Months To Rebuild, Seconds To Destroy.

Summary. . . . . They thought they could rebuild their lives after the Burton's died, but they thought wrong. Sequel to Dangerous Beings. Will probably be mentions of Sam's rape and abuse in later chapters. Hurt and angst Sam and Dean. Rated T.

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"Sam, c'mon it's time to go." Dean hollered up the stairs of their latest rented house.

"I'm coming." Sam shouted back at him.

It was six months since Sam's breakdown in Caleb's bathroom. They'd moved a couple of times since, but had finally settled down in this small, rural town so that Sam could go back to school. Today was his first day back and Dean could tell that he was putting a brave face on things. He really wanted to go back but was scared also. It would mean spending time with other people, talking to strangers and probably the worst of all not being near Dean, being on his own, something that just didn't happen these days.

Things with Sam since his abduction were strange. He would have a period of good days, were he would be normal, still not talking as much or comfortable around others but at least responsive. There were also in-between days were he'd be tearful and want to just hide, but wouldn't be aggressive, just wanted reassurances. These days would clash with the bad days; days were the slightest thing would set him off. These bad days far, far outweighed the good.

On the bad days he would revert back to the empty shell he'd been when they first got him back. On these days he'd alternate between wanting the comfort and consoling, to savagely fighting and resisting all attempts at comfort. The nightmares were still a nightly occurrence as well. Waking up the whole household at times, when they scared Sam that badly he'd wake screaming.

As Sam trudged heavily down the stairs, Dean could tell that this was one of Sam's in-between needy days. His brother was pilled under so many clothes, Dean wondered how he hadn't melted, it was still fairly hot outside. His eyes were red and puffy and although he had attempted to wash away the evidence his cheek still flushed from the shed tears.

"You ready to go?" You sure you don't want breakfast?"

"Dean, I can't do this. Please don't make me go, I'm scared."

It tore at Dean's heart, but he knew Sam had to do this; it would be another step to his recovery that needed to be taken. They'd had the same reaction all last week, the first week of term, and both himself and his dad had relented and allowed Sam to stay off.

"Sam, we need to go. You're going to be late. Just go in, if you feel at any time that you need to leave, I'll come get you. The head knows and will understand but you have to give it a try. What do you say; will you give it a try for me Sam?"

Sam walked further down the stairs and grabbed his coat and bag. "Okay, Dean."

Sam had got through the registration and was now sat in his first class of the day. Registration had passed without incident, although Sam had sat there in silence, as Dean had done all the talking. Once Dean had left though, Sam had become un-nerved and panicky. Walking with the headmistress to his class, he had started shaking and sweating so much he thought he would pass out, but Dean wanted him to try this. He had to try.

Getting through the introduction to the class felt like a day in hell. They were brutal at the best of times, but now when everyone had looked at him, Sam thought they could see right into his head and knew what had happened. That they were all judging him, laughing at what a weakling he was. It felt like a huge relief when he was finally allowed to go sit down, luckily enough right at the back of the class next to the window.

He spent the next half an hour trying really hard not to bolt from the room and concentrate on what his history teacher was saying. Every now and then he could feel the other kids looking at him, but he kept his eyes firmly pointing ahead. Everything was going well until he was asked a question.

His heart began thudding in his chest. His palms were sweaty and he could feel it running down his back also. He secretly wished for the ground to open up and swallow him, as thirty sets of eyes all turned their attention to him. He knew the answer but he just didn't have the courage to respond, his eyes darted this way and that in an attempt to find an escape. Suddenly as he looked outside the window a sense of calm washed over him and with a shaky, quiet voice he answered his teacher.

Once she'd moved on to someone else, Sam allowed his eyes to roam back to what had grabbed his attention outside. Parked as near to the building as possible was the Impala, Dean resting on the hood, getting lots of attention from girls passing by. Every time throughout the day if Sam felt things getting too much, he would just look outside the window and Dean would be there. How, Sam was never sure.

Two months after Sam's first day at school, Officer George Vose was returning to his desk. He had just been called into his captain's office, were he had been subjected to a rather unnerving meeting. The lawyers representing the Burton's had been there also. This was of no surprise to George; they had tried numerous times over the previous months to find out through him where the Winchester's were. But this time was different, after exchanging pleasantries, they had proceeded to inform him that their clients were dropping the case and he wouldn't be hearing from them again.

That was what had spooked George. From now on he'd have to be extra careful when contacting the Winchester's. It just didn't sit well that after all this time the Burton's would back off. Watching as the lawyers left he wondered what was going on. He was supposed to join Sam, Dean and John in two weeks to celebrate thanksgiving at Pastor Jim's house, and his mind was thinking of calling and canceling. Deciding in the end he would wait and see if he saw anything suspicious or anyone following him before doing so. He really wanted to see Sam.

The sound of laughter carried through the open windows, across the fields and into the woods surrounding Jim's house. George, having neither seen nor heard anything suspicious had made the trip. Glad that he had when he saw the progress that Sam was making. He was still nervous around people, but he smiled more and answered questions, although he still wouldn't start a conversation. After dinner, they moved outside. Dean, John, Bobby, Caleb, Joshua and George deciding to throw a football around, Pastor Jim and Sam sitting reading on the porch.

Later that day, and a safe distance away two car doors opened. The car dipped as a tall, sinewy man got behind the wheel, his smaller heavyset partner the passenger seat. Looking into the rearview mirror he spoke.

"We've found him! But there are too many people to do anything."

"Be patient,Stuart. I told you if we waited long enough, the cop would get sloppy and slip up and he did. If we wait a bit longer they'll be careless again and when they are we'll take what we came looking for."

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