Jack and Toshiko were in the SUV, driving at breakneck speed after a small blue van. Becky and Ianto were back at the Hub, giving them directions from Tosh's computer station while Owen and Gwen were out trying to track down a Weevil running riot around Cardiff Bay.

"Jack, turn left at the next exit. He's slowing down, so you should be able to see him in a second." Becky spoke quickly and clearly into her earpiece as Jack turned the corner. "OK, he's stopped. About 70 yards in front of you, he's pulled up. There's a lay-by, pull in there."

Jack pulled up and opened the car door. His fingers closed around a gun stored in the glove compartment and he turned towards Tosh.

"Stay here" he murmured. "Only get out if I tell you to. Got that?"

Tosh nodded and Jack got out of the car, keeping a firm grip on the Webley as he did so. Tosh adjusted the buttonhole camera on her collar to give Becky and Ianto a better view back at the Hub, where they were waiting with bated breath. Jack moved to the side of the van and started shouting.

"Alright, get out of the van. Now!" he raised the gun as a door opened. A young man got out of the drivers seat, and walked calmly towards Jack.

"What the hell is he doing?" whispered Ianto as he watched the man approach Jack.

"I don't know" Becky whispered back, her eyes fixed to the screen. They watched as the stranger stood about a foot away from their boss. He was smiling, and Jack frowned.

"You want that…thing I bought, don't you? Take it, then." He held out a small black object, about the size and weight of a Rubix Cube. One side was taken up by a blank screen but all other faces were plain. Jack stared at him, unsure of what was going on. He reached out to take the cube but suddenly withdrew his hand as if something had repelled it. The man laughed loudly, the sound of it making Becky's skin crawl. Jack pointed the gun threateningly at the stranger, who just stood still, cool as a cucumber.

"Jack, there's something in the back of the van" Ianto suddenly warned him, as he noticed something moving through the window. Jack turned to look and saw there was indeed something moving behind the closed doors.

"What's in there?" Jack asked. When he got no response, he went to open the door himself. Finding it was unlocked, he threw his weight against the handle and wrenched the door open. He yelled in surprise as something leapt out at him and dodged out of the way before the creature could touch him. Once he was out of the way, he turned so he could get a proper look at it. It had a human form, but its skin was a faded purple colour, and its eyes and lips were an exaggerated blood red colour. It had no hair on its head, and where a nose should have been was a single slit. Hanging from its neck was a small silver pendant. Jack stared at the creature, repulsed. Back at the Hub, Ianto was throwing up into a bucket while Becky tried to calm him as she stared at the screen.

"Jack, what on Earth is that thing?" she called down the earpiece. A silent response from Jack told her he had no idea. Tosh quietly opened the car door and slipped out, unnoticed by the stranger, creature or Jack. She crept up behind the man and threw an arm around his neck, causing him to drop the cube in surprise. The strange human-like creature started, as though it was snapping out of a trance and ran back into the van, cowering in a corner. Jack picked the cube up and felt a cold sensation seep down his arm. He looked back at the thing in the van and was surprised to see it was alert, as though it was waiting for instruction. He turned his gaze back to the cube and started to wonder.

"Get out of the van" he thought, feeling the cold sensation grip his heart, and to his amazement it stepped out of the van and stood still. He thought some more instructions for the creature and got back into the car, feeling a tingle down his spine as he felt the red eyes bore into the back of his head from the back seat. Tosh got in next to him, her eyes wide.

"Jack, once the man dropped the cube he collapsed. I think he's dead. There was no heartbeat, no breathing, no sign of life at all. I put him in the back."

Jack threw the cube onto the floor in front of him, but nothing happened. The creature didn't move. He felt the grip on his heart loosen and disappear as they started to drive back to the Hub.

"Thanks Tosh. You didn't follow my instructions, but you really were a great help back there." Jack smiled and turned to face her. Tosh blushed and grinned.

"Jack? Tosh? What happened?" Back at the Hub, Becky was sitting on the floor next to Ianto, holding a glass of water as he sipped from it.

"We got the alien tech, found an unidentified creature and killed its previous owner" Jack summed up as he sped down an empty road. "We're on our way back."

"OK. Gwen and Owen have just walked in, they got the Weevil, just taking it down to the dungeons."

"Tell them I said "Good job.". Is Ianto there?"

"Present, Captain" Ianto replied weakly.

"He had a bit of a vomiting incident when we first saw that thing." Becky explained. She passed the bucket to Owen, who glared at her as he went to go and sort it out. Gwen knelt on the floor next to them and squeezed Ianto's hand.

"What brought that on?" she wondered. Becky reached up for the computer mouse and brought up the footage of what had happened earlier. Gwen stared at the purple-skinned creature, her expression one of revulsion. Becky jumped as Jack's voice came through her earpiece again.

"Tell Owen we need him out by the SUV, we're just pulling into the garage now."

"You got it" Becky grinned as she passed the message to Owen, who frowned and grumbled as he stomped out of the Hub. Jack soon appeared at the door, followed by what Becky assumed to be an alien. She covered Ianto's eyes as he started to turn a light shade of green and watched as Jack took it to the cells. Tosh and Owen followed with the limp form of the young man who had been driving the van. Owen laid him on the surface he had last used to remove a small metal ball from Becky. He looked up and winked at her, laughing as she cheekily poked her tongue out in response. Jack appeared from the cells and laughed.

"How's Ianto the gorgeous gagger?" he asked as Becky took her hands away from his eyes. She gave Jack the thumbs up and giggled as she helped Ianto get to his feet. He smiled gratefully and sat in the nearest chair as Jack gave him a pat on the back. He took out the cube from his pocket and placed it on the desk in front of them.

"Genius" he murmured. "The creature has a pendant around its neck, which I'm guessing is linked to this. When this is held, the person holding it can control it, similar to telepathy."

Becky smiled. "Like the Imperius Curse in Harry Potter?"

Jack laughed. "One way to look at it, I suppose."

"What do you think it is?"

"No idea. Never seen this kind of metal before – I'm assuming it's a metal."

"Not the cube. The creature." Becky laughed and punched Jack playfully on the arm.

"Oh, I dunno. Most likely alien. Like this device."

"Well, that's really explained it all." Becky grinned. Jack laughed apologetically.

"I've never seen anything like it" he explained. He ran a hand through his hair. "Well, I should probably get some water down to Katie."


"The newest Weevil. Hey, Janet got a name, why not this one?"

"Janet? What are you calling the new one, Violet?" Becky shook her head and laughed as Jack went back down to the Torchwood cells, giving her a cheeky wink from the door as he did so.