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Chapter 15: The final countdown

Daemon cursed, "It's time to end this, once and for all boy" Daemon began as he grew bigger and bigger.

"Uh oh" TK said

"Uh oh is right" Daemon said as he laughed menacingly.

"You know what they say Daemon, the bigger they are, the harder they fall" TK exclaimed. He ran forward towards Daemon and dived forward to cut his leg.

"What was that? You are to puny, what could you ever hope to do to me?" Daemon said in an Arnold Shwarternager voice as he hit TK to the side. TK almost fell off one of the balconies.

TK got to his feet and grabbed the sword, "This!" he shouted as he ran and jabbed the sword into one of Daemons' big toes.

"Ah!" Daemon shouted in pain. It felt only like he'd stubbed his toe really hard, but we all know that, that's still really painful.

"Go TK, go TK" Genie cheered, "TK! The Killer, as in your killer" Genie said.

"Just say out of this" Daemon hissed.

"Daemon, Daemon he can't do it, 'cause TK's just too GREAT!" Genie cheered some more.

TK ran for the lamp with all his might and all the strength he had left, hoping that is would be enough to save them all. He looked to the side and saw Kari was busy getting buried alive. I have to save Kari he thought as he changed direction to where Kari was trapped in an hour glass.

TK quickly picked up a log that had been lying there from when some of the seams from the ceiling had fallen down. He tried to slam it against the glass of Kari's prison but as he was about to…

"Uh, uh, uh. Tut- tut little boy, you couldn't even save the one you love" Daemon taunted as he grabbed TK. "The only reason she even knows you exist is because of that Genie" Daemon said as he pointed at Genie with, "And, without him, you're nothing, just a street rat"

TK looked down at Genie as he was being squashed, "The Genie?" he just got a brilliant idea, "The Genie! The Genie's more powerful than you'll ever be!" he stated firmly.

"What, I am the most powerful Digimon on ever!" Daemon said angrily.

"Hey, uh TK- buddy, why are you bringing me into this?" Genie asked nervously, "I haven't done anything"

"Think about it Daemon, who gave you your powers? The Genie did, and guess what, he could just as easily take them away," TK said boldly, "You'll always come off second best Daemon!"

Self realization hit Daemon as it his expression changed to that of shock, "This is true, his power does make mine seem… worthless." Daemon turned to grin at Genie, "But not for long" He bent down to the Genie's level, "Genie, my final wish- I wish to be, an all powerful Genie!" Daemon said as his laugh shook everyone to the core.

Genie sighed, "Your wish is my command" he said dully, "Way to go TK" he whispered. TK looked at him with desperation.

Genie reluctantly shot a beam of magic from his index finger that hit Daemon. Daemon's robe fell to the floor as Daemon started changing into what appeared to be a cloud, but gradually he was taking shape. "The power" Daemon could feel the power of the genie surging through his body, "This unlimited power!" He shouted with glee as he broke through the roof.

Whilst all this was going on, Daemon had forgotten that he'd dropped TK when he was just a cloud, so TK took this opportunity to save Kari, who by this time was completely buried in the sand. He picked up another log and smashed it against the hour glass. As it broke sand came pouring out and so did an unconscious Kari. TK held her head up and tried to get her to wake up.

"This universe and all others are mine to command. To control!" Daemon said as he moved stars and wheeled some magic in his arms.

"Wha- what's going on?" Kari asked weakly

"Just trust me" TK told her. Kari nodded as TK picked her up to put her somewhere safe. TK walked up to Daemon bravely. Time to end this he thought. "Hey Daemon!" he shouted, "You wanted to be a genie? Well you just got it" he pointed at Daemon and then two cuffs appeared on his wrists and a dark lamp formed as if out of thin air below him.

"What?!" Daemon asked in confusion.

"You also get everything that goes with it!" TK exclaimed as he picked up the lamp, "Unparalleled cosmic powers" Daemon started going into his lamp.

"No!" he shouted in terror.

"That does it! I'm outta here" Demidevimon exclaimed. As Daemon was being sucked in he pulled Demidevimon down with him.

Daemon had finally been sucked in, "Teeny weeny living space" he said, "Batteries not included."

"You did it! You did it! You did it!" Genie kept shouting as Patamon and Gatomon turned back to their normal selves. As soon as they saw each other they gazed into one another's eyes and without saying a word gave each other a huge hug. Joe, Sora, Izzy, Ken and Mimi all got spat out of the cold concrete which had not so long ago been their prison as Carpet ravelled itself together again.

Tai woke up but with a terrible headache, "Did I drink to much Champaign again?" he asked Mimi.

Mimi smiled sweetly at him as Koramon bounced his way to Tai and jumped in his arms, "Hey Tai, how do you-" just as he was about to finish he turned back into the yellow dinosaur which we all know and love.

Matt was unfrozen but immediately felt a shiver run down his spine, "Man its cold" he said as he shivered. He and Sora shared a glance but that was it, they didn't say another word to each other.

Soon they found themselves back where the palace normally is and heard the complaints of the tenants in the lamp. "Get your foot out of my face!" Daemon cursed.

"This is your fault you big idiot" Demidevimon countered.

"Oh shut it you nit wit"

Genie smiled at the lamp, "May I" TK nodded and gave the lamp to Genie, "These guys need a break, ten thousand years should be adequate enough" he said as he grew bigger and then flicked them out towards the horizon.

TK saw the expression on Kari's face and it said everything, everything she felt, everything she didn't want to feel. The hurt expression on her face made him feel dreadful on the inside. He was about to go talk to her when he got interrupted, "TK" Matt said, "I think it's time we went home" Matt said sadly, "Come on Gabumon, Patamon, we're going home."

TK nodded and was about to leave when he saw how sad Patamon was leaving Gatomon behind. He leaned down to his level, and looked around, "You know Patamon, this girl" he pointed with his head to Gatomon, "She seems to get up to a lot of mischief," now TK looked him in the eyes, "so I have a job for you, I want you to look after her, okay" a tear was threatening to fall but TK wouldn't let it.

Patamon nodded, "Okay TK, I promise" he said as he gave him a hug.

"Gabumon?" Matt said sadly.

"Yeah?" Gabumon asked with curiosity.

"Do you like it here?" he asked straight forward.

Gabumon shrugged, "It's okay, but nothing's the same without you around" he smiled gently.

"Gabumon, stay here with everyone else-" Gabumon was about to interject but Matt held up his hand, "You're my friend, and friends do what's best for their friends, even if it's not what they want." Matt smirked, "Besides, someone has to look after Patamon and Gatomon."

"Okay Matt. I'll see you soon though right?" Gabumon asked, tears now filling his eyes.

Matt looked to Sora, "Yeah buddy, I'm sure we will" he said as he gave him a warm hug.

Matt and TK were about to walk out when they stopped, "Matt, there's something I have to do" Matt nodded and waited. TK ran up to Kari, "Look Kari, I'm sorry I lied to you, but love makes you do crazy things" he told her softly and gave here a peck on the cheek before he started off again.

"Wait!" she called after him. TK turned around to see her, "TK, don't leave" she shouted after him. TK turned around to see her face and the tears swelling up in her eyes.

Genie had a tear stained face, "You know TK, you still have one more wish. You can live happily ever after; just say the word and you'll be a prince again" Genie said almost to cheerfully.

TK picked up the lamp, "But Genie, what about your freedom?" TK asked curiously.

"Oh, it's only what? Like an eternity of servitude" Genie waved it off as if it were nothing, "This, my friend, is love" Genie pushed the two of them closer together, "I've been around many life times my friend and trust me, a girl like this doesn't come along everyday" he informed TK as Kari blushed.

"What you say about my baby sister?!" Tai shouted.

"Shh!" they all silenced Tai.

"Kari," TK spoke as if he hadn't heard Tai's outburst, "I do love you with all my heart but, I can't keep putting on a mask, I can't hide who I really am" he said as he stroked Kari's cheek.

"I- I understand" Kari said as she held onto TK's hand.

"Genie, I made you a promise, so it's time I pulled up my end of the bargain" TK said boldly, "Genie, I wish for you to be free" he said.

"One times prince coming right- up?" Genie was confused.

"Genie, you're free" TK said as he let go of the lamp. They lamp flew gently out of his hand and began glowing. Genie felt himself being lifted out of the air as his golden cuffs broke off his wrists and fell to the ground along with the lamp.

Genie came back down and picked up the lamp, stunned by what just happened he stared at his old prison, "I- I'm free" a tear was coming to his eye, "I'm free" he said with relief. He handed Matt the lamp, "Go on wish for something outrages" Matt gave him a curious look, "Say, I wish for the pyramids of Egypt, wish for the pyramids" he told him.

"I, wish for the pyramids?" Matt said/asked

"No ways!" Genie burst out laughing, finding it very amusing, "Well," Genie flew up into the air, "I'm off to hit the road, literally. I'm going to see the world and I-" he turned his head to see all his friends and especially TK.

TK sighed, "I'm really happy for you Genie," TK said with almost happiness in his voice, but sadness to.

"Me to TK" he said as he floated down to TK, and gave him a hug, "You know, you'll always be a prince to me" he said as the tears came down.

"Tai, can't you do something?" Mimi asked desperately.

"Tai," Matt said, "he really is a great guy" Matt complemented, "We both want what's best for our siblings, I think you know what best for Kari…" Matt said.

Tai held back the tears that were slowly becoming obvious in his eyes, he wiped them away before he spoke, "Well, you did lie to us Takeru" Tai started, "We let you into our family, let you into our home, hoping that you'd be the one that could get my sister's approval." Tai looked directly at him, "And you did, so, from this day forth, the princess will marry whoever she deems worthy" Tai said as he smile, heck, they all gave a gigantic smile as Tai said those last words.

"Him!" Kari ran into TK's arms as he lifted her off the ground and spun her in the air. "I choose you, Takeru" she said with glee.

TK leaned his head against hers, "Call me TK" he said.

"Dude, are you crying?" Izzy asked Joe.

"No, I was just rubbing my eye and I accidentally poked it" Joe stated.

"Whatever" Izzy rolled his eyes.

"Okay, this place has gotten way to mushy for me" Genie stated, "Time for me to head for the hills. Come on everybody, group hug, big group hug" he said as he gathered everyone together in an enormous hug. "Hey, do you mind if I kiss your digimon?" he asked TK as he gave Patamon a kiss, "Yuck!" he spat, "You taste funny" he told Patamon. Patamon just gave him a death stare. "Well, goodbye you crazy love birds, I'm outta here" he said as he slowly began floating up towards the sky, "No wait, I'm legendary, I'm genealogy! I'm mythology, whatever I am, I don't care 'cause I'm free!" he said as he went off into the distance.

The end… "ha, got you all take that..." said the author.


Matt was slowly making his way to the gates as a certain red haired female was watching him. She sighed to herself when her thoughts were interrupted.

"You know, I've never seen you nearly as happy as you were when you were with him" Mimi started, "You know, he did apologise, look at how sad he is without you."

Sora smiled to herself and sighed, "You're right, I- I love him" she said as she walked towards him. "Matt, wait up!" she called after him.

"Sora, I said I was sorry, what else can I do to make you believe me?" he pleaded.

Sora thought about this, she didn't want to make it to easy for him, or say something clichéd so she thought for a bit before she spoke, "When I was little, my mother used to tell me stories that would always end with 'and they lived happily ever after'" she started off. "The thing is, I want to live 'happily ever after', just like in those stories, but, not without you. I love you" she said as she caught her breath from speaking all that in one go.

Matt didn't even answer her, he just smiled, "I love you too" he said as they leaned in to for a kiss.

"Isn't that just so romantic Tai?" Mimi asked dreamily.

"I feel nauseous." Tai answered. Mimi playfully slapped his stomach.


It was getting dark now as TK walked up to Kari and wrapped his arms around her waist, "So everything worked out in the end for us all" he stated.

"It looks that way" Kari said as she gazed out into the cool night sky.

TK had a random thought pop into his head, "Hey Kari, there's something I want to show you" he said as he took her hand and led her to Carpet. They floated up as they watched fireworks go off in celebrations of many. TK gazed into her chocolate brown eyes as he sang.


A whole new world

Kari felt high spirited as she gazed at her lover and sang with him.


A whole new life

Kari rested her head on TK's shoulder and he rested his head on hers.


For you and me

They sang and then kissed as they flew off into the midnight sky as the full moon shone brightly on the new couple, seeming just as content as the couples all around.

And they all lived happily ever after

The end

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