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This story is the second draft... I decided to rework it and hopefully improve it greatly. I do not promise to finish this or update it on a regular basis. Also there is no promise that it will be any good at all. This is not going to strictly follow the movie and I apologize if any character seems a bit OOC- let's just consider them ALL dynamic characters, eh?
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Summary: Tristian and Sean are twins and are very close, like best friends, until Tokyo... then their relationship starts to fall apart.
Pairings: HanOFC - Slight NeelaSean and ReikoEarl.

Chapter One

Sean and Tristian were five when their father left. They rarely heard from him and saw him even less. There was one point when they were eleven when their father tried to honestly work his way back into their lives. He stayed around for seven months before he disappeared again. All they knew for sure was that he was stationed in Tokyo, with the Navy.

Not long after their father left the second time Sean became very troublesome. He would get into trouble for one reason or another. Then they would have to move. Sean eventually got really into cars. He would race once in a while. The racing became a very common reason for the trouble that caused them to move around so much.

Tristian never got interested in cars beyond them looking good or not. Sean took care of the "under the hood" aspects. They were close, Sean and Tristian. It didn't make much difference that they were a boy and a girl and quite different in many ways. They were there for each other through everything and they knew that's how it would always be. They couldn't abandon each other, ever. They'd always be brother and sister; always twins.

Moving around so much made it hard to make new friends or keep old ones. It got harder and harder to even want to try to form some attachment to anyone. Sean thought Tristian should try harder, just to have somebody to see a movie with once in a while or just something to get out of the house. Sure, she tagged along to watch him race once in a while, but the past few moves she had not even bothered to befriend anybody beyond a friendly nod or "hey" if she saw somebody at the local store.

Sean did not think it was good for her. He needed to start being more careful about what he did. It wasn't fair to her or their mother to keep uprooting and starting over every time he screwed up. It wasn't always the racing, but it had become a huge part of him. It was something he has control on. Racing was something he felt he could depend on, no matter where he went there was always a racing family that welcomed him in. But they were also distant, and that's what Sean knew best—the push and pull of bonds. Except with Tristian, he really could count on her.

Sometimes he had honestly thought of just walking out. Maybe that would be better for Trist and mom, he thought. They wouldn't have to put up with his crap anymore. Then he would think of his dad, walking out... Sean just couldn't hurt his sister and mom like that; he couldn't be like his dad.

There was, however, one secret Tristian keep from Sean. From age eleven to fifteen Tristian had wrote their father. Usually she would only write once a month. She'd send him birthday and Christmas cards. He never replied. Two months after turning fifteen, Tristian had decided it was best to just finally let the man go. Sean was the only male she needed support from, 'cause he'd always been the one by her side. It'd been over two years since then...

Tristian stood watching her brother work on a car in their last class of the day. Tristian was honest about not knowing a thing about cars and that was why she was glad the teacher slept and Sean did all of the work. She got credit for just watching all the other stupid people in the class- not to mention Sean made funny faces while he worked!

"You know, I hate it when you make those darn faces. It's funny... but it's weird, too!" Tristian told her brother as he was twisting something with a wrench or whatever.

"Whatever, Tristy. I ain't got to worry about what you think of my face. You're just my sister. If you don't like it then don't watch!" Sean said mockingly.

"I might learn something though, bro- can't pass that up now can I?"

"Sarcasm doesn't suit you!"

"Well I am surprised that you'd even know what sarcasm is." Tristian smirked.

"Hmph!" Sean walked away from Tristian as he noticed some boys dragging another guy into the connecting room. Tristian didn't like when Sean would just drop their conversations. However, she was completely used to it. Sean looked into the room and obviously didn't see anything really bad because he didn't do anything to stop it. On the other hand it was always best not to get into other people's business.

About that time the bell rang. Sean cleaned up a little and Tristian got her purse.

Sean and Tristian walked out to his car. Tristian was already inside by the time Sean opened his door, because she always walked a little faster than him. Sean was never in a hurry to get home and Tristian just wanted to get away from school. Sean was talking to Clay's girlfriend, Cindy. Tristian could only roll her eyes over it. Sean was a sucker for pretty girls- even if they were crazy, blonde, and worthless.

Sean finally got into the car after utterly insulting Clay. Seconds later Tristian and Sean were out of the car and very angry because Clay broke the back window.

"What the heck, Clay? You have serious issues!" Tristian said but was ignored. Clay and Sean were going on about racing to prove something- suddenly it was settled that if Sean won he got to date Cindy. If Clay won then he wanted to take Tristian out. Needless to say that Tristian was pissed off over that. Cindy didn't seem to mind.

"Excuse me? No effing way am I a reward! Take me out of the darn deal! Just race for Cindy, got it?" Tristian got a clear nod from Clay before she got back into the car and crossed her arms.

"Sis, I don't want you in this car with me!" Sean told her.

"Yeah, do you want me to stand all by myself or to ride in that stupid truck with Clay's buddies? Better yet why don't you have me ride with Clay himself... since you're so willing to use me as a tool?" Tristian nearly yelled half of it. Nevertheless she ended up riding in Sean's car with him. Sean, sort of, won... but he did wreck. Clay was rather angry.

Clay, Cindy, Sean and Tristian ended up sitting at a police station. Sean's mouth was nasty. Tristian had a few scraps and bruises on her arms. One cut on her right arm, close to her wrist, was stitched and would probably scar. The thought didn't bother her too much.

Tristian didn't mind sitting with her brother, but hated sitting with the enemies, while waiting to talk with the cops or whoever. She sighed as she noticed Sean smile a nasty-toothed smile at Cindy and he even winked at her. Cindy didn't seem so into this now, which made Tristian a little happy.

"Sean, that's gross. Your teeth are all bloody and stuff. Plus forget about that girl... we'll probably be moving again soon enough anyway." Sean looked at Tristian knowingly. He knew they'd move because that was how it always went.

Sean went to talk to the case worker alone. Tristian wasn't the one driving so most of the blame would be on Sean, though Tristan would still get in trouble for being there and not stopping it. Tristian was sitting with Cindy and Clay when their parents showed up and took them away. It was clear that the wealthy really did manage to get away with a lot more than they should. Everything was as much Clay's fault and it was Sean's. Tristian really wanted to blame it all on Cindy, though, for being such a ho.

Personally Tristian didn't understand why Sean even raced to date that girl. Sure she was pretty, but that's about all she really had going for herself. All-in-all, though, she was smart enough to see that Sean did run through that house- which made things a lot worse on him. Darn Clay's friends for recording it all, too!

Once Ms. Boswell arrived things seemed to move along a lot more quickly. She went in and talked to the case worker while Sean waited in the hallway with his sister.

Tristian didn't hate her mother, but they weren't close. Tristian really disliked moving every time Sean got into trouble. She never actually voiced this to Sean or her mother, because she knew it bothered her mother too, and it would not make much or a difference. After Tristian turned fifteen and had given up on her father, Lieutenant Boswell, he was not to be talked about around her. Tristian had admired her father in a lot of ways- until he'd left them the second time. She had slowly grown to despise him.

Tristian sighed and glanced up from the floor and across the hall to Sean. He looked worried and slightly upset.

"So, what's up?" Tristian questioned, getting sick of staring at her currently silent brother.

Tristian was four inches shorter than Sean, making her 5'6" and him 5'10". His hair was dark brown but Tristian's hair was just a bit lighter. Sean's eyes were dark blue and Tristian's were more of a forest green. She wasn't super skinny either and she liked herself just the way she was. Being a size 16 had its advantages anyway. Over all Tristian was very pretty. Her face was oval shaped and looked quite well with her mid-back length wavy hair.

"They crushed my car!" Sean finally answered back. Tristian's eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

"Wow! You must be pretty darn pissed?"

"No kidding! I am in way over my head this time."

"I'd say. You trashed a lot of property. You broke a house. It just sucks that Cindy and Clay get off like they never did a darn thing. It ain't really fair if you ask me!"

"I know it ain't fair. It never is!" Yet another difference. Sean had a heavy Southern accent. Tristian had a Southern accent herself but it was nowhere near as thick as Sean's.

Ms. Boswell came out, finally, and she just got to the point that all of them wouldn't be moving.

"HUH?" Tristian blurted out. "We're not moving? This is the worse trouble Sean's gotten into. What are you going to do, Mom, let them send him off to jail or something?"

"No..." Ms. Boswell sighed. "He's going to Tokyo to live with Lieutenant Boswell."

"Are you kidding? DAD?" Sean was furious.

"I am not jokin..."

"Mom," Tristian cut her mother off, "I will be going too, then."

"But, Tristian, the cops aren't even doing anything to you!" Their mother said.

"I don't see why not. I was there. I didn't stop it. Besides, Mom, Sean is my twin and I am not under any circumstances letting him go off to Tokyo without me."

"I thought you didn't want to live with your dad or even be around him?"

"I'll manage! I just have to. I cannot let Sean go here alone!"

Ms. Boswell sighed and gave a defeated look. Sean smirked at his sister. He wouldn't want to go anywhere without her, either. Not that far away, anyhow.

"Looks like you're finally going to Japan- even though you have to live with the very person you don't want to ever see again!" Sean said as they all headed home.

"Ah, I'd put up with living with him just to stay by my big bro's side. Besides, as you mentioned, I've always wanted to go to Tokyo!"

"Gee, Trist, I am only older by 28 minutes. Nothing to make a big deal about!"

"Sure, sure!" Tristian and Sean laughed! "At least I really don't make a big deal about it. Some twins do."

"It wouldn't make no difference if you did complain anyway!"

"Exactly." Tristian sighed. Sean knew her best, after all.


Updated this some. It's been a while since I typed it all… I added just a bit, but it's basically the same. I am doing this as a way to re-fresh my brain and get back into the plot and characters.