10 Things I Hate About You

1.I Hate How You Always Ignore Me. (I Do Exist Whether You Like It Or Not)

2. I Hate How You Never Answer In Full Sentences. ("Hn" Is NOT A Word!!)

3. I Hate How You Never Seem To Smile. (It Might Make You Feel A Bit Better,You Won't Know If You Don't Try)

4. I Hate How You Never Talk About Your Feelings. (Like Me,Pretending They Don't Exist Won't Make Them Go Away)

5. I Hate How You Always Refuse Help. (You Stubborn Bastard...Let Go Of Your Pride For One Second)

6. I Hate How Your Always Angry Or Annoyed At Something and/or Someone. (Stop It,Your Bad Moods Are Contagious)

7. I Hate How You Act Like Your All Alone. (Your Not Alone,You Have Friends Who Will Stand By You No Matter What)

8. I Hate How Your Eyes Seem To Bore Into my Soul. (Why Do You Do This To Me,Do You Enjoy It Or Is It Just Your Way?)

9. I Hate How Your Mind's Always On Your Brother. (Revenge Isn't The Answer,Your Only Doing Exactly What He Wants)

10. I Hate How Much I Love You...