Snippet #20
The Homecoming (HG/SS)

It had been three months since twenty-four year old Hermione Granger had seen the Potions master. He had been away on a secret expedition to locate rare and expensive ingredients with a group of his peers. He was supposed to return tonight and told her to rent them a room with very thick walls.

Hermione did so, and now waited nervously for her lover to appear. There was a knot in her belly that began to grow about a week ago, becoming more intense as the day drew nearer for her wizard to arrive. She hungered for him, her body aching for his possession, his strength, the witch longing to submit to his desire, his need for her. There was no need in the world like the need of Severus Snape as far as she was concerned. The cold wizard only showed heat for her, ignited behind closed doors, burned and raged like an inferno as he claimed her body.

Hermione had given herself to him and he had told her in the beginning, once given…the gift she offered him would not be taken away.

Hermione knew the wizard loved her, though he never said the words. It was apparent in his eyes when another wizard took a second glance, or tried to make small talk and he inserted himself between them, saying his apprentice had work to attend to and couldn't waste precious time in idle chit-chat, then would stride off, a firm grip on Hermione's arm.

"You liked that young wizard?" he would ask her as they walked.

Hermione soon learned not to say, "He seemed nice."

That infuriated him. As soon as possible he would get her alone, strip her down and pin her under him.

"We all seem 'nice' until we get you between the sheets," he'd growl then proceed to fuck her insanely until he was sure even the gods heard her shriek his name. Then, when he finished, he would breathe: "You liked that young wizard?"

"What wizard?" she would answer him breathlessly.

"Now that, Hermione . . . is a proper answer," he'd say and kiss her deeply.

Severus' favorite position was the "bitch" position, with Hermione on her knees or on her belly as he took her from behind, locking her arms in submissive holds, or simply battering her to the bed, then drawing her back again like a carriage return. He could drive deep and hard, possessing the witch the way she loved, and she loved him hard and merciless. She said it made her feel more as if she belonged to him.

And she did belong to him, every part of her body, mind and soul. He sought to imprint himself on her psyche, to linger in the background of her subtext, to lurk on the very edge of her consciousness at all times.

Soon, he would give her his name. There were a few more things to finish first. The construction of their home and adjoining labs for instance. She would be surprised, very surprised. He wouldn't allow her to say no. As far as Severus Snape was concerned they were already bound for life. The ring meant very little, but witches needed such things and he would provide it.

Then when the wizards came, slinking up and trying to turn her eye with trite conversation, he would more than insert himself between them.

"Get away from my wife, sir," he would state ominously, daring the offender to speak one stupid word.

Severus Snape was a covetous wizard, and there was nothing on this earth that he coveted more than Hermione Granger. The first time he took her, under the moonlight in a moonflower covered field a little past midnight while they were harvesting the flowers, he was smitten. She was a virgin and didn't protest when he pulled her against him hungrily and told her she haunted his dreams.

"I dream of you too," she gasped, not telling him she had never been with a wizard before.

He took her down to the soft grass and unveiled her body, tasting every inch of her before slaking his real hunger. He was less than gentle with his foreplay, he was starved for her and Hermione felt as if her body no longer belonged to her as his lips and hands moved over her. The dark wizard was overwhelming. And when she felt his thick, long organ rest again her belly, hot and throbbing, she couldn't speak . . . desire had such a hold on her tongue.

With only the moonlight to illuminate them, Severus had been aware when he was lapping at her core that the witch was tight, resistant, but he didn't investigate further, attributing it to a lack of promiscuity rather than Hermione being a virgin. She was twenty-two at the time. There were no twenty-two year old virgins in this day and age.

But . . . he was wrong, and knew he was wrong the moment he plunged inside her and she let out a piercing shriek. The wizard froze, staring down at Hermione as she trembled beneath him, impaled and taken, her eyes glistening in the pale light, tears sliding from the corners and into her hair.

The wizard lifted himself up on his hands so he could see between their bodies, pulling out of the witch slightly as she gasped under him, able to make out the dark streaks of her blood on his shaft, then he looked at her in amazement, his hair a curtain around his face.

"You should have told me," he said softly, his heart oddly moved by this. Hermione was the first untouched witch he had ever 'touched.'

"If I had told you, you would have stopped, Professor. I didn't want you to stop," the witch said to him, blinking.

"You silly little witch," he breathed, lowering himself on to her body and kissing her, taking time now to make her feel beautiful and wanted. She was right. He would have stopped. A witch's virginity was one of the few things he thought valuable, a treasure that shouldn't be thoughtlessly taken.

"I wanted it to be you," she whispered to him as he ebbed and flowed, flexing into her body, a grimace of pleasure on his face as he controlled himself. He had to be easy, and almost was. By the end, however . . . his hunger reasserted itself and he drove the witch across the meadow, a trail of crushed flowers and grasses marking their path. He thought she'd never let him touch her again, but she did. Many, many times.

Now Severus Snape was entering the motel and asking for the key to Hermione Granger's room, his face contorted slightly as he wondered if the witch had remained faithful to him, or if some other wizard had entered his domain. Three months was a long time, and the wizard had been miserable company for the other Potions masters, dark, snappish and brooding the entire time.

He missed Hermione.

The witch was sitting on the bed when the door flew open and the tall silhouette of the Potions master filled it for a moment before he entered, slamming the door shut behind him, his face somber as he looked at the object of his desire.

"Did you keep yourself for me, Hermione?" he asked her, tense.

"Of course I did. There's no one else for me but you, Severus. No one," she replied softly, rising from the bed and approaching him.

His expression was harsh as his black eyes drifted over her as if looking for a visible sign of infidelity. She was dressed in a white silk nightgown, nude beneath it. He could just make out the little patch of chestnut hair between her thighs as the thin fabric rested against it.

Hermione wrapped her arms around his waist and embraced him, her happiness at his return obvious as she rested her head against his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat.

"I've missed you," she said softly, "It was as if half my world was gone."

The wizard stood stiffly in her embrace for a moment, then relaxed, his face softening as he brought a hand to her head, burying it in her curls, then encircled her waist with his other arm, feeling her soft body against his robes.

"My world was also less without you, witch," he said softly. "I was miserable company on the expedition to say the least."

Hermione looked up at him.

"We can put our worlds back together now," she said with a smile.

"Yesss," he breathed, lowering his head and kissing the witch, the warmth of her mouth enveloping his entire being as he tasted her for the first time in weeks. So soft, so accepting, the first immersion . . . and the gods knew it wouldn't be the last. His body craved hers.

Hermione shuddered against the wizard as his tongue entered her mouth hungrily, questing, seeking, familiarizing itself with her taste, her heat, her softness. She opened to him answering his hunger with her own, mewling as he began to caress her body, his pale fingers moving over her curves. The Potions master began backing her toward the bed.

He stopped and pulled away from her mouth.

"Now there is another journey I need to take, witch, one in which I reclaim my territory," he breathed, pulling out his wand.

"Divesto," the wizard hissed, immediately removing all his clothing and letting his wand fall to the floor.

Hermione let out a little gasp at the suddenness of his act, although she knew the wizard had little patience when in full-blown sex mode. She stepped back from him, her hot eyes slowly moving over his pale body, tight, ribbed and scarred, then drifting down to his immense erection, pointing straight at her as if looking back.

"Someone looks very happy to see me," she said softly, looking back up at Severus.

"Overjoyed," the wizard purred, suddenly grabbing her and pushing her into the bed.

Hermione lay crossways on the bed looking up at the wizard.

Severus looked down at her, then raised his hand and slowly twirled his finger.

"You know how I want it first," he said softly.

Her belly fluttering, Hermione rolled over and got to her knees, Snape's eyes resting on her soft, round ass and downy vulva peeking between her full cheeks. Hermione had rather thick thighs for her size and ample buttocks. He loved that about her.

He let out a hiss and Hermione felt the bed depress behind her as the wizard's weight hit the mattress. He gently caressed her from shoulder to buttocks several times, his hand leaving a trail of fire coursing down her body every time he touched her.

Then he entered her in one long, delicious thick sliding, his huge member parting and filling her as if her body had engulfed an entire world.

"Feel me," he breathed, falling on his hands and driving forward, Hermione letting out a cry, "Feel how much I've missed you witch."

Hermione's head fell to the mattress as the Potions Master poured it on, burying himself in her tight, wet sleeve with abandon, home again, staking his claim, marking his territory thrust by powerful thrust, gasping with pleasure as Hermione received him. Later, there would be more time taken, moments to savor, but for now…only his hunger mattered.




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