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Apple: Red Delicious

Title: When Ino-pigs fly!

Summary: Ino and Chouji never thought they would live to see the day Shikamaru utter those words with his own mouth "I hate clouds…"

Genre: Humor/Romance

Rating: K+

Warning: Ino may be a little bit OOC!


Two puzzled-filled voices called from behind the said person, resulting in him stopping in his tracks. Shikamaru Nara merely sighed and turned around slowly. What could they possibly want now? He was sweaty and tired; Asuma had really pushed the team hard this time. And frankly, he didn't even have the strength to hold a conversation at the moment!

"Yeah?" he muttered lazily, hoping to god that it was just a trivial matter.

"Aren't you going the wrong way?" His best friend, Chouji Akimichi asked with confusion laced in his voice.

Shikamaru quirked a brow.

"You usually go cloud gazing….which is that way" His other teammate finished for Chouji with her finger pointing to the direction opposite of where he was heading.

The shogi player sighed. Was he really that predictable nowadays?

"Well I don't feel like it today alright?" he half-glared at the two and continued to trudge down the dirt path towards his home.

Ino Yamanaka looked at Shikamaru's fading figure for a moment and turned back to Chouji.

"What's his problem?" she asked questioningly, her right hand positioned at her hip.

The potato chip lover could only shrug in response.




"Oi! Shikamaru!" A voice too familiar to him pierced through his long train of thoughts. The chunin frowned and turned around to see Ino already packed and ready to head back to the village. He continued to finish packing his own gear before asking her what she wanted.

"Well…Chouji and I were planning on going cloud watching right after we get back! And it wouldn't be complete without Konoha's number one cloud fan with us!" She winked cutely and nudged his arm while picking up her small duffle bag. Shikamaru's scowl immediately twisted into an unpleasant frown. He reached for his own bag and continued to walk silently beside the blonde, both heading out of the forest.

"…no thanks…" he muttered and decided to keep a little distance from the girl by walking a few paces ahead.

Ino frowned as she watched the shadow user's hairdo move slightly because of the wind. She faltered back pass Asuma until she was beside Chouji.

"Something's not right Chouji…Shikamaru says he doesn't want to go cloud watching!" Ino tried to whisper in the boy's ear.

Chouji looked surprised by the statement and his face soon took on a thoughtful expression.

"Hmm…well maybe he's busy or something…" The chubby boy shrugged and shifted his backpack to his left.

Ino pouted and stared back at the Nara's back.

"I just don't get it! This is the very first time I've volunteered to do something that he enjoys and he says 'no'? What's up with that?" she sighed again and kicked an innocent rock as they made it out of the forest and onto a small trail.

The Yamanaka suddenly made a face when a conclusion came to mind.

"You don't think it's because of me do you? I thought he got way passed that girl's-have-cooties stage already!" she crossed her arms and stared at Shikamaru some more.

The shadow possessor face-palmed and wondered if the girl was well aware of the fact that he could hear her conversation. He inwardly sighed. What was even worst was that he could've sworn he heard Asuma and Chouji chuckle at the comment.

"No…I don't think that's it Ino…" Chouji shook his head while letting out one last chuckle.

"But…" Ino pouted again and crossed her arms over her chest, her head tilted to the side.

"Don't worry about it Ino, Shikamaru's just going through a little 'phase' most boys his age undergo" Asuma leaned back and winked at the girl, his unlit cigarette hanging limply from his mouth.

Chouji let out a small laugh and covered his mouth right away, hoping that his best friend didn't hear it.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes and groaned, deciding it was best to walk a few paces more in front of the group.

All he wanted to do was get into his comfortable bed and sleep…





The Nara spawn groaned in annoyance and hoped he was just hearing random calls of his name. He exited the Hokage's tower just in time to see the familiar blonde haired girl bounding up a flight of steps to meet him.

"What is it Ino?" he questioned calmly and watched as she kneeled over, panting like she had run a marathon race against Rock Lee. The blonde held up a hand to him so she could take the time to catch her breath.

"I forgot…" more panting coming out from her and she now had both hands on her knees.

"…to tell you…" she paused again to take in deep breaths.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes to look at the sky but as soon as they settled on a particularly floofy looking white cloud, he averted his gaze back to the ground.

"I don't have all day you know…" he drawled out lazily as he looked at her expressionless.

Ino whipped her head back up, her blue orbs piercing his and he found himself avoiding her gaze once more.

"Geez! What's with you?!" she glared daggers at him as her breathing finally settled on a normal rate.

The chunin just shrugged in response. Ino frowned, reluctantly ignoring his attitude for now...

"Well anyways, I just wanted to say that I forgot to tell you yesterday that Asuma-sensei wanted to meet us at the usual spot to train in an hour" she announced, her hand now placed on her hip.

Shikamaru groaned again.

"Again?! But I just got back from a mission just yesterday!" he muttered darkly, a scowl making its way to his features.

Ino shrugged.

"Hey, I don't make the rules! And besides, it's been awhile since our team has trained together! I think it'd be nice!" she smiled again and he found himself scowling even more while his eyes were averted to look at a nice shiny lamp post just a few feet ahead of them.

"Fine! Let me go home and get ready…" he sighed and Ino smiled back, the two separating ways as they both headed home to prepare.





The chunin's brow rose and he looked at his friend, who was already waiting for the two at their usual team meeting area.

"Hey Chouji…you're here early" Shikamaru pointed out in surprise as he watched the boy dig his hand through his potato chip bag and munch on it happily.

"Yeah…I had some extra time…" he exclaimed between crunches.

Shikamaru scratched his head irritatingly.

"Well lucky you because Miss troublesome decided to inform me about it an hour in advance" he mumbled grudgingly with his arms crossed. Chouji let out a small laugh and patted the chunin sympathetically on the back. The genin swallowed the salty chips in his mouth and remembered something.

"Ohh speaking of our female teammate…" Chouji grinned slyly, putting as much emphasis on the 'female' part as possible.

Shikamaru arched a brow.

"What about her?" he asked innocently, his tone still bored. Chouji grinned.

"Is there something you would like to...get off your chest about her?" he asked and the shogi player could only slightly gape at the boy in response.

"Wh-What are you talking about?" he managed to mask his voice with confusion while crossing his arms over his chest defiantly.

Chouji rolled his eyes and wiped his mouth with his fist.

"Why have you been--"

"Shikamaru! Chouji!" a voice cut in and the two boys turned around to see the petite blonde girl running down the grassy hill with their teacher lagging slowly behind. Chouji didn't miss the sigh of relief Shikamaru let out just then.

"You guys are early!" Ino smiled again and the chunin couldn't help but look straight pass her to his sensei to keep his face from showing any unwanted emotion.

"You're late!" he shouted as he glared at Asuma who held up his hands in defense.

"Only by a couple of minutes!" the older man argued and took the cigarette out of his mouth.

"Well late is late! I have other things to do..." he replied crossly and took out a few kunai from his pouch.

Ino looked from the pissed off Shikamaru to the smiling Chouji.

"Did something…happen?" she questioned lightly.

"No…it's just the phase kicking in…" Chouji said as he patted Ino on the shoulder lightly and made his way to the field to train.

"Shut up!" Shikamaru barked at the chubby boy and the two began to spar at once.

Asuma and Ino traded looks and they both shrugged.




"Aww man Asuma-sensei! Can we call it a day!! I'm getting all stinky and sweaty!" Ino whined as she wiped the sweat off her forehead with a towel, her legs having given out just minutes earlier. Shikamaru and Chouji could be heard giving off agreeing moans as they lay sprawled across the grass.

Asuma frowned and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Already? The sun hasn't even set yet!" he pointed out as he looked at his three students.

"Since when has he been taking training tips from Gai?!" Chouji managed to gasp and the other two could only shrug in response.

Asuma let out a sigh and began to scratch his head.

"Well alright…I guess you're all too tired to do more anyways…class dismissed!" he said as he quickly walked away from the group, making his way up the bank. Ino somehow guessed that her teacher was heading off for a date…

The Yamanaka heiress flopped down on the cool grass, not caring if it was going to stain her outfit. She lay in between her two teammates and watched the clouds drift by slowly, colors of purple and pink beginning to appear on the horizon.

She closed her eyes and let out a sigh of relief.

Ino heard some moving to her right and then Chouji's voice asking

"Shikamaru? Where you going?"

The blonde instantly fluttered her lids open and sat up just in time to watch the shadow manipulator pack up his things and begin to leave the field in silence.

"Away…" he simply mumbled and started to march up the bank quietly.

Ino stood up abruptly and started to jog after her fellow comrade.

"Shikamaru!" she yelled angrily as she cut him off and stood in front of him, her hands at her hips.

The shogi player glared at her and his eyes told her to move.

"What's up with you?!" Ino frowned as she glared daggers at him, brushing stray wisps of her hair away from her eyes so her glare could have a better effect.

"Nothing important" the chunin growled darkly as he tried his best not to grit his teeth together in aggravation.

Chouji, who was sitting quietly, suddenly got up from his spot and walked over to the two before things got unpleasant.

"Nothing important?! This isn't nothing important Shikamaru!" Ino grabbed him by the collar swiftly and looked into his eyes angrily.

Shikamaru placed his hand firmly on Ino's arm, challenging her glare with a look of his own.

He cursed himself when he found himself avoiding her gaze once again, not noticing the slight blush staining his cheeks. His eyes momentarily met hers and he swatted her hand away while shoving her forward.

"Alright fine! Do you really wanna know why I won't go?" Shikamaru glared at her again while trying not to break off the deadly staring contest between the two.

The young Nara was well aware of the fact that Chouji was standing beside the two, holding his hands up to calm them down. But he had to settle this with Ino and tell her EXACTLY what was on his mind.

"It's because I hate…" he began, his eyes still on her.

Ino's brow furrowed. If his last word starts with a y and ends with a u, I am going to beat the crap out of him!

Chouji on the other hand opted to bite down on his lip nervously. He better not say what I think he's gonna say…

The two both held their breaths as one word flowed out of the chunin's mouth.

"…clouds…" he finished calmly.

He smirked when he received a surprised gape from the both of them.

"See…I told you it wasn't important…" he rolled his eyes while waving his hand dismissively. He yawned and started up the road again with his hands shoved in his pockets.

As he walked on he gave off one final satisfied grin. The looks of his friends deeply etched in his memory.

His memory then faltered back to a certain blonde kunoichi and he found himself frowning again. A blush started to play on his cheeks as he remembered her mesmerizing sky blue eyes and her long silky blonde hair…

"Ughh…I need some rest…" he finally concluded and silently trudged back home.






"No… "




"You don't have to scream in my ear woman!" Shikamaru grumbled as he picked at a few stray noodles in his ramen bowl.

"Why won't you tell me?" she pouted and disowned her ramen politely, handing it over to Chouji.

"Because Ino, it's not important…tch troublesome.." he explained, expression still bored. Ino frowned.

"Don't give me that! Why do you hate clouds all of a sudden?"

She turned to her side to fully face her comrade and rested her elbow on the counter with her chin set on her closed fist. Her blue orbs once again challenging his dull onyx eyes. The chunin groaned.

"Okay okay, I'll tell you...it's...because I suddenly realized how scary and un-relaxing they can be" he answered monotonously, lifting his bowl of ramen up to his lips to drink the soup.

Ino pursed her lips and frowned again while looking at her watch.

"You liar! Knowing you it must be because of something perverted!" She said half serious and half jokingly as she exited the stall. She was supposed to help her mother out at the shop today…

"Keep interrogating him for me, kay Chouji? See you guys later!" she called back to the two, her light footsteps disappearing quietly.

Chouji piped up a small 'okay'. He looked over to Shikamaru who still had his ramen bowl up to his lips getting ready to drink. Tilting his head slightly he realized the boy had his mouth set in a firm scowl. Shikamaru set the bowl down again, his appetite now lost. Chouji noticed the slight tint of pink on his cheeks and grinned.

"So it is something perverted…" he spoke amusingly and the shadow user's head whipped around to look at him.


Chouji ignored his friend's stunned expression.

"Does the reason for you not liking clouds have something to do with our teammate…?" Chouji pressed on.

Shikamaru gulped. He had two options. The first was to avoid the question and make up some lame excuse. The second was to tell the truth. In the end he decided to go with the latter, Chouji could be too perceptive sometimes and frankly, he found it too troublesome to lie his way out of it.

The deer boy said nothing but chose to remain quiet while his eyes were set on his ramen bowl, his own sorry expression reflecting off of the soup…

"Hmm so it does have something to do with her…" the chip lover rubbed his chin thoughtfully and grinned slyly. Shikamaru rolled his eyes.

"Just get to the point…" he muttered as he pushed his bowl aside and pressed his forehead on the cool counter with his eyes staring at the ground. God, why was he here again??

"Is it because the sky reminds you of her eyes??" he tried again and slightly frowned when the boy didn't respond.

"Well is it??" he asked again with impatience.

Shikamaru lifted his face up to glare at Chouji.

"No…why would you think that?"

Chouji looked at him speechless.

"What! What do you mean 'no'?! That has to be the only reason why you watch the clouds everyday! Because it reminds you of Ino's eyes and thus reminds you that you love her!" Chouji stated bluntly and placed his chopsticks in his bowl having finished Ino's ramen. He was glad that there wasn't anyone else in the stall right now...

"What?! I love…?! No way man!" he argued and stood up from his seat, slapping a few bills on the table. Chouji was not fooled by his little front and noticed the chunin's face flaming up hotly.

"I'm leaving…" he muttered again and left the stall while disregarding Chouji's protests.

Shikamaru walked the busy streets in silence, not really paying attention to his surroundings but managing to maneuver around the crowds nonetheless. His mind wandered off to Chouji's reason...

"Because of her eyes? Yeah right…" Shikamaru mumbled as he rounded the corner. This was the first time he ever heard of that reason...sure the sky was slightly the same color as her eyes but he never really thought of it that way til now...

Shikamaru sighed and rubbed the back of his neck while his other hand remained hidden in his pocket. He looked up at the sky and a blush fully made its way to his cheeks. He decided right then that no one would ever know the real reason why he now hated clouds...




The real reason

(A few weeks ago…)

"Oiiii! Ino! Wake up!" Shikamaru knocked repeatedly on Ino's door, already dressed and ready for their mission with Asuma.

He frowned when he heard no response and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"I'm leaving you!" he tried again and turned on his heel, ready to leave.

He cursed when there came no reply and he hesitantly placed his hand on the brass doorknob.

He gulped inwardly. I better not regret this…

The thought of him laying bruised and beaten in the hospital came to his mind…

He groaned silently and turned the knob slowly, waving his hand in the crack as a warning before peeking his head through once he concluded it was safe to do so.

"Ino?" he whispered as he stepped into her room quietly, the morning light peeking through the closed blinds and basking the room in a dim glow. He looked around warily while dodging clothes and other items scattered across the floor. His eyes trailed slowly over Ino's vanity mirror and her closet, finally settling on her bed.

With one look his thought process came to a complete stop.

There…on the bed was indeed his teammate…

But that wasn't the thing that surprised him…what surprised him was the fact that the pre-teen was clad in a skimpy light blue transparent spaghetti strapped night dress with poofy white clouds adorning it.

Shikamaru tried his best to not stare at her peaceful sleeping form and to NOT notice that in her sleep, the dress must have hitched up passed her nicely smooth thighs, thus exposing her gorgeous legs (and light blue panties).

Snapping from his daze his face flamed and he inwardly squeaked. He decided to stop his thoughts there and he left the room just as quietly as he had entered it.








"Ino!" A low voice called from outside the blonde's bedroom door and a knocking sound was heard.

Sixteen year old Shikamaru Nara waited when he heard a slight thump and lazy shuffling from inside the room. He shoved his hands in his pockets and waited until a soft click sounded and the door creaked open slowly.

Ino poked her head out of the door, her hair slightly messy from her interrupted nap. She looked up at her former teammate.

"Shika? What are you doing here?" she groaned tiredly as the chunin bent down to kiss her sweetly on the lips.

"I just returned from a mission today and was wondering if you wanna hang out…" he asked lightly and casually opened the door wider making Ino step back to let him in.

Ino yawned and rubbed her eyes sleepily, her other hand fixing the strap that had fallen off her shoulder. Shikamaru took a good look at the familiar cloud sleeping wear.

I can't believe she still wears that...although it was too big for her that last time I saw her in it…

Ino was about to invite him in when she noticed her boyfriend's hungry-like stare on her. She raised a brow at Shikamaru, smirking slightly when she noticed his eyes roaming her hour glass figure.

"Like what you see?" she asked teasingly as she twirled around in her dress, causing it to rise up pass her thighs.

Shikamaru smirked back and stepped into her room, his hand resting on the side of the door.

"Mmm of course…" he answered huskily and secured his arm around her waist, his other hand now resting on the doorknob.

"After all, I do love clouds…" he muttered onto her lips before finally tasting its sweetness and shutting the door behind them with a light click.

The End

YAY! I'm done! And no they did NOT do it! Perverts! Maybe a hot make-out session but nothing more than that! I mean, they're only 16

Oh! and regarding the title of this story...umm I couldn't think of anything else...so spare me okay?! I hate thinking up titles... mrghhh...but just so you know, I named it because I was thinking along the lines of...Shikamaru hating clouds? I'll believe that when pigs fly! lol

Anyways I hope you like! I kinda liked this one…not as much kissing action in this but mehh whatever!