Hey, sorry about the delay but I have only recently scrounged up enough motivation to start updating again, and there were also a few things I had to think about.

One is the pairing, I just can't get around it I LOVE NARU/SAKU PAIRINGS!!! But I am not comfortable with writing a girl/girl pairing even if I do like them, but being from a Christian background I just don't feel comfortable doing an exclusive Naru chan/Sakura pairing so I have come up with a solution.

I am going to rewrite all my material from a femnaru fic to a normal fic.

Naruto will still have his hime powers as that from my point of view the Hime star forced the elements and childs to pick exclusively female partners after gaining forceful control of them so when they were freed Kagutsuchi decided for a change and picked naruto.

Also this is not going to be an exclusive Naruto/My Hime crossover fic. My imagination is to grandiose and impressive to be limited to only those two (Disregard the superior tone please) I am going give naruto other powers to master and a special ability which will allow me to bring other favorite animes into my fic.

Told you I was going to write an epic fic.

So it wont be to much longer before I update with the new story, here is the description of the new fic I'm writing. I'm still thinking of a title.

Chakra, Youki, Magic, Reiatsu, HIME. The five great dimensional powers will converge onto one being. Many Adventures, Many Worlds, One destiny. May the chronicles of the Jinchuriki Naruto Kazama begin.