Warning: This is yaoi so if you don't like it don't read it!

Yuki had come to hate getting up in the mornings. Each day was just another day of having to see Honda-san walking around with pain and sadness in her eyes no matter how much she tried to hide it with her smiles. Another day of feeling empty and having his hopes crushed.

Every day was a bad day ever since Kyo had left five months ago.

It had been so unexpected. Honda-san just went to go wake him up one morning for breakfast and he hadn't been there.

At first they had all just assumed that he had gone into the mountains to train again and would come back eventually.

But days soon turned to weeks and then a whole month flew by without any sign of Kyo. Then they began to worry.

They searched all over for him but found no sign of him. Not even the smallest clue.

Shigure had tried to make them all feel better by laughing and saying that Kyo would eventually drag himself back home for school. But school came and Kyo didn't.

It began to seem like he might never come back but Yuki didn't want to accept that. He wanted Kyo to come home more than anything in the world because it was only when the neko had left had he finally realized his feelings. He tried so hard to deny his feelings but found that he couldn't no matter how hard he tried he couldn't rid himself of his love for the other boy.

Yes his love. Yuki loved Kyo and he couldn't believe it. It seemed so impossible. The rat was supposed to hate the cat who was supposed to share the same feelings toward him. It wasn't supposed to be any love at all but Yuki knew there was.

It was that after all that made his heart break at the end of the day when Kyo still did not return.

Ayame made his way down to the guest room of his above store apartment to see Mine waiting outside. When she saw him she gave him a smile. "Good morning boss!" She said. "How'd you sleep?"

"Good morning Mine," Ayame said. "I spelt well."

"Good," Mine said. "I had to wake up early to help him with his outfit." Ayame couldn't help but laugh at her words.

"Had some trouble with the outfit did he?" He asked. Mine nodded laughing.

"Yes he did," She said, "but it was so cute!"

Suddenly the door opened drawing their attention to the person stepping out of it. Ayame gave the person a small smile.

"So," He said, "you all set?" Lips curled into a small smile as eyes of the deepest crimson looked over at Ayame.

"Yeah I think so."

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