Naru HiME: The Death and Birth of Legends

Arashi Kazama sighed as he looked out the tower window in his office towards the ever growing red glow on the horizon. He sighed again as he thought of how it all began.

It all began on that day, the day that the Kyubi No Kitsune attacked the Hidden Village of Konoha. Nobody knew how the Kyubi awakened or why it was attacking Konoha specifically, all they knew was that they needed to stop it, they needed to fight back, and so they did. The Yondaime gave orders to just hold back the beast until he got there with a plan to defeat it.

It was a terrible battle and many lives were lost, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, whole families, they were all destroyed. But the ninja of Konoha didn't give up, knowing that if they did, all would be lost, though hope was slowly slipping away.

There were many attempts to stop the fox and some nearly succeeded only to be stopped by the foxes near limitless and highly potent power, not to mention its unbelievable regeneration powers. The Hyuga had their Oufans distract the Kyubi while they attempted to seal the tenketsu points in it body in to weaken it enough to kill but it reopened them by forcing them back open.

The Akimichi with their Oufans used their techniques to try and over power the beast through sheer physical force, but the Kyubi again defeated them through use of its chakra and demonic ninjutsu. The Aburame along with their Oufans to help them tried using all of their Kikai Bugs to suck the Kyubi dry but they were sated as soon as they touched the beast so they were virtually ineffective.

The Uchiha clan with their famous doujutsu the Sharingan attempted to use a mass clan genjutsu in an effort to confuse the beast. So much so that it was to be unable to use its power so easily but again their plan was foiled by the fact that the Kyubi was anything but stupid and merely flared its chakra so much that it temporarily blinded the Sharingan users. It was only due to their Oufans that so many were saved.

Arashi chuckled sadly as he thought about where they would all be if it wasn't for the Oufans. Those partially sentient, very strong and mysterious creatures had only been on their planet for nigh of a thousand years. They had in fact only been their ninja partners for seven centuries. Legends say that when the Oufans had first shown up on their planet, they were blood thirsty creatures, and it had been highly fortunate that they didn't breed like humans. That had changed when seven hundred years ago an unknown ninja had somehow managed to tame a small herd of Oufans and trained them to help him battle opponents from other villages, his village became very powerful and eventually more villages learned how to tame the Oufans until such a time it just became a fact of life that Oufan's were partners of the ninja, the villages that did this eventually came to be known as the five hidden villages of the elemental countries. The relationship between a ninja and his Oufan was very much like the relationship of an Inuzuka ninja and his Nin-dog. Oufans came in all different shapes and sizes and abilities that it was very difficult to characterize them. However there were limits to who could have an Oufan partner and the main rule was that you have to be at least high Chuunin to low Jounin, as it was a fact that sometimes the Oufans could be little difficult to control and they sometimes manage to kill their partner in anger, though this of course only happened very rarely.

Arashi was suddenly distracted from his thoughts when a ninja messenger appeared behind him and knelt on the ground, bloodied and apparently very exhausted.

"Yondaime-sama…. Kyubi…. too powerful…. can't stop…. many dead…. many wounded…. can't last…. much longer" panted the ninja ('Shinji' if Arashi remembered correctly) forcing the message between pants until Arashi laid a hand on the ninja shoulder causing him look up.

Arashi smiled a little "Calm down Shinji, catch your breath first then give me the report" he reassured the exhausted Nin keeping a steadying hand on his shoulder. Shinji just nodded in thanks and concentrated on get his breathing back under control.

When he was finally calm enough, he shrugged the hand off and slowly stood up at attention and gave a salute to which Arashi replied with another salute before barking out

"Report!" which caused the Shinji to salute again, before giving the report in a more understandable form.

"Sir, I have just returned from the front lines sir, it isn't going well sir, one third of our forces are MIA presumed dead, another third is injured and the hospital is swamped with the evacuees, which only leaves the last third in battle ready condition, though they too are exhausted and the Kyubi continues to advance. It is expected that the beast will reach the village walls in another twenty minutes" Shinji continued to wait at attention expecting to be getting another message to take back the front lines and he wasn't be disappointed.

Arashi frowned at the message, there apparently wasn't much more time available when he suddenly caught movement in the corner of his eye and turned to look at it. He saw the door to his study open to see the former Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi standing there. Arashi looked at him silently asking if it was done.

Sarutobi caught the unasked question and merely nodded in return to which Arashi nodded and turned his attention to the messenger "Chuunin Shinji Karatik"

Shinji stood at attention awaiting the message he was to take back to the front lines.

"You are to return back to the front lines with this message 'Hold out for five more minutes, at which time I will come to defeat the Kyubi myself"

Arashi couldn't help but wince a little at the look of sudden hope that blossomed in the young mans eyes when he heard that and Shinji saluted his Hokage much more enthusiastically than before and saying "Yes Sir, Yondaime-sama!" before jumping out the window with a renewed level of energy that could only come with a sense of hope.

Arashi watch the ninja leave for a few seconds before turning back to address Sarutobi.

"Is it done?" Arashi asked as he strode past the former Hokage into his study where he looked down onto his desk. Where a young girl, barely over four hours old, was gently sleeping in her cradle covered with various different seals which Sarutobi had carefully inscribed on her body with special chakra imbued ink designed for seals.

Arashi's eyes were inexorably drawn to a red, comet shaped mark on her upper chest, a sort of birth mark, if he concentrated he could feel a vast power laying dormant in her body and the birth mark was connected to it. Arashi finally succumbed to his desires and allowed himself to gently stroke the yellow fuzz on his daughter's small and fragile head.

"It is done" Sarutobi affirmed before watching with a sad face as Arashi picked up the precious bundle into his arms and started to gently rock his young baby girl. The young girl woke up with a start before turning to look at the man above her. He looked into her eyes, those intensely blue and purple eyes that shone with an innocence and instinctive trust that only a young child could show, though she surprised him a little, for although she was so young and innocent her gaze was quite strong and piecing much an adults. It bespoke of a strong will, much like his own which made Arashi smile proudly as only a father could. The child yawned and smiled sleepily before snuggling closer to her father and falling back asleep. Sarutobi just smiled, there was already a strong bond between the two, he felt that the two would have been inseparable had they been allowed to continue their relationship together, Father and daughter forever.

Arashi could only smile sadly and remarked "She is so much like her mother, that strong gaze in her purple and blue specked eyes" Arashi silently regretted the decision he was about to make but continued to rock her lest he cause her stress.

Sarutobi couldn't hold it in any longer "Arashi are you absolutely sure that you need to do this, because I could do this as well, think of your daughter, if we go through this she will need you more than any daughter has needed her father before, the villagers will not see her as a hero but the demon itself, Naru should not have to go through that, and what's more, should it really be her specifically? Surely there must be someone else who could do it?"

"No Sarutobi-sama I have made up my mind! I am the Hokage and therefore it is my duty as the Hokage to see this plan through to the end, and it has to be Naru because she is the only one I could trust with this burden, not to mention I couldn't possibly force it upon another family"

Arashi's expression turned pensive "There is something else about her, some sort of…. power I guess I should say, lies dormant in Naru's body, I can feel it, she will grow up to be quite powerful, I can feel it" Arashi looked out the window towards the Kyubi and then turned to look Sarutobi in the eye

"There is something else, I'm not really sure but I don't think that the Kyubi is doing this of its own free will" Sarutobi's head shot up and he barked "Explain!"

Arashi looked out the window "When I went out to watch the Kyubi myself I noticed with my chakra senses that there was an invisible seal on it forehead from which chakra was flowing into its body as if to control its thoughts, actions and appearance"

Arashi looked at Sarutobi with a worried look "I think someone has taken control of it though some unknown means and directed it to attack us"

Sarutobi's expression turned serious "If that is true then this incident has turned a whole lot more serious"

Arashi nodded "Indeed, but unfortunately I can't do anything about it except to defeat the Kyubi and insure the safety of my village".

Arashi and Sarutobi were suddenly brought back into reality when a horrible screech echoed through the air and they were suddenly all business.

"I must go now" Arashi said as he hoisted baby Naru into a more secure grip so that she didn't fall "I left a couple letters on my desk, one is for you and one is my will and the others are for Jiraiya, Hiashi and my personal Anbu Tessai" Arashi paused here and looked at Naru "One is for Naru when you feel that she is ready for it, when she capable of defending herself"

Sarutobi just nodded before saying "I will get there as soon as I can so that I can get Naru before you die so that she doesn't get hurt"

Arashi nodded and turned to the window but then he paused and strode back to stand in front of Sarutobi who looked at him askance, Arashi just presented a hand and said "It was a pleasure serving under you Sandaime-sama, and it was an even greater pleasure being your friend Sarutobi"

Sarutobi smiled and took the proffered hand and gave it a firm shake as between comrades before saying "The pleasure was all mine Arashi, though I find it very disappointing and unfair that you couldn't continue your reign as the Yondaime, I am not looking forward to dusting off my old robes"

Arashi suddenly grimaced "By the way Sarutobi, don't be very surprised if Tessai becomes Naru's personal Anbu of sorts, he is very loyal to the Kazama family, he won't do any missions for her at least until she is a Jounin or anyone else for that matter, but he will help her as much as he can, while still remaining hidden, probably by becoming her intelligence operative, he is very good at find stuff he shouldn't know, hell even I don't know how he gets his information, he was even able to help me keep tabs on Danzo, and you know how private he is"

Sarutobi just nodded before smiling sadly "Thanks for the heads up…. Goodbye Arashi"

Arashi just grinned before making a certain hand seal and disappeared in a flash of golden light.

A few minutes later had one been passing through at the time, they would have seen the saddening sight of a normally powerful man despite his age, sitting in the Hokage's chair, face hiding behind his hands looking very old and worn down and sobbing silently, his body shaking

Arashi appeared again in his famous flash that gave him the name of the Yellow Flash of Konoha, the result of him using his Hirashin no Jutsu much to the joy of his subordinates.

There were various shouts of "Yondaime-sama!" and "We're saved, he'll defeat the Kyubi" Arashi ignored them and strode forward to look at the Kyubi all the while making sure that Naru was safe in his arms.

Arashi took one last look around, spotting various familiar faces around him, all smiling in relief and Arashi once again affirmed his vow to protect them.

Arashi looked down at his daughter and said "Well Naru, lets go get him!" and Arashi began another familiar set of seals which ended with him slamming his hand on the ground while shouting "Gamabunta! Kuchiyose no jutsu!"

There was suddenly a whole lot of smoke in the air and Arashi felt the sensation of going upwards very quickly, and when the smoke cleared one could see that Arashi was now standing on the head of a very large frog that was nearly as large as the Kyubi itself. The Kyubi of course took notice of the new threat and started moving towards the large frog.

The frog underneath him suddenly took a pipe that was in its mouth into its hand and blew a cloud of smoke into the air before speaking in a loud voice "Hey Arashi, why did you summon me and who is that in your arms?"

"This is my new baby daughter Naru, and please speak quietly for now she is still somehow still asleep and as for the reason why you are here, look forward" Arashi spoke a little amused.

Kyubi waved one of its tails which attracted Gamabunta's attention who then nearly choked on his pipe when he saw the Kyubi no Kitsune slowly advancing towards the duo, trio if you included Naru.

"Kyubi!! What is she doing here?" Gamabunta whispered a little apprehensively.

Kyubi is a female? Arashi nearly did a double take when he heard that but managed not to and replied "I don't know, but I am sure that she isn't acting of her own free will"

Gamabunta nodded in agreement "Then you would be correct Arashi, she would not be doing this of her own free will, whatever the circumstances, because unlike the rest of the Biju demons Kyubi is actually quite a kind and honorable demon, how that is possible I don't know, it just is, she must be under the influence of some seal that I don't know of"

Arashi gritted his teeth in anger "So I was right, the Kyubi is innocent, but unfortunately there is no way that I know that can remove such a powerful seal except to remove the soul from the body, and that is what we have to do Gamabunta, I need you to restrain the Kyubi while I…." Arashi sighed regretfully at this part "While I perform the Shiki Fuujin"

Gamabunta shifted a little in order to look at Arashi more clearly "The Shiki Fuujin? Arashi you know what happens when you use that seal"

Arashi sighed "Yes I know the price of this seal Gamabunta, but it is the only way!"

Gamabunta looked at the young girl in his arms "I presume that you are going Naru as the medium to hold Kyubi's soul? Are you sure about this Arashi? The life of a Jinchuriki is anything but easy, considering that most people consider them the demons themselves and they are usually killed by the people out of fear, and even if she does somehow survive it will not be easy for her, everyday will be a struggle for her to live."

"I KNOW GAMABUNTA!!" Arashi shouted but then calmed down "Sorry Gamabunta, but she is the only one I trust to carry this burden, and I can't just ask some other family to sacrifice their child and put the burden on them"

Gamabunta just looked forward saying "No need to apologize Arashi, I understand"

Gamabunta put his pipe back in his mouth and then he grabbed a short sword or dagger from his side and pulled it from the sheath into a ready stance.

"Now then Arashi, let get down to business shall we" Gamabunta said with an anticipatory smirk on his face.

"Yes, let do that Gamabunta" Arashi said with a similar smirk on his face before looking down at Naru, who by now was wide awake and watching everything with wide eyes.

"Hold on tight Naru, things are going to get a little rough" Arashi said with a tight grin to which Naru just blinked incomprehensively.

Gamabunta suddenly spoke up "Hey Arashi if we live through this, I'll promise you now, that I'll help Naru as much as I can, as a favor, from one friend to another"

Arashi was startled, it wasn't very often that a summon, much less Gamabunta promised something like that "But why Gamabunta?"

Gamabunta smirked "Because I've already taken a liking to the kid, because not once has that kid cried since she got here and hasn't shown an ounce of fear, as most other children do when they're in a troublesome situation like this, I feel she will grow up to be quite the powerful Kunoichi even without the Kyubi"

Arashi smiled proudly "Thanks Gamabunta" then he suddenly changed his whole attitude


And with that the battle for survival was on. Gamabunta leaped into action with a large battle cry. He dove quickly at the Kyubi with his dagger poised in front of him like a spear in an effort to stab the demonic vixen who jumped out the way with a cry of "Kitsune Flame bomb!" shooting out a large ball of highly condensed blue flame from her mouth.

Gamabunta in turn evaded Kyubi's counter attack; the attack flew away only to explode a kilometer away in a large explosion which wiped put a large portion of Konoha forest.

Gamabunta repositioned his blade for another attack all the while keeping an eye on the Kitsune's movements "Arashi it is going to get more rough than this I'm afraid, and if your intending to do the seal your going to need both your hands, so give Naru to a Kage Bunshin so that you can fight freely!" he grunted.

Arashi nodded in agreement and made the familiar cross seal and created one Kage Bunshin who immediately took Naru from his master's arms so that Arashi could do his job with out worries.

Gamabunta decided to go for a different approach and sheathed his blade before jumping up into the air and assuming the frog version of a hand seal and shouted "Suiton Teppoudama!" and spat out three large bullets of water at the Kyubi at high speeds.

The Kyubi managed to evade the first two but didn't predict were the other was going to land and got hit in her left flank knocking her too the ground with a startle yelp of pain.

Arashi leaped off Gamabunta's head shouting "My turn!" Arashi ran at the Kyubi at high speeds and managed to get onto the kitsune's flank before it managed to recover. Arashi then ran up the Kyubi's side using chakra to stick to her fur and up onto Kyubi's back where he stabbed a special three pronged kunai into her flesh, which of course the Kyubi barely felt, if at all. Kyubi used one of her tails to try and knock Arashi off but it was far too late. The Yondaime disappeared in flash of yellow light before the tail got close to hitting him and reappeared a hundred meters above the Kitsune's head where he once again put his fingers into the cross seal, but this time instead of just one kage bunshin he summoned a hundred of them and they all disappeared in flash and appeared all over the Kyubi.

"PREPARE YOURSELF KYUBI!!!" all the Arashi's shouted in unison and held their hands too their sides and began to create another of his signature moves. Wisps of chakra started to collect in the cup of their hands, and then more and more chakra appeared and started rotating faster and faster until it seemed all the Arashi's held hurricanes in their hands and then as one they all thrust the destructive ball into the Kyubi's flesh with cry of "RASENGAN!!!!

The Kyubi's body almost seemed to ripple from the multiple shockwaves of all the rasengans used at the same time and Kyubi couldn't help but scream from the extreme and abrupt pain that had suddenly erupted from all over its body, even her insides were screaming.

Arashi couldn't maintain the clones and their rasengans much longer but he felt that he had managed to damage the Kyubi for long enough that he could perform the Shiki Fuujin.

The Arashi's all stopped attacking and all but one disappeared who was standing in front of the Kyubi's eyes. Arashi looked at Gamabunta who had been waiting tensely with Naru and his last clone on his head and shouted "QUICKLY WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME, GAMABUNTA SUMMON TWO MORE TOADS TOO HELP AND RESTRAIN THE KYUBI, CLONE BRING NARU HERE FOR THE SEALING"

Both Gamabunta and the clone obeyed the orders without question knowing that any delay could mean death. While Gamabunta and two of his soldier toads restrained the Kyubi the clone quickly brought Naru to her father.

Arashi quickly took one more look at the seals on Naru's torso, the central Shiki Fuujin, the chakra purification seal, the submission seal to control the Kyubi, plus the multiple chakra flow seals to help Naru control the Kyubi's chakra as easily as possible and the chakra suppression seals to prevent Naru from being flooded with too much chakra, the secondary seal to insure Kyubi's death in case something should happen to Naru, and a special seal that would prevent the seal being altered in any way, such as another seal being added that would block the Kyubi entirely from any hope of helping Naru survive.

Arashi nodded in satisfaction then turned back to the Kyubi before making a special seal sequence. At first nothing happened and then what seemed to be a white clothed Demon with a dagger between his teeth appeared behind him, Arashi looked over his shoulder in apathy, at the being known as the Shinigami 'So this is the Shinigami, heh, pretty human looking, though he looks old as dirt"

Arashi looked down into the angry eyes of the Kyubi emotionlessly and said "Do it"

The Shinigami reached down through Arashi and somehow then grabbed onto its soul but suddenly the seal on the Kyubi started pulsing angrily but the Shinigami wouldn't have it and with a great wrench the soul of the Kyubi no Kitsune was in its hand. Arashi looked at the red glowing orb in awe. It seemed so much more pure than it was before, and it almost seemed as if it was glowing happily, Arashi suddenly heard a grateful voice in his head "Thank you Arashi Kazama, you did well, I am finally free of that thrice cursed seal, I know that I now have to be sealed inside your child, but I will look after her as much as I can, as if she were my own blood, I promise."

Arashi just nodded in thanks before looking at Naru at placing his hand on her belly and with tears of sorrow in his eyes said "I'm so sorry Naru that I can't be there for you, but this must be done, so know I love you very much and I am watching over you always"

Arashi bowed his head and said those three words that ended the life of one of the greatest ninja of the century and jump started the life of one the greatest legends in all history.

"Shiki Fuujin: SEAL!!!"

This is my second Fanfic that I have started writing and hopefully I will be able to do more with this one than the other. I have always been a fan of Naruto and My HiME and I wondered what would happen that instead of just disappearing after the events of My HiME that instead the Childs and their corresponding Elements became separate entities and went out to find a new mistress. Then I thought "If an ordinary human could use the childs and elements so effectively, what could a ninja do? what could a Jinchuriki do? can Chakra be channeled through the elements to do jutsus, are the childs just limited to one or two attacks? I so decided to write this fanfic. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to review all you want.