Snippet #10 (HG/SS)
Master and Slave

Hermione Granger stood outside the castle next to the hidden door that led to the dungeon corridor, her hair damp and pulled back into a ponytail as she clutched her robes around her. It was midnight and the Potions Master had said to meet him here. It had been a week since the shift of power. Their little game now had her in the role of slave and Severus as the Master.

But the wizard hadn't come near her during the entire time, yet as she passed him in the dungeon corridor this afternoon on the way to her rooms, the wizard stopped, blocking her path. His black eyes darted about to see if anyone were in the vicinity. No one was.

"Meet me outside the niche door tonight at midnight. Wear nothing under your robes but those leather boots that reach to your thighs. It is time for your punishment," he purred at her, then billowed off to his office, opening the door and giving her a final, narrow-eyed look before he entered.

Her knickers were soaked immediately.

Now, she waited for him. He was late. When she was Mistress, lateness was punished. She knew the wizard was doing this on purpose.

"Follow me," a voice hissed next to her ear.

Hermione jumped, turned and saw Severus striding across the grounds. She hurried after him. They walked a good distance, heading toward the Thestral stables.

"Where are we going, Severus?" Hermione asked.

"Don't question me, slave," the wizard snapped, not looking back at her, "Just be quiet and follow."

Hermione shut up and did as she was told. Severus walked up to the stable and pulled the door open.

"Go in," he said to her, his eyes hard.

Hermione entered the stable, fully expecting to see Thestrals tethered in the stalls. But they were gone. Severus warded the stable door securely.

"Walk ahead until you come to the back room," the wizard ordered, giving the witch a small, rough push.

Hermione walked down the stable to a closed wooden door. She opened it and entered, Severus right behind her. The walls were wooden and the wall studs visible. A few boxes rested here and there. A very long coil of rope rested on the floor, and in the center of the room a hoop hung from the ceiling. Hermione stared at it, wanting to ask what it was.

"Turn around," Severus said to the witch in a low voice.

Hermione turned.

"Take off your robes," he ordered.

The Potions Master watched as Hermione unfastened her robes and slipped them off, his eyes resting on the leather boots that ran up her legs and stopped mid-thigh. As he ordered, she wore nothing else. He stared at her chestnut bush, then his eyes drifted slowly over her body. The only sign that she affected him was a slight tightening of his jaw.

Severus walked over to her and pushed her toward the hoop, bending her down under it and picking up the long length of rope.

"This is going to take a little while," he breathed as he began knotting the rope expertly.

Hermione was neatly and intricately trussed up by the ropes, elaborate knots and loops surrounding the upper half of her body, her arms tied behind her back and the ropes running through the hanging hoops. She was bent over, resting in the ropes almost as if they were a sling. She stood on one leg because the wizard had bent her knee, ran the ropes through the hoop and tied her foot so her other leg was raised and her thighs parted. But she wasn't uncomfortable. The Potions Master had her weight evenly distributed and the ropes that held her also supported her. She hadn't known he was so good at tying knots.

Severus eyed his handiwork. It was perfect for what he intended on doing.

He unfastened and removed his robes. He was naked beneath, wearing only his boots. His erection was huge.

"I think you know what to expect, slave," Severus said silkily, rubbing Hermione's ass gently. She couldn't see him because he stood behind her. Hermione knew what that gentleness meant. She was in for a ride.

The Potions Master didn't go for verbal degradation, or even striking Hermione in any manner, well, at least not with crops or whips. All he needed was his cock to "punish' her. He enjoyed physically restraining her in some submissive, controlling position, twisting her body into knots with holds that any wrestler would envy. This was the first time he had used ropes on her.

Severus got off on how small Hermione was compared to him as well, as how he was able to shut that brilliant mind down stroke by stroke until she was an incoherent, shuddering mass of wanton, shrieking witch. Then, then he would be tender and loving…when all she was belonged to him.

If there was one thing Severus Snape loved, it was control…and he loved Hermione for giving it to him. No matter how rough their encounters, the wizard was always aware the witch was a gift and he treasured her as well as her dark need for him.

Now, there would be no foreplay. He was the Master…and in his little world the Master had no need to give, only to take. Of course it was illusion…both witch and wizard were giving and taking. But what a delicious illusion it was.

Grasping his cock, he moved behind Hermione, who was literally dripping in the ropes. It was a real turn-on being bound up this way with her leg lifted. She felt so vulnerable and knowing Severus would take full advantage of that vulnerability was almost the equivalent of taking a strong lust elixir.

Hermione gasped and swung slightly forward as Severus pressed the thick head of his cock against her, then entered, filling her with his length and hardness, the witch letting out a moan. His hands at his sides and not touching her body, the wizard began to thrust, bouncing her forward and letting gravity do its work as she swung back.


"Yesssss," he sighed, watching his enormous tool penetrate her small body over and over, the clutch and slide of her soft inner flesh sending waves of pleasure shooting up his spine. But oh, he was still gentle…for the moment, listening to the witch moan with pleasure.

"Is it good to you slave?" he asked her silkily.

"Yes. Oh, yes, Severus," Hermione purred, her eyes closed, biting her lip.

"Thank me for giving you my cock," he breathed, speeding up a little.

"Thank you, thank you," she whimpered.

Severus continued to fuck her this way for several minutes, then slowed…coming to a stop, his loins resting against her ass as he remained buried inside her, throbbing…waiting.

"More…please," Hermione hissed, pushing back.

"You want more?" Severus asked her, slowly grabbing hold of the leather strap above the hoop with both hands.

"Yessss…please Master. More," Hermione sighed.

"More like…this?" Severus said, leaning back and ramming his cock into her brutally so the witch shrieked.


"Oh shit!" Hermione cried as Severus began pummeling her body, using the strap to yank her body as he plunged and bucked, tearing into the witch.

"Tell me you love it!" he roared at her, "Tell me you want it harder!"

"Oh fuck! Yes! I love it! I love it! Harder!" the little witch screeched, Severus slapping against her ass loudly as he fucked her. Oh yes…this was good…very, very good.

"Tell me you want me to take you around the world, slave," he hissed at her, his pale, pumping body starting to be covered by a sheen of perspiration as he applied himself to the witch.

"Take…me…around…the….world!" Hermione cried, tears of passion streaming down her face and her mouth going slack as she jerked wildly.

"Hold on witch!" the Professor growled, adjusting his grip on the strap and spinning, he and Hermione whirling like a dervish, the wizard not missing a single stroke as he rode her.

"This…puts…a…new…spin…on…things…doesn't…it…slave?" he grunted, punctuating every word with a thrust.


Disoriented, lost to his pounding possession, Hermione wasn't listening anymore…all she knew was the dark, powerful and dominating man who was her Master, her lover and her heart.

He always would be.

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