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Colonel Caldwell wasn't calling to retrieve Sheppard for a dire mission, he was actually calling to confirm the approval for Ronan Dex's scheduled departure. Or rather, a much needed holiday to California.

Since Ronan had once travelled to Earth before, it was easier to give him clearance through Stargate Command. Now that the ball was rolling, Ronan was on his way to enjoy fun in the sun for a week.

At approximately 0900, Henry Spencer, John Sheppard, and Ronan were sitting in a pub, watching a game. Just the three of them. John and Henry were quietly sipping a lager, while Ronan was on his fourth Guinness. Fourth and counting.

He gruffly sat down the empty pint glass. "This black drink is pretty damn good."

John laughed, "I knew you'd like it."

Since picking him up from the airport, Henry had been analyzing the massive he-man that was Ronan Dex. Shawn had sung his praises for several months, though Henry wasn't even entirely too sure where Shawn had met him in the first place.

"That's classified," is all he'd receive for an answer, of course. Even from Gus. And he could usually crack Gus like a book.

Henry watched Ronan order his fifth stout. Secretly, he was happy to have not one, but two guys to actually go have a beer with. Getting Shawn anywhere near a place that served alcohol was like pulling teeth. And then some. Plus he needed to strike while the iron was hot. So far Gus and Shawn had plans for Ronan and John: Disneyland, laser tag and Hunger Games in the IMAX, among many other things. Henry would rather gouge his eyes out.

"So... where are you from again?"

"Far away," John and Ronan said, both simultaneously.

"Far away. Right."

John grinned. "Ok. He's from Hawaii."

"Where's Hawaii?" Ronan asked, ruining everything.

Some guy strolled past Ronan, skirting him as if the dreaded man was a caged animal ready to attack. He certainly was imposing, and he definitely drew a crowd. Since leaving the airport, Ronan had received odd glances from any and all men, and admiring stares from the female population. Literally anything in a skirt. Speaking of which, some blonde walked up, handed over her phone number and walked back to her group of girlfriends, giggling like a teenager.

John narrowed his eyes at his friend. "I hate you."

Ronan rolled his eyes at the series of digits. "Like this does me any good..."

"No phones in Hawaii?" Henry asked, snark lacing his words. Naturally.

Speaking of phones, Henry's buzzed.

"It's Shawn. This probably isn't good." His son was currently on a trip with SBPD, investigating a missing prize winning Dachshund. He was apparently using his best pet-psychic skills. Which meant woo-ing Juliet with his mysterious skill-set, but all the while aggravating Lassiter to no end.

He hung up the phone after a brief call. "Gus and Shawn are stranded in the middle of the forest with a dead battery. Apparently Lassiter left them there on purpose."

Ronan laughed while half-listening, half-watching the flat screen TV showing an Australian rugby game.

"Great. We have to go get them?"

"I guess."

John turned to Ronan. "Wanna go watch Shawn in action?"

Ronan frowned at the half-empty beer. "I guess."

After grudgingly paying the tab, Henry was the first out the door. But Ronan was stuck staring at the TV. John followed his gaze up and saw that a commercial for Wormhole X-Treme was being shown.

"Sheppard. What. The. Hell..."

John nodded. "Yeah, we got a lot to catch up on. Thankfully it's a long drive to the forest."


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