I was on my way home from school one day, as I wore my usual school uniform, with my bleached hair and sun-tanned skin. I always wondered why I could never get it white again...

"Hey, Momo!" a familiar voice called.

I heard someone calling me, and I turned around, a bit startled out of my thoughts.

"Momo! Hey! Wait up!" It took me a moment to realize that the voice was Kairi's.

Kairi is this guy in class that usually bothers me, but ever since Touji left me, he's done nothing but support me. Oh, Kairi...

"Momo, I was thinking that maybe this weekend we could go to the movies," he spoke to me.

"The... movies?" I questioned him.

Oh my gosh! Even though me and Kairi have been going out, it never occured to me that we haven't had a date once.

"Yeah. That new movie is coming out this Friday," he said with ease. I felt a bit embarrassed.

"Oh... Uh... Sure," I tried to smile, but my blush took over my entire expression!

"Hey, you okay? Your face seems a bit red. Ooooh! Momo! You look so cute!"

"Kairi..." I didn't bother to finish my sentence, I just walked off, shoving him to the side a bit. I wouldn't dare let him see my face! It must be even redder!

"Hey, Momo! Wait!" he yelled to me. I just ignored him and kept going.

If you haven't noticed, or didn't know already, my name is Momo Adachi. School can be a pain sometimes, because my "best" friend is always out to get me, but, hey, no matter what, I always get past her tricks.

No longer thinking about Kairi, I felt someone grab my arms, as I was snapped out of my thoughts again. I turned around, seeing Kairi's face again.

"Momo... Are you all right? You've been out of it lately."

"What? Oh, sorry..." I sighed. I wasn't over Touji yet, either... It's holding me back.


As I was hiding in the bushes, I wrote down every single word I heard. "A date, huh," I said to myself. My smirk grown larger. Then, I took it back. My gorgeous face doesn't need that facial expression!

Oh, wait. You don't know who I am? Oh, I'm just Sae Kashiwagi! You know, Momo's dearest friend. I followed Momo home and, well, surprise-surprise. Momo's got a little date! I listened in for the times, because all I knew was that they were going to have it at the movies on the weekend. Ugh. Can't they hurry it up? I got to get a plan together, hello!

"It's okay. So, what's on your mind?" Kairi questioned Momo. Ugh. What the hell? Does he ever stop trying to make her feel better? It annoys me!

"Nothing... just stuff," I heard Momo tell him. Get it off your mind already! He'll just bug you until he gets the answer!

"What kind of stuff?" he asked her. Ugh! Tell the damn date already!

"Look, Kairi... Uh... What day and time are we going to the movies?" Momo questioned him. Ah! Finally! Wait. What was on her mind?

"Anytime you want to go. As long as I'm not busy. Then again, I'm never busy for you," I groaned. He's always so mushy and nice to her. Ha! I have people nice to me all the time. Whether they're asking me out or telling me I'm hot!

"How about Saturday? It's always crouded on Friday's. Um... Say, around seven?" Good. Got it!

"Sure. You're right, Momo. Saturday is better," Kairi agreed with her. Ugh. Shut up and stop being so nice to her! Be nice to me and ignore her!

"Yeah.. I'll see you later, okay?" I saw her smile. I need to crush that smile!

"Aw, Momo! Can't we hang out?" Kairi practically begged her. Wimp!

"I'm sorry, I have to study for Friday's test. Gotta' go! Bye!" she ran off, just like that. Yeah, you better run. I got plans for you.

I put down necessaries for this date, like the time and the day. I don't need to know what movie theater. I can just follow Momo and find that out. Tee-hee!

I saw Kairi sigh and kick a rock off the sidewalk and leave. Well, too bad. I had somewhere to be.

And back to our Peach Girl...

This sucks. I lied to Kairi about testing, but I did have to do something. Mom said that she wanted me to go grocery shopping. No big deal. I needed some alone time anyway. Kairi would've tagged alone if I didn't make up an excuse...

I sighed and beat the pillow up, feeling a little guilty. All Kairi does is help me, and over and over again, all I do is be mean to him! I really need to get some sense into my head sometimes! Well, it didn't matter, I lied already so I need to shut up now! Why can't I ever get Touji out of my head? I'm always thinking about how he used to comfort me and tell me that he liked my skin... and wouldn't mind if it got darker. He told me to swim this year if I wanted to swim. I can't help it. But, it doesn't matter, either... it's over. For good. Isn't it? I began beating the pillow again. But then I remembered I had to go to the store.

I changed into regular clothing; a blue-jean mini skirt with black leggings, a plain pink pair of sandals, a white tank-top, and I threw on a pink-and-black scarf to accessorize. I thought it was cute enough. I left my hair the way it was and ran out of the door, waving to my mom as she was cleaning. Taking a right, I began to make my way to the store.


"Momo, dear, thank you for shopping for everything. I really needed it. I'm going to make dinner so don't go running off anywhere!" my mom told me.

I smiled and nodded, going to my room. I turned on my radio, Chieco Kawabe's "Over" already half-way through. Crap! I missed one of my favorite songs! As I heard some of the lyrics, "I've been over you. Don't tell me what you-what you wanna' do, what you wanna' do, what you wanna' do," I began to think about Touji. Why am I obsessed with him? Although the song was saying, "Don't tell me what you want to do," my heart was saying, "Please come back to me Touji. Please want to be with me again..." I began to feel a little depressed, so I turned the radio off again and laid on my bed, thinking of Touji and Kairi and how bad I was hurting...

Maybe it wasn't a good idea to go on this date. Even though we're together, I still don't feel like I can do this...

What was Sae doing?

"Ugh. You idiot! Give me back my money!" I screamed at the "love" machine. What the hell? Stupid corny thing took my money and gave me a cheap reading!

"Uh, miss, I'm going to have to ask you to--"

"Shut up!" I screamed at this man. How could he order me around? With that, I stormed out. "Pinhead! Fix your machine!"

I decided to find out where Momo was, it was always fun humiliating her. I made my way over to her house and spoke to her mom, who let me in. God, she's so gullable.

"Momo, you have company," I heard her call to her daughter.

"Company? What do you mea--" she said. I saw tht little distressed look on her face. It filled me up with satisfactory and joy!

"Hi, Momo. I was thinking we could go to the mall," I said with a smile.

"Listen, Sae, I've been kind of busy lately..." I heard her say. Liar!

"Oh, Momo, honey, if you want to go out, go right ahead! I'll try to keep dinner warm for you." her mother said. Ha-ha! Can't avoid me forever, Momo-dear.

"Oh, mom, that's nice of you..." she sighed. "Okay. Let's go." She didn't sound too happy about it. Good! I don't want you happy!

I grabbed her arm and linked it with mine, dragging Momo out of her house. I looked to her and smiled. "Momo-dear, are you all right?" I giggled.

"Oh, just fine," she spoke, plainly.

Once we were far enough from home, she spoke to me, "What's this all about, Sae? Bored? Don't you ever get tired of bothering me?"

"What do you mean? That hurts, Momo!"

"Cut the act," she said in a mean tone.

I narrowed my eyes and pouted, still heading for the mall. "Shut up."

She rolled her eyes.

Once at the mall, Momo picked up this way-tacky shirt. "Isn't this cute?!"

I rolled my eyes. "Momo, you have horrible taste. Put that back, dummy. It's so tacky. And ugly, too!"

"Ugh," she complained. I smirked as I saw her put it back. I decided that I liked it. I'll get it later.

Where's Touji?

"Mom, I have to go to the library. There's a test on Friday," I said.

"Go ahead."

I walked out of the door and towards inner-town where the library, stores, malls, and pretty much everything was. After 20 or so minutes,I passed by the store. I saw Momo and Sae hanging out. Why were they, of all people, together?

"Hey, Momo, I heard you have a date on Saturday," I heard Sae say. A date? With who?

"Oh... yeah. How did you find out about that?" Momo asked. Momo...

"Oh, nothing. I just heard it from someone," Sae lied. She's so... bad.

"Someone? Who?"

"Well, anyway, what are you doing? Movies? Hanging at home?" Sae cut her off.

"Movies," Momo said flatly.

"With who?"

"Kairi..." Momo said. ... Kairi? Why him? Why can't it be me?

"Oh, Kairi! Momo, you have a horrible taste in men," Momo scolded her. I shook my head and sighed.

"And that's why you were always after Touji...?" Momo questioned her. If only Momo knew...

"Oh. He was an exception. He's hot. Duh," Sae said, not even taken by what she did to us!

"Whatever," Momo said, before running off. I could tell she was heading home.

Sae smirked and laughed a little. There, I sort of fell out of my hiding spot and ran forward to the library. Damn. Why? Why?! I want Momo so badly... Kairi better take care of her or I'll break every bone and limb in his body!

Where did our Peach Girl go to?

I was running back home when I bumped into Kairi. "Oh, uh, sorry!"

"Oh, Momo, just the girl I was looking for," he said, hugging me. He was always like this...

"Hi, Kairi."

"I have to tell you something. It's really important," Kairi told me.

I looked up at him, wondering what was wrong... What was happening. "What is it, Kairi?"

"Momo I..."

To be continued!