Just a little suggestion, go ahead and play some sentimental love song while you read this chapter

Just a little suggestion, go ahead and play some sentimental love song while you read this chapter. Lol!

Sorry this chapter took so long, I'm really too ashamed to try and explain myself anymore.

Chapter 18: To Open one's Heart

A woman fell on her knees in front of Phi and began to cry. She held her child protectively in her arms and continued to cry in spite of herself, she attempted to kiss Phi's boots but he stepped back and picked her up by her shoulders and stood her straight up, so she would not be lower than him.

At another time, this would be immediately rendered as a scene after a harsh sentence was passed over a non-magic user, merciless and unwavering listless to the fact that the woman was a widow and with child.

However, the cit was changing, most people said that it was for the better, a dawn of a new age where equality would flourish, but the few people who said it would bring nothing but downfall to the capital of magic, were to only ones who truly had any voice in Geffen.

"My Prince, my family and I will never be able to repay your kindness," said the woman through her uncontrolled sobs of happiness.

"Good-woman, you don't ever have to." replied Phi as he wore a warm smile on his face, one that the people had never seen worn on a face of a noble, let alone their Prince.

The entire city of Ivoire was in scandal. Rumors of every kind had been erupting from everywhere and at every moment. The intrigue and subtle movements of the nobles had all but faded in the background as everybody openly expressed their opinions in blunt and guileless behavior.

After Sitamun had revealed to Phi the true face of Geffen, about the extremely fine line that separated the social classes of the mage and non-mages, he had began helping the non-magic users in the city. Using money stemming from his own accounts in the Royal Treasury, he had converted the estates he owned in Britonah and Cote d'Azour into shelters for those non-magic users whose lands were seized by the corrupt lords of the magocracy, he had opened a house of learning that accepted even the non-mages. Prince of the People, that was what the citizens had begun calling Phi…It was a scandal unlike anything ever seen in the history of Geffen.

Some noble houses had joined Phi in his pursuit, Dumont, Deblucian, and Facile the only ones included without ulterior motives, but still majority of the magic-users wanted to spit in his face if they could. Phi's father had no apparent reaction for the time being, but Phi did notice that he had not been called to audience since he began helping the non-magic users.

Ilari kept clear of him whenever he helped the non-magic users; it was as if she didn't want to be part of it. Though, he knew that she was proud of what he was doing-she didn't hide her smiles as well as she thought she did, but he also knew that she was scared of what might happen to him, and didn't want to be there if anything bad actually happened-so she kept clear.

At some point she had even told him that it was about time that someone in Geffen tried to change things for the better, but that she also wished that he wasn't that particular someone. Helping the non-magic users was a dangerous business, even for the Prince. Even though he'd be helping many people, he was practically offering his neck under the guillotine, and what would happen to those he helped then? They would have a little taste of false hope, and then have it stripped away from them again. Her concern was apparent, and Phi knew he could ask for no more from her.

Sitamun on the other hand, was his number one supporter or rather she was the source of his sudden change. She was beside him from the start and was quickly gaining the love of the people. She was a princess, and grew up in wealth just like him, but she could relate with the people, she played with the children, she spoke with the women, she didn't treat anybody differently and Phi found himself slowly falling in love with her- if not already.

Phi did realize the impact of the work he was doing, the estates that he had used were meant for him to house in whenever he wished to leave the Tower, which at his last ally counted at zero. Using those two estates, where nobody lived in, he managed to gives homes to people who outnumbered the complete population of the magic-wielding nobles.

The widow offered another kiss on the back of his hand before she finally retreated back to the crowd of people gathered around the area.

There were servants in the white and gold livery of the Tower and the other liveries of the supporting houses, distributing supplies around to the commoners, some had smiles on their faces while other had expressions as if they were sharing their plate with a leper, they did not realize that people like them- magicless- were the ones being helped. Phi didn't pay any heed to the latter ones, as long as they did as they were told, and did not disrespect anybody, then all was fine.

He looked ahead and watched all the people smiling and happy to the point of tears, it brought a smile on his own face. He turned his head and his smile grew wider as his gaze fell on Sitamun. The children had gathered around her and she was telling stories from the desert kingdom.

"So, the great Pharaoh called on the Marduks and they began the ritual. Osiris was still asleep in his bed, oblivious to everything that was happening around him. As the sun finally rose up in the horizon, the ritual was completed and the enchanted bandages rose of from niflheim and began entwining around Osiris."

The children were at the edge of their seats at this point, they had never heard stories of the kind in their life. Stories were about non-magic users were rare in Geffen, and the commoners understood little to nothing about the force that the mages wielded.

"Osiris only had time to wake up and let out the beginnings of his angry roar before the bandages completely bound him from head to toe," continued Sitamun, "Osiris was encased in a Golden sarcophagus and brought to the deepest parts of the pyramid, where he lies trapped until today."

The children began to talk in excitement about the story, comparing their favorite parts and expressing their trivial fears about the day when Osiris somehow escapes. It wasn't too long before they went of running and slashing imaginary swords at each other, no doubt pretending to be the characters from the stories.

The princess got up and walked towards Phi, she didn't speak to him at first; she just took her place beside him and faced towards the people. "Just look at them, Phi" she said suddenly. "All that they've ever asked for, you've given them. Just like you promised," she turned to him and her smile stayed, it was a warm smile- affectionate and sincere, the type of smile that just curves the lip without any control from the mind.

They just stared at each other for sometime without anything being spoken, and slowly the city drifted into the orange glow of sunset. Phi stared into Sitamun's dark eyes, which caught the sunlight and turned into a color similar to melted gold.

Sitamun noticed that Phi was staring at her like some light-blinded fool, she crossed her arms over her breast and her eyes focused on him, but the smile never disappeared.

"It's rude to stare, you know." suddenly said Sitamun in a cheeky tone, which immediately snapped Phi back into existence.

When Phi came to, he realized what he had been doing and he couldn't help but smile himself. He performed an excessively flourishing bow, that involved a grand fluttering of his capes as he spoke.

"My deepest apologies for being to rude, Princess." answered back Phi in a tone equally as cheeky.

Phi and Sitamun's attempts to irritate each other had not disappeared completely but it had indeed played down into something easily mistaken as flirting, at least if one wished to see it that way.

A little girl suddenly tugged at the back of Phi's capes. He turned around and saw her extending to him a solitary stem of a red rose.

"It's not much my Prince, but I hope you'll accept it." She said in a tone so sweet and innocent. Phi took the flower from her gently, the people had little to spare, but they always tried to give Phi something in return, Phi considered their intentions more valuable than any form of wealth.

"Thank you little one, it's exactly what I need." He replied.

The little girl skipped away giggling as Phi and Sitamun walked inside his tent. As the flaps of the tent closed behind them, Phi offered the rose. He began blushing and had trouble looking her in the face.

Sitamun couldn't help but smile. For all of Phi's supposed princely charm, he was completely clueless when put in a romantic situation with a girl he liked, and who actually liked him back.

A rosy hue immediately flooded into Sitamun's face and she was beyond thankful that she could tell when Phi was reading her mind or not, not that he had ever done so.

Was she really thinking what she thought she was? Did she think that Phi liked her and more importantly…did she like him in return? Sitamun took her time and reflected with herself.

That night when she first arrived in Geffen…Phi had given her the chance to escape…to leave the grasping claws of Geffen forever, but she chose not to take it. And all the times that came after that, she had more chances than one person had the right to receive, but time and time again she always chose to stay.

Sitamun had never understood what kept her from doing what she was supposed to do; it had been her father's plan from the start to escape once she had the chance to. But now, she believed that she finally understood why she never left. It wasn't the fact that she couldn't leave because the circumstances didn't let her, it was the fact that she had fallen in love with Phi…the very first moment he showed her that he wasn't like all the other Geffenese. Sitamun had fallen in love with him then, she was just too proud to admit it to herself…until now.

"Thank you," said Sitamun as she took the rose from him. Phi nodded still having trouble looking her at the face, he reached under his capes before he pulled out a piece of paper rolled into a scroll and handed it to Sitamun as well.

"What's this Phi?" she asked completely clueless as to what the piece of paper could hold, she unfurled it and immediately she read the heading. In big bold black lettering it told her all she needed to know…and Phi's signature at the bottom told her even more.

She was too stunned to speak, so Phi spoke before her. "It's an order of release…You're free now." he said, Phi had never considered Sitamun his property despite her father giving her to him, but for he sake of making everything legal he ordered the royal secretarial corps to create a document for her release, which he signed in turn.

Phi opened his mouth to attempt and explain himself more, but before he could say anything Sitamun threw her arms around him and kissed him. Phi couldn't help but kiss back.

They kissed each others for what seemed to be an eternity squeezes into a few brief seconds before Phi finally pulled away, again he couldn't look Sitamun in the face anymore.

Sitamun turned away, ashamed of herself, Phi must have thought of her as a wench. She shouldn't have kissed him, it was too quick and too soon, she cursed herself for being so stupid.

"Phi…I'm…I'm sorry…I should never have…" but her sentence was cut short as Phi caught her by the hand. Sitamun could not tell what expression his face yielded. It was such a course mixture that she could only imagine what Phi himself was truly feeling.

"Please…don't apologize, Sitamun…I just…I just need time to…" he didn't continue his sentence, as he couldn't bear to tell Sitamun what he needed time for. He was falling in love with her, but he wasn't too sure if he had lost all his love for Perenelle. He pulled Sitamun close to him and kissed her on her forehead before he whispered. "I just need time…" he repeated, his voice was a bit shaky, and Sitamun sensed how hard he tried to still it.

He turned around to leave the tent, Sitamun brought her arm up towards him again, but it slid past his shoulder and he disappeared through the tent flaps.

Sitamun let her arm fall, as she watched the man she loved whisk away like the wind. She remembered his face; it was so unsure, so afraid to love…afraid to hurt. A tear streamed down her cheek.



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