Opposite Day

Arisa being nice and wearing a short skirt, Saki wearing colors and Tohru trying to be mean. All Yuki and Kyo could do was stare until the trio glided over to their lockers.

Arisa said "Happy opposite day, cuties?"

Kyo said "There's no such thing as opposite day, dummy."

She got all sparkly "If you DO play with us I WILL refrain from not beating the crap out of you."

Yuki jeered at Kyo "That means she will hurt you if you couldn't pick up on that."

Kyo yelled "GOD! I hate you! I know what she meant!"

They all gasped. Saki said "I never thought I'd hear that come out of you, Kyo?"

Kyo scowled "What're you talkin about."

Arisa smirked "You hate Yuki on opposite day?"

Kyo roared "I LOVE YUKI!"

Yuki yelled at him "I LOVE YOU TOO!"

They embraced eachother..very, very, very tight. Since on opposite day a punch is a term of endearment and hug is the ultimate insult. Momiji and Haru walked up on the scene. Momiji cooed "Are Yuki and Kyo gays?"

Haru said "I'm not sure."

Tohru informed them "Todays opposite day!"

Momiji clapped "That sounds fun! I'll play!"

Haru agreed. The little bunny ran up to Arisa "You look like a total slut whore in that skirt today!"

Arisa clapped her fake glee "Oh that was so mean of you!"

Meanwhile Yuki and Kyo were still embracing as tight as they could in an attempt to hurt eachother. Kyo growled "I love you, you..smart person!"

Yuki growled back "I love you too, genius."

Momiji and Arisa were cussing up a storm of 'compliments' and Saki remained very colorful. She wore a pink version of the school uniform and pigtails. Haru put on a sweater vest and said "Look..I'm Yuki."

Saki said "That is a very horrible opposite day costume."


Yuki and Kyo let go of eachother, howling in pain. Kyo hugged himself "Ah..don't call Hatori.."

Of course they did though and Hatori arrived shortly after. "What'd you two do..." He asked as he wrapped Yuki's torso up in a bandage. Yuki said "It's opposite day so we were hugging."

Hatori said blandly "You hugged eachother til you both broke ribs.." Yuki nodded shyly and looked down. Hatori kissed him lightly on the hand "That's the smartest thing I've ever heard you do."

He quietly packed up his kit and left.

Haru poked Momiji "I'm Yuki.."

Momiji clapped gleefully "You're fucking ugly in that Yuki costume!!!!"