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Alone in the Apartment.

A month after the failed attempt at Third Impact Asuka finally came out of her coma and moved back in with Misato and Shinji. Two years later things were pretty much back to the way they were, only Asuka's behaviour had changed significantly. Since her Eva was too far damaged to be repaired she no longer had her piloting skills to fall back on and fell into a state of depression. Misato's attempts at cheering the girl up ended in getting her more depressed. Most nights she and Shinji would stand in the hallway outside Asuka's room listening to her cry herself to sleep. Shinji not being able to see his friend and housemate suffer decided to try something that would result in major bodily harm and hopefully get Asuka back to her old self. One boring Saturday morning Shinji was sitting at the table eating his toast when Asuka came trudging into the kitchen in a very nice little spaghetti strap dress, walking up to the bench to find her breakfast with her back to the boy. Everything going according to plan Shinji grabbed the hem of her dress and threw it up showing off her black lace panties, followed by a quick slap to her backside. Getting up from the table Shinji prepared himself for any physical assault she was likely to dish out for his antics. When he felt no pain he opened his eyes to find Asuka gone and the TV in the living room blaring, her breakfast gone as well. After cleaning the dishes Shinji took a seat on the couch next to Asuka but she didn't look at him or acknowledge his presents.

"Asuka, I'm sorry about what I did before in the kitchen. I was just trying to help get out of your depression, I can't stand to see you all sad like this," Shinji said, looking away when he couldn't stand looking at her blank expression.

"Did you like what you saw?" she asked, her voice as blank as her expression.


"Did you like my lace panties?" she asked again looking at him with downcast eyes.

"Well... Uh... I guess... they made your backside look sexy, Asuka," he answered nervously, blushing like crazy.

"I've never told you this Shinji but, you're cute when you're blushing," she said placing a hand over his. "Would you like me to take my dress off?"

'I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away,' he repeated in his head. "I don't mind at all Asuka,"

Sliding off the couch Asuka slid her dress straps off her shoulders allowing the dress to puddle at her feet. He was right, those black lace panties did make her backside look sexy. Flopping back onto the couch Asuka crawled over to Shinji who was blushing like crazy and planted her lips on his. Taking his hands she placed them on her breasts encouraging him massage them while quickly placing her hands on his shoulder. Slipping her tongue into his mouth she mentally smiled as one of his hands circled around her back to unclasp her bra and throw it on the floor allowing him to roll her hardened nipples between his fingers causing her to moan into the kiss. While his hands focused on her breasts Asuka slid one hand over his chest down to his pants, stopping on the large bulge indicating his arousal. Breaking the kiss her lips made their way along his jaw and to his neck where she started attacking his ear making him groan and release her nipples so he could wrap his arms around her back, caressing the smooth flesh on back. Of course her whole body was smooth to touch.

"Do I arouse you Shinji?" she asked seductively in his ear.

"Yes," he groaned as her hand continued to rub his growing bulge.

"Is it because I'm topless?" came her next question while she removed his shirt. "Why do I arouse you?"

"Because you're the amazingly beautiful woman I love so much," he hissed as she sucked on his earlobe. "And I want to show just how much I love you if you'll let me,"

"Maybe later," she replied, leaning back to give him a full view of her breasts. "Right now there's something I want to do for you, so just lean back and relax,"

Grabbing his shorts and boxers she managed to relieve him of them leaving him stark naked with a 6 inch erection standing at attention. Lowering her mouth to his member she slowly ran her tongue from the tip down to the base making him suck in a sharp breath while she gently rolled his testicles in her hand. Licking her way back to the tip Asuka looked up to see eye clenched. Smirking she decided to end his torture by taking his whole length in her hot wet mouth, enjoying the gasping sounds that escaped his mouth as she licked and sucked him over and over. After a while he threw his head back and shouted her name as his hot sticky load exploded in her mouth, some even escaped her mouth and trickled back down his member. Swallowing what she could she quickly cleaned him up before removing her panties and positioning herself over his mouth.

"It's your turn to please me Shinji," she said pressing herself against his mouth, feeling ripples of pleasure as he kissed her wet core. "Now lick baka,"

Having been forced to watch more than a few adult videos at Touji's place with Kensuke, Shinji inadvertently picked up a few tricks at how to give a girl a good lick job. While firmly holding her legs Shinji's tongue parted her soft folds like a flower searching for the hard numb of her desire. With each lick Asuka gave a deep moan, begging him to go faster, whimpering as he teased her. Finding her jewel Shinji lashed at it softly with his lips, sucking and licking it making her arch her back releasing into his mouth with a shrill screech. Cleaning her juices he gave her the same treatment three times before she moved off his mouth to slump on the couch next to him panting for air.

"Where... where did you learn that?" she asked resting her head into his shoulder.

"That's one of the perks of being friends with perverts like Touji and Kensuke. They have access to certain videos we can only watch after we turn eighteen," he answered, running his fingers through her silken red hair. (A/N: I don't know how old you have to be to watch porn in Japan.)

"I knew you were a perverted little Baka. See if you can borrow a couple videos from them," she suggested, straddling his waist. Positioning herself over his erection. "Don't worry, I've been taking the pill for months now,"

"I'm just worried it'll hurt," he said flipping over so he was on top. "Ready?"

Nodding she pulling him down to her lips as he gave a strong push, breaking through her barrier. Her scream of pain and pleasure muffled by his lips sealing hers. Parting from her lips Shinji kissed away her tears waiting for her to adjust to him being inside her. Moving her hips a little Asuka found the pain slowly receding as he drew his hips back almost pulling out only to surge forward. Loud moaning filled the apartment as Shinji thrust in and out at a steady rate getting faster just to hear Asuka moaning his name increasing his pace to the point where he was pounding her like a jackhammer.

"Don't hold back Asuka. I want to hear you scream from the pleasure I'm giving you," he panted in her ear, thrusting harder and faster feeling his own release drawing close.

Throwing her head back Asuka screamed as her release ripped through her body followed by Shinji a few seconds later, groaning her name as her inner muscles closed around him. Dropping his head into the crook of her shoulder Shinji breathed in her scent of apples and cinnamon while they tried catching their breath, wrapping their arms securely around each other. Neither one willing to let the other go.

"Shinji, I'm sorry it took me so long to realise this, I love you so much," Asuka breathed into his shoulder.

"I love you too Asuka and I didn't mind waiting, but don't you think we should get dressed or something? Misato will be home any minute now," he replied pulling out of her.

"I got a better idea. Let's just forget what she might think, I don't feel like putting my clothes back on just yet," she retorted running her fingers across his chest.

"Your skin is so soft Asuka," Shinji said nuzzling her neck. "You are so beautiful my fiery goddess,"

"Flattery will get you may things my sweet handsome baka," she giggled.

After a few minutes of nearly uncontrolled laughter Shinji and Asuka laid back on the couch in each other's embrace letting their hands and fingers roam each other's bodies. Laying her head on his chest Asuka soon fell asleep listening to the rhythmic beating of his heart, only her steady breaths and lack of caressing his arm gave any indication of her fall into unconsciousness. Feeling tired from his first lovemaking Shinji following his beloved's example quickly dozed off, bad dreams unable to penetrate their minds. An hour later a grumpy Misato trudged into the apartment after spending the night shift at Nerv hoping to hear some sort of commotion coming from Asuka, or at least something to let her know there were people actually living here. Not just two depressed ex-Evangelion pilots. Their bedroom doors were open, their shoes were still at the front door and the kitchen was spotless thanks to Shinji's cleaning, but no teenagers. Walking into the living room Misato nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw Shinji and Asuka lying on the couch in each other's embrace and completely naked, their clothes littering the floor. When she got a good look at the smile on Asuka's face Misato realised they did have sex and confessed their love, she didn't have the heart to disturb them.

'At least things won't be depressing around here anymore,' she thought, taking her leave to her room to change out of her uniform. 'Now where the hell did I put my vibrator?'

Consciousness seeped into Shinji's mind bringing him out of his peaceful slumber. The feel of two fingers running over his chest followed by soft kisses on his skin informed him that Asuka had woken before him and was rubbing herself against him. Mentally smirking he cracked open an eye to be greeted with fiery red silk curtain slowly making it's way up to his face. Quickly closing his eye again Shinji waited for the right moment when Asuka's mouth was hovering over his to place a hand at the back of her head and bring her lips down to his. Her gasp of surprise allowed him to slide his tongue into her mouth to mingle with hers while wrapping his free arm around her waist, holding her against him until she when limp in his embrace. Releasing her so she could breath Shinji cupped her face and ran his thumb over her cheek, looking into her eyes proudly.

"This is something I'd like to wake up to every morning. A beautiful goddess to look at when I open my eyes," Shinji smiled placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Did you learn that from watching porno with those other stooges?" Asuka asked breathlessly laying her head under his chin.

"Read it in a romance novel and I was serious about wanting to wake up every morning knowing I'll get to see you when I open my eyes," Shinji answered caressing the smooth skin on her back.

"That's such a romantic thing to say Shinji and you won't get any argument from me on the subject," Asuka replied feeling something poking her stomach. "I see you're aroused again my handsome baka. Care to give me some backdoor attention?"

"You get to be on top this time," Shinji smirked having seen this many times with Touji and Kensuke.

Straddling his waist Asuka slowly eased herself onto his member, wincing slightly as she felt her ass stretching to accommodate him. Shinji saw this and leaned forward to take a pink nipple into his mouth, rolling it between his teeth with his tongue making her moan and wrap her arms around his head. Continuing his assault on her breast Asuka rolled her hips feeling the pain replaced by pleasure as he switch to her other nipple. Pushing him away from her breasts Asuka made him lay back against the couch as she slowly moved up and down on his member. Her quiet moans filled the air as she picked up her pace slightly and soon felt Shinji's hands massaging her breasts just like when they were kissing earlier.

"Shinji, I want you to fuck me like this doggie style," Asuka groaned lifting herself off him, rolling onto the floor. "Fuck me Shinji. Fuck me hard,"

Grabbing a cushion off the couch Asuka assumed the position waiting for Shinji to enter her ass again. She winced slightly again as he slid his member up her butt and began pounding her at a fast pace, her moans muffled by the cushion she buried her face in. It didn't take very long for her to cum but Shinji just kept pounding her just like she wanted, hard and fast. She came twice more before he announced his impending orgasm which hit after Asuka's fourth. With a final thrust Shinji gave a loud groan shooting his load up her butt. Gathering her up in his arms Shinji held her in a tight embrace.

"I love you Asuka," Shinji said nuzzling her neck.

"Same goes for me Shinji, I love you too," Asuka replied wrapping her arms around his neck. "Now I really want to take it up the butt more often,"

"I think that can be done my lovely goddess, but there's is nice little café I know of that serves German food. So I why don't we get cleaned up before we go out for lunch," Shinji suggested grabbing her discarded panties off the floor. "Can you go bra-less in that sundress?"

"Anything for you, my handsome baka," Asuka replied reaching for his boxers.

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