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Draco instantly dropped Hermione's hand and he watched his father's face turn from shock to anger and back again. He knew this was not going to be good…

"W-What is this?" he whispered, the fury and shock evident in his voice, "Draco explain yourself."

"Father, I-I look…I can explain," said Draco awkwardly.

"Oh I have seen enough to have your acts explain much better then words," hissed Lucius, "Move now Draco! I will discuss this with you later."

When Draco didn't move Lucius took a better grip on the cane he was holding in a threatening way, "Did you hear me boy? Move! Now!"

Hermione gave Draco a nudge in the back telling him it would be best if he would go so Draco had no choice but to follow his father, who led him out of the room. Hermione remained there; not moving. But she couldn't let her mind be on Draco. Her master wanted to see her and she knew she was going to get it.


"I said for their not to be any mistakes! How could you be so stupid girl?! Now Potter knows where your loyalties lie!"

Just as Theodore had told her, the Dark Lord was not happy with her. She hadn't said a word since she had entered the room and remained quiet as she was hounded with wrong doings.

Voldemort had not put her under the torture curse yet but he was coming very far near to, "All I asked from you was to capture Potter! He was in your grasp and he slipped through it!"

Hermione couldn't sustain herself any longer, "My Lord, please! Bill Weasley came in and-"

"Yes, yes!" Voldemort waved his hand; his red eyes in narrow slits are her, "I already know of what has happened! Nott has spoken to me of it and has speared your life!"

Hermione head snapped up and Voldemort leered at her, "You owe him your life girl! He has convinced me not to kill you because you helped manage to catch Potter's little girlfriend and her brother and I am sure him or the Order would do anything to get them back."

Hermione couldn't believe her ears. Theodore. Help her??? It was absurd! Not believable! Theodore hated her! First he had saved her from being murdered by Lucius Malfoy and now the Dark Lord. What was that boy's problem?!

"Now Leave, stupid girl!" hissed Voldemort, "I have had enough of your idiocy!"

Hermione bowed and hurried from the room and got into the dark corridor. She had to find Theodore. She had to see what was going on.


Draco sat in one of the armchairs in his house sitting room. His mother was sitting in the chair next to him. Her lips tight, her skin flour white and her hands were twisting in his lap. His father sat across from him.

Draco was not looking at either of this parents but he knew his father would be staring daggers at him…now he was in real trouble.

"What sort of spell does she have you under?" his father's voice was hoarse. Draco remained silent.

"It seems the only resolution I can come to other then your being insane," his father continued, "Please tell me which one it is, so I may fix it."

Nothing but silence.

"SPEAK BOY!" his father suddenly roared making both his son and wife jump out of their skins.

"What does it matter?" Draco asked, looking up at his father's furious face, "She is on our side-"

"That still doesn't changed what she is!" roared Lucius, "Draco how could you put such shame onto this family?! After all we have done for you?! You have had the privilege to live in a house of luxury, to be of pureblood of an honorable family name and this is how you thank your mother and me?!?!"

"But she is a Death Eater, she's on our side!" said Draco, "Okay, she's a Mudblood, so what?!"

Lucius looked at his wife in shock and disbelief, "So what?! So what?! SO WHAT?! IT IS NOT SO WHAT!!! IT MATTERS MORE THEN ANYTHING!"

"There have been other Mudbloods on the Dark Lord's side before!" snapped Draco, glaring at Lucius, "You said so yourself-"

"But I did not imply that it was okay, especially for you to be involved in such…activities…with her!!" snarled Lucius

"It was my job!" snapped Draco, "I was assigned to bring her over to our side! By the Dark Lord himself, so if you have problems go and yell at him about it!"

"It was your job! Was! Meaning past tense! It is no longer required that you do such things! Why are you still associating with the girl?!"

"Because I love her!"

The words tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop them. It took Draco a moment to realize what he had just said and what he had it shock him into silence and horror. But that was nothing to his parents' reactions.

His mother snapped his head to Draco and her silver eyes were wide with shock and disgust and his father stood rooted to the ground, staring at Draco, his eyes bulging out of their sockets and his lips moving as if he were a fish out of water gulping for air.

If the situation hadn't been so severe Draco would have laughed at how utterly ridiculous Lucius looked.

Draco looked away from his parents and knew he was in for it…big time. He waited for the blows and roars to come, but the only thing that came was more silence. He didn't dare look at his parents. He just kept his eyes on the carpet rug at his feet.

"If you still wish to continue having the name of Malfoy you will not approach that Mudblood again," his father whisper was extremely calm, but Draco would almost feel the horror, shock, anger and utter disgust that would have been pounding through his veins.

Draco heard his father's footsteps leave the room and in the distance he heard a door slam. Draco closed his eyes. He loved Hermione; he really did, but the look on his parents' face had struck a nerve in him. All his life he had tried to impress his parents, make them proud of him; especially his father. But now…

He snapped his eyes opened when he heard the soft sobbing fill the room. Looking to his side he saw his mother sitting there crying into a handkerchief. Draco felt his stomach drop in shame and guilt.

"Mother, please," Draco pleaded quietly but his mother shook her and turned her tear-stained face to him, "I thought I have raised you better then this Draco."

Shakily she stood to her feet and walked slowly from the room, leaving her son sitting in the room; his ears ringing with the sound of his mother's cries.


As she walked into her room Hermione stopped when she saw Blaise sitting there, "Hey, I was looking for Nott, have you seen him?"

Blaise smirked at her, "I can guess what for. But there's no time for that now; I need to discuss something with you."

Hermione's brow creased in confusion, "alright."

"Tonight you must come with me. We are meeting other and we have plans to talk about," said Blaise, "You'll know them all, not personally, but by name and sight."

Hermione sat down on her bed and raised her eyebrows at him, "Where are we going?"

Blaise's smirk widened, "Hogwarts."


Hermione's stomach was in a ball of knots. She was extremely nervous. She was wearing her cloak over her head; so nobody could see her and she stood next to Blaise, inside one of the Hogwarts' corridor that she recognized led down to the dungeons.

She knew what was down there; the Slytherin common rooms. Even though she felt extremely uneasy about revealing herself to the other Slytherins she felt also felt a sense of calm and relief at being back at Hogwarts; which had been her home all these years.

"Calm yourself," Blaise said suddenly, "You don't need to worry. I'll be there if things don't go as plan. Many of the other Slytherins don't even know your coming. Just stay silent until I signal it. If any of them try to talk to you ignore them and I will answer. Okay."

Biting her lip Hermione nodded. She felt a little better. It was silly of her to feel like this, its all be fine and Blaise would be there.

Blaise looked around, "Draco should have been there by now."

Hermione, who had been adjusting her cloak, looked up sharply at Blaise. She had a feeling that Draco wouldn't be coming. She suspected his father properly won't let him out of the house for the next three years!

"He might not be coming if he was supposed to-" Hermione started but was cut off by upcoming footsteps. Both young Death Eaters wiped around and Blaise looked wildly around.

"In here," he hissed, pulling Hermione towards a broom cupboard

"But that's a broom cupboard," whispered Hermione, "We-"

"Yes, thank-you brain-head!" snapped Blaise, "but if we don't hurry someone will see you and then we'll be in trouble. Remember, you supposedly dead!"

He pulled her into the cupboard and closed the door to ajar. The footsteps came and past through the corridor. Blaise listened intensely for a moment before whispering, "I think we're clear."

Slowly he pushed the door open a little more inch and peered out; nobody. Quickly he climbed out of the cupboard and Hermione stumbled out after him.

"Graceful landing Granger," Blaise smirked at her. Hermione rolled her eyes in response, "Come on, let's get this over and done with."

Blaise lead the way done the stairs heading towards the dungeons, with Hermione following him. She had never been to the Slytherin common room before and she kept close to Blaise; partly because it was dark and she did not have the slightest intention of getting lost.

She pondered on what the Slytherins would think. They would probably think her appearance was some huge entertaining joke from Blaise and they'd probably try chasing her around their common room to see who could kill her first.

She shook her head, as if to ridge such thoughts; stop being stupid, she told herself. Blaise would never let that happen, or so she hoped. Suddenly in her absent state she walked straight into something hard and stiff and it knock her hard against the floor.

Looking up at what was her collision her was met by Blaise's face which held an expression of slight shock. Then all of a sudden he burst into laughter, "You should have seen your face! Oh My God-Hermione! You need to watch where you're going!"

Still laughing he offered her his hand, which is took, half in gratitude and half in embarrassment. She adverted her gaze from him as he looked at her. Suddenly as if the wind just changed his cheerful mood turned serious and stern, "Remember what I told you. Don't speak until I tell you to and if I tell you to. I will answer for you."

"How will you know my answer?" shot Hermione, her tone told Blaise she was challenging him to the point of her pride, "I can answer for myself, I have a voice."

"Oh believe me," said Blaise, giving her a strange smile, "I'll know the answer."

Slightly puzzled Hermione watched as he turned around to the wall they had stopped at and muttered an incantation under his breath. At first the wall did nothing, and then slowly it began to shimmer and fade. Beckoning to her he walked through the mist and Hermione followed him.

Turned to see it instantly return to the normality of the wall they had met before. She turned to face the people in the common room and was surprised. Sitting around the large room, it appeared, was the entire Slytherin house and all eyes were on her. She took a gulp and did as she was told; she retreated further into her cloak and stood behind Blaise, in the shadow, although she was aware that very person knew she was there.

"Who's this Zabini?" a fifth-year boy snapped suddenly

Blaise hardly looked at him, "None of your business."

"None of our business?" added a sixth-year girl in a sarcastic voice, "We have the right to know who comes into our common room Show yourself!"

She said the last part to Hermione, who neither moved nor said a word.

"Yeah," agreed another girl, sitting next to her, "We have every right!"

"It might be an intruder," shouted Crabbe suddenly, "Curse it!"

"Shut-up," shouted Blaise suddenly, interrupting the heating argument and pulling out his own wand, which many of his fellow students eyed, "The Dark Lord approves of her, then so must you."

Instantly the room fell silent at the mention of this, expect for one voice. It was small and rather weary, "her?"

It came from a small first-year who was sitting out the front, however Blaise ignored him and continued, "Look, we have heard from informant that Harry Potter is coming to Hogwarts."

Suddenly the room was filled with gasps and whispers at the news. Hermione looked sharply at Blaise. She had not expected this. Why hadn't he told her before? How did they know? Was someone working for them that was in the Order? Questions with no answer were sneaking though Hermione's brain and it seemed she wasn't the only one.

"Who told you this?" someone asked but Blaise shook his head, "That's for me to know and you to find out, which, none of you will."


"Look," snapped Blaise, "I haven't got much time. These orders come from the Dark Lord himself. Don't not breathe a word of this to anyone and do not speak of it when you are outside this room, especially around the teachers…or Gryffindors."

"If Potter comes here, raise the alarm and try and hold him," continued Blaise, "We don't know when he'll be here but he will come. Just be on your guard; listen carefully to what the other houses are saying. If you find any new news you have to share it."

"But wasn't Potter nearly captured before?" a fourth-year boy asked, "What went wrong there?"

"There were…complications…" said Blaise awkwardly

"And what about Granger?" asked another student suddenly, "Is she still alive? Did Malfoy finally get her? I heard he couldn't crack her so he got rid of her."

At the Slytherin's words suddenly something hit Hermione; something big; a sudden big realization.

Blaise opened his mouth to speak but then he closed it again, as if thinking better of it. He was quiet for a moment before speaking, "If you all know, you must not speak of it! No one outside this house is to know. Got it?"

He was met by nods and curiosity of his fellow students. He half turned to Hermione, "Go on. Show them."

Slowly Hermione took a deep breath, knowing this was it and stepped forward next to Blaise and raised her hands and pulled her hood down, so her curly brown hair was released and see who the stranger was she was met by gasps and shrieks of shock and horror.

"Oh My God!"

"Holy Crap!"


"Zabini you got to be shitting us!"

"This is some stupid joke right?"

"What would the Dark Lord want with you," said a familiar voice. The question was pointed at Hermione who turned and saw her accuser. It was Pansy Parkinson.

The two girls' eyes met and Hermione knew that no matter what she had done or whose side she was on, nothing would have changed between them. Narrowing her eyes Hermione answered before Blaise could, "Obviously something you don't have."

Surprisingly a few of the other Slytherins laughed a little at this, while Blaise rolled his eyes.

"Things have changed-" he started but was cut off

"It apparently seems so. How do we know we can trust her?" asked another Slytherin

"Because-" started Blaise again but was interrupted again; this time Hermione.

"Because it was me who almost caught Potter the other day! We have Bill and Ginny Weasley," said Hermione, "And besides-"

"Yes thank-you Granger," said Blaise coldly, "Everyone look, like I said things have changed-"

"But that doesn't mean you can be trusted!"

"Oh really-?"

"Yes, really! You have always sucked up to Potter's arse!"

"Well I've learnt from my idiocy!"

"Yeah right! That's bullshit!"


The room went silent and all attention was turned to Blaise. He was glaring at everyone, "Granger is on our side! That has been proven; just because not to any of you doesn't mean she's not loyal to us. Look, we have to go, remember what I said and keep an eye out for Potter!"

Taking Hermione by the arm he pulled her out of the common room, ignoring the question that came flying at him. When they were safely in the corridor Blaise spoke, "What did I tell you? You should have let me handle the situation. I know it sounds strange but you trying to defend yourself made it worse."

"They wouldn't have believed it if you had defended me or not," snapped Hermione, "And I don't care about that at the moment."

Blaise nodded slowly, "Potter right?"

Hermione stopped and glared at him, "No not Potter, Malfoy!"

"What?" said Blaise, "I know he was suppose to come-"

"What did that kid mean by Did Malfoy finally get her? I heard he couldn't crack her so he got rid of her." Hermione snapped.

Blaise stared at her, feeling uneasy, but he remained silent.

"Blaise tell me," Hermione snarled

However Blaise shook his head and muttered, "It's not my place to say."

"Oh yes it is," snapped Hermione, "Now tell me!"

Blaise swallowed and avoiding Hermione's gaze he said quietly, "I would have thought Draco had told you already…you were his…well his assignment…if you get my drift."

"Assignment?" Hermione knew from the very start that there had been something strange about Draco's behavior towards her, but now it was becoming clearer, "What exactly do you mean by assignment?"

Still not looking at her Blaise continued, "It was Draco's job to…er…well; bring you over to our side. He had to find a way of convincing you…under our Master's orders of course."

Hermione stared at Blaise, "You mean it was all an act; this entire time?"

Blaise looked up sharply, "No, no, no! That's not what I meant! No Hermione, he feels differently now. Trust me."

Hermione folded her arms, the anger and hurt burning inside her, "How?"

"He's told me-"

"And how do you know it's not still part of this stupid assignment as well? What if he had to convince you too?" snapped Hermione

"Hermione listen to me," sighed Blaise, "At first yes, it was pretend but believe me; I don't think he has felt this way for another girl before, no wait, he has never felt this way about another girl! Hermione you have to believe me!"

"I-I don't believe you!"

Blaise gave a frustrated sigh and spat, "I know Legilimancy. I was born with the talent!"

Hermione was a little taken aback by the new information, "Umm…okay…that's nice Blaise, but don't try to change the subject-!"

"I am sure you know how it works," Blaise snapped interrupting her, "For many months now I've seen the look in Draco's ever time you are mentioned and I feel kinda mushy saying this but he loves you! You get it?! He…loves…you!"

Hermione was silent for a moment before quietly saying, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," said Blaise, suddenly sounding exhausted, "Now that we have established that we need to leave or I will have my head chopped off!"

"Your head chopped off?" said Hermione, grinning at the boy, "Oh well then, I think I may go and visit my old friends for a while? Like you accompany me? And don't worry about "Old Voldie" I'll just tell him you wanted to see the Hogwarts scenery from the Gryffindor towers!"

Blaise clicked his tongue, "You know if you weren't such a valuable witch and Draco didn't care that much about you, I'd kill you here myself!"

Hermione laughed loudly and walked off down the corridor crying out in her loudest possible voice, "Yeah, we'll see about that Professor Blaise Zabini!"

"Shh!" hissed Blaise rushed up to her, "Don't go screaming my name through the entire castle! We'll be caught and they'll know I'm involved!"

Hermione laughed again and feeling extremely rebellious suddenly broke into a run and screamed as loudly as she could, "That is my extract intentions BLAISE ZABINI!!!! I will get you in trouble!!!"

"Shut the fuck up! You're such a pain!" Blaise hissed but began to laugh and started running after her and he prayed to whatever higher being out there that the bloody girl didn't get them caught!

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