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Chapter 23 Maybe Makeup

Over the next few days Sarah only left her room on a rare occasion and it wasn't because she was locked in it. She didn't want to see anyone, guilt was over taking her. Every morning Aprika came in to help Sarah bathe and dress whether she liked it or not and everyday Sarah refused to eat. Oddly no one seemed to notice either or they just didn't care. She cried off and on and didn't want to even think about what Niallan was doing to her best friend. If what he might be doing to her made Sarah upset the thought that it was all her fault made it even worse.

Sarah wasn't the only one that was feeling guilty. Jareth knew Sarah was upset but couldn't bear to face her. He had heard her when she cried, and he wanted to comfort her so much but what could he say? She would never accept his apology not after all that he had done. Maybe he was too cruel, the thought constantly ran through his head. What if he had ruined their possibility of a happy life together? Just because they were getting married now didn't mean they would or even could be happy together. The idea made him sick. All he ever wanted was to be with Sarah and now he was but not quite like he planned. Oh, life was not fair, not one damn bit. He knew he had to make this right, to make her happy again. Once again more planning, just this time without all the help.

Sarah walked out of the bathroom with the same sad look on her face she had for the past few days. She lay down on the bed and buried her face in the now familiar pillows. Another crying spell was coming on she could feel it. Seemed like all she felt like doing was crying lately but could you blame her. She clutched the pillow closer and screamed into the pillow out of frustration then she felt the bed move like when someone had sat down on it.

'Oh, crap, please don't be Jareth. God please don't be Jareth!' Her mind screamed. She slowly looked up expecting to see the platinum haired fae sitting on her bed but in stead she saw. "Guinevere!" Sarah was overjoyed. She didn't think she would ever see her kitty again. Sarah picked up the small kitten and cuddled it. "Oh, you have no idea how happy I am to see you Guin." She said to the small black cat.

"I thought you might me missing her." A cold voice said behind her.

Sarah turned around knowing who the voice was coming from and for some reason she smiled. "Thank you." She simply said.

'She smiled.' Jareth thought. 'She really truly smiled at me.' Who knew a simple smile could make the goblin king so happy. "Your welcome, Sarah I was wondering would you like to accompany me to the gardens. You know the colors are changing and it is truly a sight to see."

Sarah thought for a minute 'What if it's a trick? Do I really want to trust him?' Then she looked at him and something in his eyes told her to go. "I'd love to Jareth." She said.

Jareth was surprised that she said yes. He was so sure she wouldn't but look now they were walking through the many corridors to the castle with the cat trailing them every second along the way. Maybe there was hope after all.

When they finally arrived at the gardens Sarah had never seen such a beautiful sight. She thought the above ground was pretty in the fall but this view put it to shame. The colors were richer, warmer, oh Sarah was in heaven. Instead of the leaves turning the normal reds, browns, and yellows these were of true gold colors, and scarlet. Maybe it was the fact that magic was everywhere in this place that made it so wonderful or that maybe because glitter was everywhere but whatever it was Sarah never wanted to leave.

Jareth showed her every part of the garden from the rarest of the plants and flowers to the most common wild flowers. Sarah was shocked he knew this much she didn't expect him to know bout flowers and such. Today she was seeing a different side of him she just hopped it would last and that maybe the cruel king was just an act and this was the true him. Oh, how she hopped it really was because if this was his true self maybe being stuck in the underground wouldn't be so bad.

"So Sarah what time of year would you like to have to wedding?" Jareth asked.

Oh, if there was one thing that he could have said to ruin her being happy that was it. She had completely forgotten she was being forced to marry him. Sarah had been a bit to concerned with some lying prince taking her best friend to God knows where and doing God knows what to her.

Jareth noticed that she didn't answer his question and figured she was still upset about it. "Sarah, I know this is a shock but we will be married. I refuse to give you up to my brother because of some law of debt."

"Shock doesn't even cover it." She said quietly. "And how do you even know I'll say I do any way?"

"What choice do you have?" He said then he noticed she was going to answer. "My dear, it was a rhetorical question. You have no choice, I mean you wouldn't want anything to happen to your friends or dear Jarethkin now would you?"

"You wouldn't!"

"I promise you I would. I brought your friend here did I not? What makes you think I would'nt do something to those traitors? Oh, but even if I wasn't holding that over your head all I would have to do is simply tell you to marry me and you would have to. All thanks to that wonderful little necklace."

"You're horrible! I can't believe you would actually do this and force me to marry you!" She screamed stepping away from him.

"Believe it my dear because I always get what I want no matter what the cost."

That jerk just had to do it. The day was actually ok and HE RUINED IT!! "YOU…..YOU…..I HATE YOU!!" She screamed.

"No, you don't. That's only what you keep telling yourself. Oh, but don't worry a marriage to me wont be as bad as you think. I will keep you most satisfied Mo chroi." He smiled.

"S…Satisfied?! And what the hell did you just call me!" She demanded.

"I forgot you only know of one language. That will all soon change."

"I had a hard enough time when I had to learn Spanish what makes you think I'll learn something else?"

"You have lots of things to learn before you become the Goblin Queen." He said as he hand her a rose.

No, he didn't hand her the rose he forced it into her hand. She looked down at it and noticed it had no thorns. Sarah felt the urge to cry once again, what could she do she was stuck in this with no choice but to obey. She hated it all of it. Screw the fairytale crap and all her dreams! This wasn't something she ever wanted none of this was. This wasnt how the story was supposed to go. But trapped in another world with a cruel king what can you do. She did the only thing she could do. She ran.

Jareth could have stopped her. He should have stopped her but no he did and for what reason? Hell if he knew! He'd been in the role of the cold evil cruel king so long he didn't really know how to be kind. Even if he didn't manage it somehow he messed it up, like he just did. She was starting to like him and he had to open his fat mouth. He decided to let her cool off a bit then maybe try to talk to her and he meant really talk and try not to screw it up this time.

Sarah ran and ran. She knew not how far or even where she was going. It was like her legs had a mind of its on and knew were to go. Oh, gods she hoped they did. After awhile Sarah stopped, she was exhausted and realized that now she was in some sort of library. It was smaller than Jareth's study but very cozy. The couches weren't cold overstuffed leather; they were a warm soft material that Sarah would have loved to wrap herself in. She walked between the many isles of books, most she couldn't even pronounce. She still loved it. Sarah walked over to the couch in front of the inviting fireplace and lay down. It was then she realized how tired she really was. She hadn't eaten since she got here and sleeping wasn't an option. Who in their right mind could sleep knowing that the goblin king was right beside there room and could come in anytime he pleased.

She had just about fallen asleep when she realized something. "Guinevere!" She said as she shot up. She'd completely forgotten bout her. Oh, she could only imagine what poor fate would befall her kitten in goblins hands.

She jumped off the couch and began to call the kittens name over and over again. "Guinevere! Guin where are you? Oh, please be alright." She walked down the hallway almost whispering hoping that Jareth wasn't looking for her. Speaking of looking Sarah wasn't exactly looking where she was going and was wandering around the castle without a clue were she was when she hit something head on and fell backwards hitting the ground with a thud.

Sarah looked up expecting to see the Goblin King staring at her but instead it was the brother Niallan. She had half a mind to smack him like she did Jareth but she remembered how that turned out and if she did that she might not find out about her friend.

"Why Sarah was a surprise it is to see you in this part of the castle." He said with a smile that reminded her of Jareth.

"Well I do live here too so why is it such a surprise?" She said as she got off the floor dusting off her gown.

"It's just that Jareth told me you've been staying in your room so much. He hasn't even been keeping the door locked."

Oh, she really wanted to slap him now. "Quit trying to act so innocent! As far as I'm concerned I hate you! You're part of the reason I'm here and same for Hallye! If you had never given this necklace to Jason I wouldn't be here now! And I wouldn't be getting married to a man that I hate!" She screamed at him.

"I expected a severe tongue lashing for this sooner or later." He said coolly.

"You bet your ass! Now what have you done with Hallye! I mean how could you just take her away from her family and friends like that? How can you be so cruel?"

"Simple, I wanted her and I used my resources to get her. Did Jareth not do that same to get you?"

"That's different she's never known of this world! I've been here so I know some of you people and your ways!"

"Us People? What do you mean by that?"

"You weird magic folk, that's what I mean! You want something and take it no regard for anyone else's thoughts or feelings!"

"I assure you I thought of all that. Her family won't miss her a bit."

"Because you made them think she didn't exist! That's why they won't miss her!"

"She has all the family and friends that she needs."

"You're not her family or her friend! I'm the only friend in this place she's got and I can't even see her!"

"I've never ban her from seeing you. We've just been tied up." He smiled at his own words.

"Yeah doing God knows what!"

"Yes, if anyone knows what we've been doing it would be him." He smirked.

"YOU!" She screamed and reached for the nearest object she could pick up. Which was a vase and she threw it at him with all her might.

Niallan ducked at the on coming vase. Good God that woman had an arm on her! "Sarah wait!" He said as more objects were being chucked at him. "For Goodness sakes please stop!" He demanded.

"Oh, you want me to stop?" She asked amusingly. "You've pushed me to my limits you and your damn brother!" She continued to grab anything and everything she could and aimed at his head or a low part of his body.

Niallan moved out of the line of oncoming fire and then appeared infront of her before she had time to throw anything else. He grabbed her wrist and placed her firmly between the wall and himself making sure she had no escape. "Now I think you need to calm down!"

"And I think you need to let Sarah go!" A feminine voice came from behind them.

Niallan instantly let Sarah go and spun around to face Hallye who had her hands on her hips. "Hallye, I well….."

"Honestly Nil what do you think you're doing with Sarah?"

"Darling I had a perfectly good reason, it was self defense."

"I'm sure." She said sarcastically. "Sarah hun I'm so sorry I haven't been in the other part of the castle to see you." She said as she ran over to Sarah and hugged her.

"Hallye you're ok aren't you I mean he didn't hurt you or anything did he?"

"No, really Sarah I'm fine I mean really fine." She smiled.

"How can you be so cheery when this is the guy that kidnapped you and has been doing who knows what to you?"

Hallye walked back over to Niallan and he put his arm around her waist. It was then those annoying little bells were going off in Sarah head. No, not alarm bells but the ones that tell are saying please God don't let her say what I think she's going to say oh please. Yeah those little bells were going off in Sarah mind.

"Sarah listen, really me and Niallan haven't done anything honestly." Hallye said.

Ok maybe the bells were having a false alarm.

"My lady I would never force myself upon Hallye. What kind of man do you take me for?" Niallan said.

"Well I um…..Sorry I just kinda had the worst planned out in my head."

"That's understandable." Niallan said.

"Yeah I was shocked too when Niallan told me that the reason he wanted me in the deal was because he was in love with me." She said with a smile going from ear to ear.

Shit, the alarm bells weren't wrong!

"Hallye you're telling me that he said….." Hallye nodded her head. "And your about to tell me that you feel……"Hallye nodded her head again. "WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU??"

Hallye was shocked by this answer.

"This is the man that kidnapped you made your entire family forget you and is the reason I'm here and having to marry that ass!!" Sarah screamed.

"Sarah, please understand this wasn't just some instant he loves me then I did too. I was upset he took me and did all this too but honestly after the next few days this just kinda seemed right."

"Right? Right? Are you joking?"

"Maybe you two should talk about this in private me being here might complicate matters." Niallan suggested.

"You're right, Sarah why don't we go to my room."

"Fine just keep him away from me." She pointed to Niallan.

Not too far from the library they found Hallye's room. It was beautifully decorated with deep purples and white and a canopy bed that matched the room. Hallye sat on the bed and Sarah sat beside her.

They sat in awkward silence for a few moments when Hallye finally said something. "Sarah, are you mad at me?"

"Mad? Me mad? No, Ive only been sucked into another world, going to be forced to marry my worst enemy, and on top of it all ive been worried sick about you then I find out your happy as a damn clam and in love with my enemy's brother!! No, Mad doesn't even begin to cover it." She said with a smile.

"Sarah listen I already told you it wasn't just some instant love struck crap. I don't really know how to explain it but Niallan is what I've always wanted in a guy and well…..its just complicated. It just seems like I'm supposed to be with him like its just right I guess."

"Oh, well I'm so damn happy you've found your fairytale ending!"

"Will you stop being so damn stubborn! If I didn't know better I would think Jareth had you locked up in some God forsaken tower and was beating you three time a day! But he's not and if you would open your damn eyes and stop thinking how unfair the world is you might actually see things aren't so bad!"

Sarah was speechless from her friends outburst, she never expected Hallye to do that. "Hallye….."

"NO, don't you dare even start! I know what going on Niallan has told me everything from you wishing away Toby up until all this resents crap. From what I know ever since you beat Jareth and left he's been miserable."

"Him, no he's been enjoying screwing with my head ever since I left. He is damn set on revenge for me beating him!"

"Ever since you left? Sarah he only started with his "tricks" for about a month now. Whatever has been going on with you before that it wasn't him."

"All the dreams, it had to be him!"

Hallye's hand flew to cover her mouth and stifled a scream. "You're in love with him! Sarah Williams you're in love with the goblin king!"

"What no, no, no I am not in love with him!"

"And your in denial!"

"Damn it I am not! How could I love that selfish, pigheaded, arrogant, stuck up, jerk? I'm not that's how!"

"Oh, you got it super bad!" She giggled. "Just as bad as he does."

"I do….What do you mean just as bad as he does?"

"Sarah, are you really that blind?" She waited for a answer. "Well I guess you are. You and Jareth got it so bad for each other its not even funny."

"Your so not telling me what I think your telling me."

"Your and love with the goblin king and viscera. Gods why do you think Niallan wanted you to get married huh?"

"No, no, no this can't be!" Sarah shook her head.

"Sarah, hun what would be so wrong with it? Just accept your feeling already you love the damn man and your going to marry him. Why aren't you happy?"

"How can I be in love with my worst enemy?"

"You're not; you're in love with your fiancé."

That was the last thing Sarah heard before everything went black.

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