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"I love you." The words slipped from Paige's mouth before she had time to think about it.

"I love you, too." Alex smiled at Paige. "What brought about that little confession?"

"I don't know. It just sorta... came out."

Alex laughed.

"What? What's so funny, Alex?"

"Nothing. It's just that something like that isn't supposed to just sorta come out."

"Well, it did. I was just thinking about it and all of a sudden, it spilled out of my mouth."

Alex laughed even harder. "Spilled out of your mouth?"

"Well, yeah. I was thinking about how much I care about you, and all of a sudden, I just had to tell you that I love you."

"So, you said it on purpose?"

"Well, yeah." Paige blushed.

"But you said that it just slipped out."

"Well, I lied."

"So you lied to me? Why would you do that to me?" Alex made her best sad puppy face.

Paige blushed. "No, hun, I didn't lie to you. I was trying to cover it up because I was embarrassed."

Alex smiled and pecked her girlfriend on the lips.

"Well, I'm glad you said it, by accident or not."

Paige smiled and kissed Alex passionately. They broke apart and smiled at each other. Alex chuckled and laid down on the bed she and Paige had been sitting on. Paige laid down next to her and laid her head on Alex's chest. Paige fell asleep after a few minutes. While she watched Paige sleep, Alex made a silent wish. "I wish that we could stay like this forever." She closed her eyes and also fell into a deep sleep.

Sorry to anyone who wanted me to continue this story. I just can't think of a single thing for a second chapter. Maybe I'll make a sequel.