Author's Note: I abandoned this story for years, although I did not forget it. I thought I had taken it down. I knew I wouldn't have consistent internet access for a while and I didn't want to be one of those author's who leave their fans hanging and never return... I may have lost many of my original readers, I do not know... but I gained new ones. I am glad I am finally finishing this story for everybody. I hope you have enjoyed it and that you will not be disappointed by the ending.

Chapter 23

About a month later, after the Yakuza left...

Sean and his friends were all at the usual hangout, checking out cars, chilling. Twink was seeling his massive amounts of stuff.

Sean was hanging with Neela, and Tristian was just happy to see everybody else happy.

Tonight was going to be very revealing for everybody. First, she found some of Han's old friends. Some guy named Dom and his family. Han seemed rather fond of them, and it only seemed right that they would also be there for the knowledge they would all get to receive.

Han kept tryint to back out. He was afraid of how mad everybody would be. Earl and Reiko knowing the secret helped... and they all convinced him that everybody might be mad at first, but in the end they would much rather him be alive and having some master plan, than they would want him to actually be dead.

First, a race had to happen. A meeting of the two families...

Tristian was waiting, and waiting- until, finally she heard Twink calling for Sean.

"Hey, yo, Sean!" Twink called.

"Yo, Sean!" He called again, finally getting Sean's attention.

"Hey, check this out man," Twink said, "This dude over here wanna race the new DK."

Sean smirked as if to say, "Are you serious?"

Twink went on to say, "Heard he's been beating everybody around Asia, too."

"Not tonight Twinkie," Sean answered, looking back over to Neela.

Twink frowned, "Said he knew Han."

Neela and Sean both looked at Twink, so Twink continued, "Said Han was family."

Neela gave Sean an encouraging smile and Sean smiled saying, "All right. Let's race."

Tristian was excited... everything was coming together. She was rather nervous about how things would turn out, though.

Sean pulled his car around beside the new guy.

They exhanged some words, undoubtedly about Han... and then the race began.


As the night wore down, Sean and his friends found themselves sitting around at Han's garage sharing stories with Dom, Brian, Letty, and Mia.

"Wow, you knocked over a huge bus carrying that many prisioners and none of them escaped but Dom?" Earl asked, laughing.

"Yes, you can Google it if you'd like." Dom said, grinning.

"Oh, you're serious?" Earl stopped laughing, 'causing the others to laugh at him.

Reiko shook her head and handed Earl and IPod, opened to articles about what the others had just been talking about.

"That's wicked!" Earl delightedly said, as he read.

"So, Sean, you took over Han's garage?"

"Yea, fixed her up and got her filled back up with cars. Just how Han liked it to be."

"I hear ya, man."


"Come on, Han. I won't keep this a secret forever. It's too much, let's just get it over with." Tristian said to him as they sat in his old room. All his normal stuff was still here. The police only took the cars away.

Han shook his head, nervous.

"Come on! I'll never be able to drive my car out in public if you stay secret! It's not fair to me! What a wasted birthday gift," she whinned.

"Seriously?" Han asked and Tristian laughed.

"No. I just want you to tell them so they can hurry up and get over their anger and stuff and we can all be happy again."

"I am happy, Tris, I have you."

She glared at him.

"You know what I mean, Han! All of us, happy- together. One big, crazy, choatic family."

Han sighed, finally nodding.

Tristian led the way. She came out to the group, still chatting away about random things, not just Han. They all really seemed to get along really well, which was nice.

Han stayed back, unseen for now as Tristian made her presence known. Earlier she had not gotten to meet Dom or any of the others, so they all gave her a once over, and maybe twice...

"Is this Tristian?" Letty asked Sean.

"Yes, that's me," Tristian interjected as Sean was about to answer.

"Han told us about you..." Mia said, softly.

"Yeah," Brian voiced," He had a really rough go with things over and over, but when he met you he said he was pretty sure something really solid and true had come into his life. Something worth really fighting for."

"Like we have," Dom said, gesturing to him family.

"Money and all that is just for play, usally... we like to help people out when we can. But at the end of the day our family is the most important thing," Letty said, smiling at Dom.

"Yes, I know. I feel the same way. I contacted you all, as you may well remember?"

"Yea, we just hadn't actually met you," Letty replied.

"I hoped, since we were all random bits of Han's family we could all come together and make an even bigger family..."

Brian, Letty, Dom, and Mia all tensed some.

Dom opened his mouth to say something, but Tristian stopped him.

"I know, don't even say anything... You've already lost so many family members, but sometimes when we think somebody is lost to us, we find out we are wrong," she gestured to Letty. "Sometimes people are just still with us in spirit, in our hearts- and other times they are literally still with us, but with distance between or in hiding. It might be hard for you all to accept new people into your lives, but you should. You won't be replacing anybody you used to know. You'll be telling us stories about who you lost and we can tell you stories to. That helps the people live on..."

Everybody looked towards he strangely.

"I have a really important secret I have been keeping, for certain purposes- and now, I want everything out in the open. We have greived and been sad and this shows that we care, and we may be angry also, but in the end we love one another... and sometimes, even if the idea seems ridicilous and uncalled for, it sets in motion other events. Events that happened that ended well, and as such..." Tristian motioned for Han to come forward, and all eyes traveled to the corner, where Han walked out of hiding.

"Han?" several voiced called in unison.


Han explained everything about his plan... and then Sean punched him... and Dom. Letty and Mia hugged him, and told him they'd slap him later once he healed some. Then Sean came back and hugged Han. Dom just patted him on the back.

There was some anger for a while. But, as Tristian had told Han, they were mush more glad to have him alive, than they were that he had let them all think we was dead for a few months.

Tristian stood back and admired her family, new and old, smiling... There was no place like Tokyo, no place like family.