God, it's been years since I returned to this piece! The last chapter I wrote was in the midst of my final year of high school and now I'm a college graduate. College, surprisingly enough, swallowed up all of the usual inspiration for writing that I had unless it was academic, which was rather unfair.

Still, I do want to finish this piece at last since it seems like there's more than a people out there wanting a proper ending. I'm still mystified as to how this piece got so popular, but I'll never stop being grateful for it (you can probably hear me fan girl-ing from space, let's be real).

The reason why I'm making this post here, though, is because I want to go back through and do some edits for this piece. It won't be anything too drastic-the main storyline will stay in tact, of course-but I want to smooth out some bumpy areas (grammar and plot holes) to make this a better read for you all. And, hopefully, the more I work on it, the more my inspiration will return and we'll have an end to this story at last.