-?"

"Shut-up!" snarled the Death Eater, "or your last noise will be your last! Now move aside."

The group moved aside for the strange person. He knelt over the Potter lying on the ground. There was blood running down his face and his glasses lay awkward, broken on his face. The Death Eater muttered a spell and the body lifted from the ground and hovered just above the Death Eater's head.

The muggles around him gasped. None of them could believe there eyes! The injured boy was actually floating in the air! Unsupported! It was impossible! Absurd!

"What the bloody hell-!" cried one of the muggles but the never finished his sentence because a green light, issued from the Death Eater's wand hit him in the chest and the Death Eater and the boy disappeared with a loud pop.

What do you think? Should I continue???? It's not much but it's a start! I know Hermione's fall was a bit unrealistic. Of course Kingsley would have caught her or found her before the Death Eater did, but for this story I had to make the Death Eater find her first! What do you think of the muggles? I didn't really know how to write them!

Anyways chapter 2 update in a couple of days!