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Chapter 57


Mayuri turned in his sleep. Dreams about dolphins never meant anything good to Mayuri. The last time he had dreamt about dolphins, someone had put his Reece's Pieces in the bathtub. That had been a very bad day.

Mayuri cracked an eyelid open and he froze. There was something in the bed with him.

Last summer Mayuri was visited in bed by a very large spider, since then Mayuri had kept a bug swatter under his pillow, just in case.

He reached out slowly then stopped. The thing moved.

Mayuri suddenly realised how big this thing was. It took up nearly half the bed and most of the sheets. He was going to need a bigger bug swatter.

Tentatively he lifted a corner of the sheet up and fainted.


Two minutes and fifty-seven point eight seconds later Mayuri woke. His first impulse was to scream but he quickly restrained himself. Maintaining his dignity, Mayuri felt the enormity of the situation come upon him.

'Oh my gosh,' he said out loud, 'I have a naked woman in my bed.'

This had never happened to Mayuri before and he wondered what he should do next. Did he have to dispose of the body? He had seen this on a human TV show recently. It looked rather messy and Mayuri didn't fancy getting his hands dirty so early in the morning.

Maybe he should try swatting it anyway.

He did this and the body's arm swatted back then it was still again.

Mayuri picked up the phone. He was going to need outside help and this help consisted of one man and one man alone. Shunsui Kyoraku.

The phone rang twice before it was picked up, before the recipient had a chance to say anything, Mayuri blurted, 'There's a naked woman in my bed!'

Mayuri got the dial tone in response. He checked the number he had dialled.



Byakuya wasn't sure who was ringing at such an early hour and he was in the right mind to let it just go unanswered but he picked it up anyway.

'There's a naked woman in my bed!'

Byakuya put the phone down.


Mayuri redialled and Shunsui picked up.

'There's a naked woman in my bed!'

There was silence on the other end.

Mayuri frowned, 'Hello?'

Shunsui cleared his throat, 'Is it Rei?'

'I don't know! How do you expect me to know that?'

Shunsui sighed, 'Just look.'

'Ok' Mayuri replied in a small voice. He poked the thing under the sheets. It rolled over revealing a familiar face. 'It's Rei,' he confirmed.

'Thank goodness, for a moment there I thought you'd taken a random woman off the streets, not that I have anything against that-.'

There was a sudden thump and Shunsui yelped. Mayuri caught snippets of conversation.

'Who are you talking to at this time of morning? Why are you discussing women of the night?'

'But Nanao, my sweet, Mayuri rang me! He has a naked woman in his bed!'


'Exactly, so I need to finish this call.'

'I see, umm, I'll leave you to it.'

From that day on Nanao could never look Mayuri in the eye – even when she was giving him an eye exam.

'Yes, as I was saying, I need some help,' Mayuri continued.

'Right first you need to get a black bin bag and then carefully load her into it.'

'Shunsui, she's not dead.'

'Oh, that's a different matter entirely. Let me ask one thing, did you do it?'

'Do what?'

'Don't play coy with me, Mayuri man,' Shunsui said.

'Ok, ok, stuff happened but I'm not going to elaborate.'

'Naughty stuff?'

Mayuri frowned, 'What do you mean by that?'

Shunsui slapped a hand to his forehead, this was borderline Kira behaviour. 'Mayuri, let's just say some things are better left unsaid. Now is she awake?'

Mayuri stared at the prone body, 'I don t think so.'

'Then you're on your own, buddy.' Shunsui put down the phone and laughed to himself. Mayuri really made everything more complicated than it should be. He turned to Nanao.

'Hey Nanao, now that I'm off the phone we can do whatever we want!'

Nanao pretended to snore.

Shunsui was unperturbed. 'Ok then, maybe later.'


Mayuri stared at Rei.

He didn't know what to do.

Maybe he should try and go back to sleep.

Or he could just run away.

Both ideas were appealing but before Mayuri could leave the bed Rei flung her arm around his chest, mumbling in her sleep.

Mayuri froze for the second time that morning. His mind screamed for help. 'What do I do? I can't move now. Maybe I should cut her arm off. Wait, if I do that, will it grow back? Probably not. Damn.'

Mayuri realised how warm it was. It was a bit different from his Ashisogi Jizo plushie, but still somehow... nice. He couldn't find a better word for it. Perhaps he should just stay put. Slowly, he drifted off in a sweet slumber.

No dolphins were present.


Sometime later the two woke up.

All was awkward.

Mayuri sat up leaning on a pillow, turned red and looked away from Rei's sleepy gaze as she shivered and wrapped herself in the remaining bedclothes.

'Uh, good morning, 'tis a nice morning isn't it….very sunny,' he mumbled. Rei looked at him. Mayuri took this as a signal to go on, 'ah, yes, last night-stuff happened-good stuff-yes-nice...'

Mayuri trailed on getting quieter as he did so.

There was silence.

Mayuri was not used to this sort of situation. He needed some guidelines or instructions. Damn that Shunsui! He gave Rei a weak smile and decided to lay it out for her.

'Before I say something...unnecessary, I would like to make things clear. I don't really know what I should be doing right now.'

Rei turned away, trying to hide a small smile, 'Mayuri there aren't rules or instructions for these things. They just happen.'

'Drat,' Mayuri thought to himself and said, 'Really?'

Shaking her head, Rei felt herself sigh. It had to be her that fell in love with the silliest man ever. She leant towards him placing her palms on his cheeks.

The closeness was having adverse effects on Mayuri. With their foreheads almost touching, Mayuri's mind went fuzzy. Somehow quick flashes of last night drifted back to him.

'Look,' Rei began drawing his attention, 'Do you regret what happened last night?'

'No,' Mayuri said quickly and Rei wasn't sure whether to be happy or not. Mayuri suddenly felt the need to say something worthwhile or maybe a little bit humorous but he was no comedian.

Mayuri put a hand on hers, 'On the contrary I rather enjoyed it,' he said with a small smile, his eyes on her own and then suddenly wished he hadn't. Was that going overboard? Would Rei think him some wild fiend? He hoped not. It was the truth but since he hadn't said anything like this before he wasn't sure how it would be received.

Rei guessed right that this was Mayuri trying very hard to say the right thing, 'That's the spirit,' she whispered and kissed him.

'So she doesn't think I'm a fiend, this isn't so bad after all,' Mayuri thought; his mind clearer. Feeling significantly happier, he put his arms around her and returned the kiss. He couldn't quite explain it but something in his brain was telling him what to do. Whatever it was, Mayuri thought, it was definitely helping.


Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. Mayuri groaned, staring at the now silent doorway. Who could that be, ruining this good moment?

Rei looked at the door too, 'I should get that.'

Mayuri didn't really want her to go, he was pretty sure he wouldn't get this opportunity again and finally things were making more sense. If she left his clear mind might too.

Mayuri didn't want that. He liked knowing what to do.

'Don't go,' he muttered, Rei smiled and kissed his forehead.

'I'll be back in a minute,' she promised and after finding her clothes she went to answer to door.

Mayuri felt his head fall onto the pillow. Another task had been completed. How many had he done? Mayuri frowned-he couldn't even remember. When had the tasks started to become so irrelevant? He wasn't even sure if he cared about them, all he wanted to do was spend time with Rei. Mayuri smiled inwardly. Yes, spending time with Rei, that did sound like fun. Mayuri hoped he didn't sound like Shunsui.

Before his thoughts went even further, Rei tapped him on the shoulder. He turned, surprised.

'Nemu would like to see you, she's waiting outside.'

Mayuri, sighed, stood up and tried to flatten his hair with a hand. It didn't work. Rei tutted and smoothed it down for him. He frowned, somehow it worked when she did it. Must be something to do with static electricity Mayuri thought, ever the scientist.

He headed for the door, Rei coughed behind him. He turned.

'Um, Mayuri, are you going out like that?' Rei asked, gesturing with a hand and Mayuri looked down. He saw that he wasn't really dressed for the occasion, heck, not even dressed at all and quickly pulled on some clothes off the floor.

Nemu stared at Mayuri impassively when he stepped outside. He instantly felt uncomfortable and felt the need to fiddle with something. He rubbed his head causing his hair to stick up on end.

Nemu tried unsuccessfully to try and pat it down.

'What do you want?' Mayuri asked after they had struggled with his hair for a few minutes. It still looked rather wild.

'The fourth task has been crossed off the scroll,' Nemu said flatly.

'I should hope so,' Mayuri muttered, he knew himself what had been done. The morning's clarity seemed to be wearing off and Mayuri started thinking about the tasks again.

'There's only one left now,' Nemu said. They both knew what it was. 'Apologise for everything'. Mayuri thought this was a bit vague but nevertheless, it had to be done. His mind centred on the task and any thoughts of the previous night were banished from his mind. This was work mode Mayuri and he meant business.

'Right, Nemu make a list,' he began and Nemu whipped out a clipboard and a pen from under her skirt. Mayuri didn't even bat an eyelid, 'I need a stand, microphone, confetti, and lots of post-it-notes.'

Mayuri marched off in the direction of the twelfth squad barracks. He paused when he saw that Nemu was not following.

'Hey, Nemu we don't have much time, I want these tasks over and done with, there is no time for dilly dallying!'

Nemu pointed at Rei's door, 'Do you not want to tell Rei-san first?'

Mayuri froze, he had forgotten about Rei. This was bad, he didn't know what had come over him. He had gotten so wrapped up in finishing the last task he had forgotten about Rei. Mayuri was stunned, a few minutes ago he was thinking that he didn't even care about the tasks.

He and Nemu went inside. Rei looked up she didn't need to be told that he was leaving. Mayuri was just about to speak when she held up her hand.

'You're going, right?'

Mayuri nodded, 'Yes, but, umm, I'll be back as soon as I'm done with this task business.'

He finished dressing and made an half hearted attempt to sort out his hair. Rei sighed and patted it down for him. Mayuri noted that she seemed to be the only one who could do that.

Rei rubbed an arm, 'How is that going for you? The tasks I mean.'

Mayuri looked up, 'Uh, they're fine, actually, great, I mean thanks to you things are gonna be a lot easier. I mean if I didn't know you I would be screwed right now, they would have never been done. What I mean to say is that you've helped me a great deal in finishing these tasks.'

Mayuri was trying to thank her his words couldn't have been put more wrongly.

Rei flinched.

'Are you ok?' Mayuri asked, looking at her.

Rei nodded as sadness filled her. Mayuri kissed her forehead hesitantly and left with Nemu.


Rei slumped into an armchair. Is that how Mayuri really saw her? A means to end the tasks?

It occurred to Rei that she hadn't told Mayuri of her feelings and for that matter nor had he. They had just sort of…gotten on with things without talking much about it.

It could be one of Mayuri's strange moods, he did change his mind often. But then again there was that possibility, a chance that he didn't love her and had only used her to finish the tasks. Rei didn't want to think about that. She didn't think she could handle it because Rei was in love and it hurt to think that Mayuri wasn't.


Shunsui wanted to throw something when he heard the recording.

The tape ended and Nemu put down the recorder.

'He actually said that?' he asked incredulously.

Nemu nodded silently.

'Of all the things he could have said,' Shunsui mumbled. This was not good. Rei wouldn't take this too well. As a matter of fact, no woman would take those sorts of words well. Shunsui guessed that Mayuri didn't mean anything of it and was genuinely thanking her. But that definitely wasn't the way to do it.

''I mean if I didn't know you I would be screwed right now', oh brother,' Shunsui added, how could anyone not take that the wrong way?

He was going to have to talk to Rei soon and sort this mess out. Shunsui smiled dryly when he remembered that the last task was to apologise.

'How apt,' he thought to himself.


Unbeknownst to Shunsui, Rei had already made her mind up to go and see Mayuri. She needed to talk to him, just to make sure. Then he could continue and be his silly self. She just needed to know that Mayuri loved her truly.


Mayuri was excited, he hadn't felt like this in a long time…well there was last night, but that was different…now he was in his element. Planning this last task was all that was on his mind.

Mayuri cackled. He hadn't done that in a long time.

There was a cluster of technicians around him, each with a clipboard and something to say.

From what he could tell, Mayuri was pretty sure everything was nearly ready.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder. Rei looked him squarely in the face.

'I would like a word,' she said sternly. Mayuri wasn't in the mood to be interrupted.

'Umm, I'm kind of busy here, maybe later,' he brushed her off. Rei frowned and dragged him by the sleeve till they were out of earshot.

Rei looked Mayuri in the face. 'There's something I have to tell you.'

Mayuri looked at her, tapping his foot impatiently, 'What is it?'

'I love you.'

Mayuri turned pale and his eyes glazed over.

He choked.

This was not the reaction Rei was hoping for.

Sure, in theory, Mayuri had said that he loved Rei. He still wasn't entirely sure what that meant. At first he was just humouring the idea, saying it to Shunsui was one thing but when it actually came to the crunch Mayuri was at loss.

He didn't get to say anything because the two were interrupted by a technician, 'Uh, Mayuri-sama where would you like the stand?'

Another technician stepped between them , 'What colour post-it-notes do you want?'

There was a sudden wave of white as a crowd of lab coated technicians stormed over with their endless questions. Mayuri was swept away and Rei was left feeling a little lost.

'Oh,' she thought, 'that didn't go too well.'


Matsumoto wasn't sure what she was doing in the twelfth squad barracks.

A sudden twinge in her bladder told Matsumoto that she needed the toilet urgently. Ah, yes, that's why she was here, Mayuri's personal bathroom was a lot nicer than her captain's. She wondered why that was. Probably because Toshiro didn't care if he didn't have a television/games computer right next to the toilet.

Mayuri cared about these things.

Matsumoto was just about to enter when she saw a bowed figure hurrying away.

Curiosity got the better of her and she followed. Her bladder could wait, plus Matsumoto was pretty sure that the person was Mayuri's one true love, Rei.


The figure stopped and turned, 'Oh, fukutaichou, what's the matter?' Rei quickly tried to wipe tears from her face but failed miserably.

Matsumoto smiled inside, this was going some story to tell at the twice weekly tenth squad drink-a-thon.

'The question is: What's the matter with you?' Matsumoto asked. Rei didn't know Matsumoto that well, only that she was probably the largest chested woman in the Soul Society, but you could tell that from just looking. Rei wasn't that inclined to tell her anything, but then again, who else could she tell? She sighed and summarised the past day for the lieutenant.

At the end, Matsumoto clucked like a mother hen and gathered Rei in a tight bear hug.

Rei couldn't quite breath properly because of this but she didn't want to seem rude and kept quiet.

For a while anyway.

'Uh, Matsumoto-san?' Rei said, her voice distinctly muffled.


'I can't breathe.'

'Oh sorry.' Matsumoto let go and noticed that the other woman's face was a lot redder than before, from embarrassment or lack of air she couldn't tell.

Rei pointed at the door next to them, 'I think I'll go freshen up.' She stepped into Mayuri's bathroom but what she didn't count on was Matsumoto following.

'I'll give you some company,' Matsumoto said and then paused, 'After I've used the toilet.' She went into the adjoining room which contained the toilet/computer ensemble.

Rei splashed her face with cold water. She couldn't believe this. Here she was in a bathroom having a heart to heart with another girl over some guy issues. It sounded like high school all over again.

With the flush of a toilet and the Windows shut down tune, Matsumoto joined Rei at the sink.

'Did I just hear a computer shut down?' Rei asked, staring at the open doorway to the toilet. Matsumoto nodded.

'Yup, Mayuri has a state of the art computer in there, I was playing solitaire. It's hidden behind that panel,' she explained, pointing at a metal plate next to the toilet paper.

Rei frowned, 'I thought that was a compartment for keeping cleaning supplies,' she said thoughtfully. Matsumoto raised an eyebrow.

'You've been in here before? I'm impressed. Mayuri must surely love you if he let you use this bathroom. He doesn't even let Nemu use it.'

Rei smiled weakly, 'That made me feel only slightly better.'

Matsumoto sighed, if this woman was expecting a straight love confession from Mayuri than she clearly didn't understand him.

'It's not like I'm expecting a straight love confession from him, I know what he's like,' Rei continued staring at a mirror. Matsumoto patted her on the shoulder.

'He's crazy,' Matsumoto said plainly.

'I like that about him,' Rei replied. Matsumoto laughed.

'You like a man who's crazy enough to cut his arm off in front of a class of children to cheer them up?'

Rei only smiled when she remembered that. They did have some good times together.

Matsumoto got the feeling she was losing Rei and resorted to drastic measures.

She poked her arm.

But all she got in return was a far off sounding sigh. Oh dear, Matsumoto thought, there's only one thing that was going to sort this out.

Matsumoto shook Rei by the shoulders till her hair was suitably messy.

'Matsumoto-san, what are you doing?'

Matsumoto put on her serious face, 'I can see that you're so far along in your grief for Mayuri that there is only one thing that can save you…sake!' And with that Matsumoto produced a bottle of sake from her bosom.

Rei stared, 'Did you just take a bottle of sake out from your….'

'Yes,' Matsumoto said as if this was normal, 'there's actually quite a lot of space inside, see?'

Rei quickly turned away as Matsumoto demonstrated. The lieutenant found two cups and set them down on the edge of the sink.

'Are you sure you can use those cups?' Rei asked.

'Why not?' Matsumoto said, already pouring the drink out.

'Well they were holding toothbrushes.'

Matsumoto frowned for a moment, 'He needed two cups for his toothbrushes…how many does one man need?'

Rei smiled at this, 'Mayuri has a toothbrush for every day.'

Matsumoto stared at her and downed her glass in one go.

Rei was pretty sure Matsumoto didn't care about her problems and just wanted an excuse to drink. On the other hand she could use a stiff drink to loosen her nerves.

She hesitantly took a sip.


Mayuri was getting things done.

About the last task that is.

Mayuri couldn't bring himself to bow on his hands and knees, he wasn't that serious a person. It just wasn't his style. And so he had come up with something better.

'Post-it-notes,' Mayuri began, addressing the assembled captains, 'I am going to write out personalised apology notes to everyone I have wronged. They'll start appearing over the next hours so if you see something from me please don't throw it away. Personally, I think that me writing every apology out is more…heartfelt.' Mayuri didn't say that word often, it felt strange in his mouth but Nemu said it would work, 'Are there any questions?'

Shunsui raised his hand, 'Can I have a blue post-it-note?'

Mayuri looked at him, deadpan, 'I don't think I'm apologising to you.'

Shunsui scowled back and then remembered something else, 'Uh, Mayuri I need a word.'

Mayuri let the other captains go and looked at Shunsui, 'What do you want?'

'We need to talk about Rei.' Mayuri didn't like where this was going.

'What do you mean?'

'You need to find her and tell her you love her,' Shunsui said flatly, 'If you don't, things are gonna get bad and not even a master like me could help you.'

Mayuri didn't like the sound of this, 'How bad are we talking?'

The look on Shunsui's face told Mayuri that it worse than he could imagine.

'I need to talk to Rei,' Mayuri said quietly.

'Yes you do,' Shunsui agreed.

'But first, I have to finish these apology notes,' Mayuri said, procrastinating all the way, 'And maybe I'll have lunch and take a shower…'

Shunsui shook his head in dismay, 'Fine, Mayuri, do what you want, but you'll end up paying for it.'

With that he left.

Mayuri tapped his chin, he could write apologies or talk to Rei. Right now neither of them seemed appealing. He decided to go with the apologies first even though he wasn't sure how he was going to write the first one. Hopefully the Rei thing would sort itself out.

Somehow he didn't think it would be that easy.


On his way out, Shunsui thought he heard giggling coming from Mayuri's personal bathroom. He knew it was this room because he often used it. Mayuri's bathroom was probably the best in the Soul Society. Not even Byakuya's was this good.

He knocked on the door and entered. He was surprised it wasn't locked and he definitely wasn't expecting what he saw inside.

Both Matsumoto and Rei were lying on the floor, very drunk. They were laughing continually. The laughter would die down then someone would snort and the giggling started all over again. Shunsui was pondering whether to watch or actually say something.

'Hey, ladies, mind if I join you?'

They looked up, it took time for their gazes to focus, 'Oh, taichou,' Matsumoto said, shaking the sake bottle, there was still some left, 'of course you can!'

Rei wiped her nose with a tissue, her nose wasn't even running, she had stopped crying a long time ago. Two or three sake bottles ago she thought dimly.

'Now, my dear, Rei-san,' Shunsui began, 'What reason is there for you to turn to drink, what if Mayuri saw this?'

Rei's eyes watered, and she burst out into a fresh wave of tears. Matsumoto shook her head, 'You shouldn't mention Mayuri.'

'Well done, Matsumoto,' Shunsui remarked, when Rei's sobbing became even louder. Matsumoto let out an exasperated sigh.

'She's a lightweight,' she explained, 'she was already doing the YMCA after the first glass.'

Rei held up her cup and Matsumoto filled it.

Shunsui raised an eyebrow and looked at the tearful fourth squad member. 'Poor thing, she didn't choose to fall in love with May- I mean the captain of the twelfth squad. He's not the easiest guy to get along with.'

Rei decided to speak up at that moment, 'Do you know why there are more colour blind men than women? It's because the gene defect for colour blindness is in the x chromosome and women have two x chromosomes. So if there is a defect the other x can compensate for it but men have an x and a y chromosome so they don't have anything to back it up. I mean, what's up with that?'

Matsumoto sighed again, 'See what I mean? She's completely off her rocking chair.'

Shunsui put a hand on the younger woman's shoulder. In hindsight he shouldn't have done this.

Rei was so drunk that the act of having a hand on her shoulder made her lose balance and she pitched forward.

Shunsui who was no expecting this watched bemused as Rei's head fell with a thud into the sink.

Rei was still.

'Is she dead?' Matsumoto asked, gathering the sake bottles so there wouldn't be any evidence.

Shunsui lifted her head from the sink bowl, 'Amazingly, she looks unhurt but she does seem to be unconscious.'

Matsumoto gave a sigh in relief, 'That's good then, let's get her to Unohana.'

Shunsui agreed and carried the teacher to the doorway where he paused.

'What's the hold up?' Matsumoto asked not wanting to be caught by Mayuri.

Shunsui turned to her and smile creeping across his face, 'I have an idea.'

Matsumoto, caught the captain's trail of thought and smiled conspiratorially, 'I think I know what it is.'

Shunsui told her and Matsumoto frowned, 'I thought you were going to say 'let's dump her body and continue drinking' but your idea is better.'

And with that they started to plan.


Mayuri crumpled the post-it he was writing on and swore. He didn't know it was going to be this hard to write a simple apology and it was only the first one. Mayuri eyed the first name on the list and sighed. This one was more of a formality and the actual event was ages ago. Surely everyone had forgotten about it, he certainly had.

In the end he decided to make it direct and to the point.

He hoped it didn't sound too insincere.


Ishida wasn't sure how it got there but when he opened his fridge he found a bright pink post-it-note stuck on an aubergine.

He peeled it off and stared at the simple message.

-I'm sorry I tried to kill and experiment on you.-

Ishida stared.

He had an inkling of a feeling of who had sent it but he wondered why. Then he remembered the tasks and smiled to himself. He remembered the day clearly. It was the only day when Ishida felt he had done anything of any value.

Little did he know, it had taken Mayuri twenty drafts and a proof reader to create this tiny note.

A lot of effort was put into it and even though he knew it wouldn't be heard, Ishida said it anyway.

'Apology accepted.'


Mayuri looked at the message chute, wondering if Ishida had got it. He didn't care to be honest, that good for nothing Quincy had come this close to killing him. Not that Mayuri was ever going to admit it. No way, he had made a tactical retreat. Yes, that's what they called it these days.

Mayuri rubbed his eyes and looked at the next name.

This was going to be slightly easier.


Byakuya frowned.

He had been napping peacefully at home. All was quiet and calm and then suddenly he felt it. Something had been stuck on his forehead.

His eyes opened slowly, reaching out he took the message and read it.

-I want to apologise first and foremost for the phone call this morning, I was in a hurry and in my haste I actually put your number in. I am very sorry. I know you didn't want to hear about my situation. I want you to know that I am also sorry for that time I said 'I love you' in the corridor, it wasn't right of me I know.

I would also like to apologise for any grievance or worry I have caused you. I don't know what it might be but knowing me I probably have done something.

Furthermore I would like apologise for that time I came into your office and stole the stapler, I swear I returned it and only used five staples. Honest.

Incidentally, I don't know if this warrants an apology but I want to say sorry for coming into your office as if I knew what I was on about and gave you advice about Rukia and Ichigo. It was part of the tasks, so forgive me if I was just talking rubbish and if my clones got in the way I am even more sorry.

Yeah, I think that's it.-

Byakuya squinted, the writing was quite small. He put the note down, wondering what that crazy scientist was thinking. Mayuri didn't have to apologise for anything, maybe for the phone call but not anything else.

It seemed like an age ago that he was pondering what to do about Rukia, and at any rate Byakuya was glad that he followed Mayuri's advice. Things had turned out well.

And if that wasn't enough, Mayuri had brought back Hisana, this was something he definitely didn't have to apologise for.

Byakuya looked out into the garden and got out his writing brush.


The general was in a good mood, his dose of pills had increased and he hadn't felt worried in a long, long time. Such was his happiness that he wondered why he hadn't been taking pills when he had made all those bad decisions.

His lieutenant had informed him that he was being considered for the worst decision maker in the whole of the Soul Society.

He had made Gin, Aizen and Tousen captains. He had made that no-brainer Amagai a captain too but for some reason he didn't remember much else about that man.

Yamamoto was quite surprised when he saw the post-it-note on his pill bottle.

-General, I would like to apologise for causing you much hassle and grief. I have never really known you that well, only that I know you passed the order for me to be locked up when I was a young person. I forgive you for that if you wanted to know. When you ordered me to do these tasks I was angry and annoyed but I got over that and actually enjoyed myself a little. I know you won't be able to understand much in your drug induced stupor but I just want you to know that I have become a better person. I think. I'm sorry.-

The generally needed his reading glasses to make any sense of the note and even then he didn't even know what was going on. He had to have his lieutenant read it out to him.


Mayuri looked disgusted, that last one to the general sounded like a suicide note.

But he had said 'apologise' and 'sorry' which would do for now.

There was a knock on the door and a messenger entered. He silently handed over a note and left.

Mayuri inspected the heavy parchment, looking at this quality someone pretty loaded would have had to have sent it. He wondered who.

-Mayuri. You do not have to apologise for the advice you gave regarding my sister and that youth, Kurosaki Ichigo. Nor do you have to apologise for speaking out of turn or causing me grievances because you haven't done anything.

In actual fact, I believe thanks are in order, you brought my wife back and for this I can give nothing but my thanks.

The only thing which I will accept an apology for is the phone call this morning. Do not do this again.-

Mayuri was close to tears, theoretically. Mayuri didn't cry. No one had ever sent him a thank you note. No one ever had any reason to. Mayuri couldn't quite explain the feeling but he tucked the note into his pocket for safe keeping.

Rolling up his sleeves Mayuri moved onto the next names. He was getting into this now and worked with renewed fervour.


Kira was filing some paperwork when his note arrived. Kira was quite alarmed when saw it and flinched so violently when it appeared on his nose that he got a large paper cut on his thumb.

He lifted the note carefully, sucked his thumb and read.

-I want to apologise Kira for being a bad teacher, I should have been more supportive and definitely more interested in your learning. My misguided efforts made you cut your ear off. I am sorry for that but you know, you have to be willing to learn to. So stop sucking your thumb and get yourself in school right now mister!

Kira instantly took his thumb out of his mouth.

'As I was saying, I want to say sorry for not helping you as much as I should have. I should have stopped the children from giving you alcohol. I should have gotten you out of there before you said those things to that small blonde girl. I should not have left you in the marshmallow factory overnight. The list could go on but I am hoping you get the idea. Somehow I think this isn't the case but it doesn't matter. All you have to know Kira is that I'm sorry.-

Kira wept silently.


Nanao was surprised when a yellow note found its way onto her desk, she thought it was for her captain but then realised it was addressed to her.

'You're probably thinking that this was for Shunsui, his name is on the list, but first I wanted to say sorry if I ever took too much of his time and made your paperwork difficult because of this. Also I wanted to say that I am especially sorry if I put him in that silly mood he gets in, y'know the one, where he just can't stop thinking about….yeah…like I said you get the point.

Nanao nodded in agreement, yes, she knew that mood. Very well.

'And so I wanted to apologise for the times I kept him at my office where we got shamelessly drunk and talked about rubbish including the interesting story about Byakuya's marble bathtub. You have to ask him about that one. It's a real cracker of a story. Actually. Don't. I don't think you'll like it.

But hopefully you get what I mean. I also wanted to say sorry about bothering Shunsui with my problems, like this morning. I failed to realise that this also effects you.-

Nanao thought this was quite nice of Mayuri and filed it away to its proper place.


Toshiro was annoyed. He had sent five hell butterflies after Matsumoto and not one of them had come back.

His office was a tip. He didn't mind if Matsumoto's half of the room was messy but now the rubbish had migrated to his side of the room and Toshiro didn't like it.

He was just about to go look for her himself when a post-it-note appeared on the telephone. He picked it up gingerly.

-Toshiro, there I many things I have to apologise for. The main thing being, I am very sorry for giving you that pill with the strange side effects. I had good intentions believe me. I really didn't know it was going to turn out like that. Ok, maybe I knew something was going to happen but not that bad. You have to admit though, the size was impressive. I also wanted to apologise when I gave you that massage, you didn't ask to be given a massage like that and you could have gone anywhere else. I haven't told anyone though.

Actually come to think of it, I can't think of anything else to apologise for but whatever it was, I'm sorry.-

Toshiro stared at the note. It wasn't quite what he expected and it did bring up bad memories. He looked at his hakama pants and shuddered. Bad memories but he had got a good dance with Momo. Also, he had to admit, the captain of the twelfth squad did give good massages.


Zaraki and Renji got similar notes each expressing the writer's sincerest apologies about turning them into women.

Renji wasn't to bothered but for Zaraki it was quite a different story.

This was possibly the only memory that gave Zaraki nightmares.


Mayuri stretched his arms and ticked names off the list. He was making good progress, in fact he only had two more main notes to do. Then he would have to deal with the Rei issue, funnily enough though he hadn't heard from Rei in a while.

Maybe she was avoiding him. Mayuri hoped not.


Nemu was busy staring out her window when a post-it-appeared, she wouldn't have noticed but it landed in her direct path of sight.

At first she was going to throw it away as it was disrupting her staring, but then she saw it was for her and she read.

-Nemu, I don't know if this will mean much to you but I am sorry for being a lousy father. It seems that in the past I got worked up too quickly over the small things and took out my anger on you. I now know that this was wrong of me. Please accept my deepest apologies. I don't know how to explain myself except that now I aim to be the best father I can. I feel…bad about how I treated you before and I think you have become more productive without me sending you for repairs because of my shortcomings. Do you remember when we went grave digging for Hisana's grave? That was creepy and uh don't mention it to anyone. I promise as soon as this over we can watch Dumbo again, like we used to.-

Nemu didn't know what to do. She had never had something like this before. And because she didn't know what to do with it she framed the small piece of paper and put it above the window.

Now she had something new to stare at for a while.


The last note, even thought the recipient wasn't there to read it, took the most thinking about.

Mayuri wasn't sure how it sounded but he hoped it came out right. He didn't want the person to think him soft or anything.

-Shunsui, we have shared some pretty hectic moments. Usually because I have a problem and I call you to help me fix it. I turned you into a woman too and that was wrong of me. You didn't asked to be bothered but I did it anyway and I wonder now if this was the right thing to do. Having got this far in the tasks, I feel different. I don't know how to explain it but things are going to be different from now on. I want to apologise for putting all my troubles on you and making you teach me all this stuff. But believe me when I say I could not have done these tasks without you. From bungee jumping, love advice, tuti fruit ice cream and late night drinking- you have always been there. You didn't have to be but you were. And I think from these experiences. I trust you enough to call you my friend. I hope you think so too. If you don't then damn, because I don't think I have any other friends.-

It sounded like he was in love with the guy or something. Mayuri sighed, he didn't care. The only thing that mattered was that Shunsui forgave him and in the grand scheme of things, everyone did.

He was just about to send it down the chute when Matsumoto burst into the room with Shunsui who was holding something in his arms.

Shunsui lay this thing on the table and Mayuri eyes bugged out.

'Oh my god! Is that Rei? What happened is she dead?' he cried out shaking the woman's shoulders. Oh my gosh, Mayuri thought, she wasn't avoiding me at all. She was dead!

'Did he even check if she was breathing?' Matsumoto whispered to Shunsui.


'Should we tell him she's not dead.'

Shunsui smiled, 'Let's see how this plays out.'

He intervened before Mayuri could do any real damage.

'I think something happened,' Shunsui said vaguely, 'apparently she got heart sick.'

Mayuri turned even more pale, 'Oh my gosh! She had a heart attack!' Mayuri took a defibrillator from his under his desk and Shunsui wanted to slap him.

'Not a heart attack you idiot! She's emotionally hurt! The very idea of you not loving her has made her ill!'

Mayuri was so worried for Rei that he didn't actually think about the flaws of the situation, namely, shouldn't they have taken her to Unohana first?


'OMG, indeed,' Shunsui muttered.

Mayuri grabbed Shunsui by the front of his haori, 'Is it serious? Is she gonna die?'

Shunsui took Mayuri's hands, 'Maybe.'

Mayuri was taken over by another frenzy, and with renewed strength shook Shunsui's shoulders.

'She can't die! I love her. How can she die when I love her?'

Shunsui looked Mayuri in the eye, 'Don't tell me that, Mayuri. You have to tell her.'

Mayuri stared at Rei's prone body. Just this morning, that woman on the table told you that she loves you, he thought. The very idea that she might not hear him say it was tormenting Mayuri.

He did love her.

He realised now that he didn't have to understand what that meant but at least he knew it and that would have to be good enough.

He took Rei by the shoulders again. 'Hey, Rei, if you can hear me. I just wanted to say that I-I love you. I mean, you're the only one who can pat my hair down without a comb, it's amazing. Not that I love you just because of that. I love because…uh…I don't actually know why, but I do. Definitely. So please stop being sick. Wake up.'

Matsumoto was moved, Shunsui smiled.

Mayuri felt physically exhausted. He didn't even know what he was saying, it just sort of tumbled out.

'Maybe you should take her to Unohana,' Shunsui said quietly. Mayuri gasped, slapping his forehead as he did so.

'Oh my gosh! Why didn't I do that before? What has gotten into me?' And with that Mayuri picked Rei up in a fireman's lift. Shunsui groaned wondering where Mayuri got his energy from. One minute the scene was romantic and rather cute, now it had turned to a crazy Mayuri scene.

'She's not a sack of rice, Mayuri. Carry her differently,' Shunsui advised. Mayuri who had a one track mind had to pause and process what Shunsui had just said. He quickly changed their positions without thinking so now he was carrying her bridal style.

'Much better,' Matsumoto commented but Mayuri wasn't listening. He was on a mission.

'Gah, I need to hurry, she needs urgent medical attention. I don't have any time to waste!' And with that Mayuri rushed out of the room.

'That's not how I was expecting things to go,' Matsumoto muttered, 'Everything he does seems to go against logic.'

She followed wearily.

'That's Mayuri for you,' Shunsui said after her.

He leant on Mayuri's table and sighed. Today was going to be alright. It seemed to him that things were coming to an end. Mayuri's love quest was nearly complete, the tasks were done. There was almost nothing left. Shunsui scratched his chin and looked around. He couldn't remember the last time he had such fun. He felt himself thinking that he didn't want things to end.

Shunsui wondered if Mayuri had noticed how much he had changed. Probably not.

He was just about to leave when he saw a blue post-it-note on the desk. He picked it up and read. A small smile crept across his face.

Maybe Mayuri did know after all.


Mayuri frowned when he heard what Unohana was telling him.

'You mean she's not dying.'

Unohana shook her head, 'Whatever made you think that?'

Mayuri had a mind to go hunt Shunsui down but he collected himself, 'When will she wake up?'

'Judging by how much she's drunk, I'd say she'll wake up in the evening.'

Mayuri turned around and saw that Matsumoto wasn't behind him. He could have sworn that she had been there a second ago.

'Did Matsumoto-?'

Unohana nodded, 'She left soon after we arrived.'

Mayuri was angry. He had been tricked. Fooled. He knew that it had been for a good purpose but still it annoyed him. His friend Shunsui had taken advantage of his silly nature.

Shunsui appeared with a bunch of grapes and from the look on Mayuri's face, he knew that Mayuri had found out their plan.

'Hey! Why did you trick me?'

Shunsui held the grapes up in defence, 'Calm down, May-kun, if you hadn't realised this little stunt saved your relationship.'

Mayuri simmered down, 'I would have told her myself,' he mumbled.

'I doubt that very much,' Shunsui argued. Mayuri kicked at the floor and looked at Rei who was sleeping peacefully in bed.

Shunsui patted Mayuri on the shoulder, 'It's alright, you don't have to thank me. I see it as my life's duty that you get the woman you love. I am your friend after all.'

Mayuri threw himself into the visitor's chair, 'I'm such a fool. I couldn't even tell one woman that I loved her. What use am I?'

Shunsui not seeing any bowls for the grapes, decided to eat them himself.

'What could I do to make it up to her?' Mayuri thought out loud. Shunsui threw a small pad of paper and an ink brush him.

'I think she deserves a post-it-note. Don't you?'


When Rei woke up, she instantly felt like having a good vomit. After this feeling passed, she lifted herself gently from the bed and found herself in a recovery room for the fourth barracks.

Massaging her temples, she stumbled around, looking for some water. Her head was throbbing, she knew she shouldn't have drunk that much but she did it anyway. Rei cursed silently, when she tipped the water jug over.

Her memory of what had happened was hazy and all she could remember seeing was Mayuri's sink. She wondered why.

And then she caught sight of the square note paper that was attached to the jug.

Rei picked it up and frowned.

-7.30pm, 12th squad courtyard-

She recognised Mayuri's handwriting. What could he want now? As if she wasn't already confused enough.

She sighed and looked at the clock. Half an hour to go.

Rei set out to find Unohana.


Mayuri directed the workmen impatiently. It was nearly half seven. He hoped Rei would come.

He had only left her bedside because a technician had burst into the room, saying that the scroll was acting strange.

In actual fact, the last task had been completed and the scroll was self destructing. It didn't have to be so explosive, Mayuri thought annoyed. When it had burst into flame, his best handkerchief collection had been caught in the explosion.

He liked those handkerchiefs.

Things were beginning to take shape. A stand had been erected in the middle of the courtyard and a series of seats had been set up.

Mayuri ordered the flood lights to be turned on as the sun dipped. He was planning to have a speech here. This would signify the end of the tasks and his emergence as a new, changed man.

But, he thought to himself, it would mean nothing if Rei didn't come.

That was the only thing that mattered to Mayuri.


Soon guests were arriving.

The general arrived first. Mayuri frowned, was it him or did his boss look a little more…senile. It must have been something to do with the fact that the general was using a Zimmer-frame.

A little while later Byakuya turned up and when he saw Mayuri, inclined his head as a way of greeting. Mayuri was quite chuffed, a nod of the head was more than what he usually got.

Renji followed with Kira in tow. The young man perked up instantly when he saw Mayuri and hurried over.

'Mayuri-taichou, I read your note. It made me cry,' Kira said happily.

Mayuri wondered why someone would feel happy about this. 'That's great, did you learn anything from it?'

Kira nodded eagerly, 'I learnt that I should go to school because then I will be a clever person.'

Mayuri sighed. This was something at least. Looking at Kira's enthusiastic face made Mayuri think of a puppy. And while Mayuri was the sort of person who worked alone, having a pet seemed like quite a fun prospect. But this wasn't an ordinary puppy. It was Kira. Mayuri was pretty sure Kira was house trained but the idea of teaching him everything seemed like too much effort.

Someone else could have the burden of teaching this hapless young…Mayuri was tempted to say man but it didn't fit…he decided on 'thing' instead.

'I invited your children, I hope you don't mind,' Kira continued.

Mayuri froze. 'My what?'

'Y'know, those kids you taught. You adopted them, didn't you?'

Mayuri slapped a hand to his forehead. He had forgotten about that. He had promised to be their father. Mayuri now knew this hadn't been a good idea.

'How did you keep in contact with them, anyway?' Mayuri asked. Kira's cheeks turned pink and he looked at the floor.

'Well, I still talk to some of them,' he mumbled. From Kira's reaction to the question Mayuri had the feeling that the boy was talking about girls.

'Kira, were you actually talking to girls?'

Kira nodded.

'Not that…blonde one, which you…?'

Kira nodded.

'I thought I told you to stay away from her!' Mayuri said angrily but Kira looked at him.

'I know but well I had to say sorry. She was quite nice about it and she became my friend,' he explained.

Mayuri couldn't quite believe what he was hearing. The girl who had been subjected to the worst pick up lines ever was still willing to be Kira's friend.

The world worked in mysterious ways, Mayuri thought. He caught sight of a line of children filing into the courtyard.

Here they come, he thought miserably. When they saw him they all waved. Mayuri gave a weak smile in response. Kira caught this.

'You don't look too happy to see them.'

Mayuri turned to him, 'It's not that…it's just that I don't know what to do with them. I don't know about parenting. Luckily they are still in school so I don't see them much. And I don't approve of your relationship with the blonde girl. Since, I'm her father my opinion counts.'

Kira looked scared, 'I didn't mean anything by it! We are just friends. I swear. Don't hurt me.'

Mayuri slapped the side of Kira's head lightly, 'Stop being such a coward. I was only joking. Now go sit down and remember, I'm watching you.'

Mayuri smiled as Kira rushed away. He did enjoy the occasional scare. As for those children, he hadn't a clue what to do.

Captains, lieutenants and shinigami of all seats assembled. The speech would start soon. Mayuri tapped a foot nervously.

Rei still hadn't shown up.


Rei was in fact coming.

She had only just got permission from Unohana to leave. Time was running out.

She hurried as quickly as she could, hoping that Mayuri would still be there even if she was late.

Luckily for her, he was and as she turned the corner she saw him and called his name.

He turned, and for a split second surprise flashed across his face. But then it was over and he was running over to her.

They met in the middle of the courtyard. Mayuri looked at her.

'I didn't think you were coming,' he said softly.

'How could I not?' she replied, 'I love you.'

Mayuri still hadn't gotten used to this but at least he didn't freeze up like last time. He seemed to be about to say something when he stopped himself.

Instead he hugged her, holding Rei to his chest. Rei was surprised but didn't seem to mind and put her arms around him.

Mayuri began to speak ' I was going to apologise on the note but then I realised there was too much to say and to be honest it would be better said in person. I shouldn't have said those things this morning. I should have thought about how it would sound to you. I'm sorry for that. Even worse, when you were brave enough to tell me you feelings I was not. And I could make tons of excuses, like my technicians were asses for butting in like that and they were, but that doesn't make it right. I was a coward. I even wrote all those other apology notes when yours should have been first. I screwed up big time. I just want you to know I'm sorry.'

Rei's eyes were closed. She took the words in savouring each one. 'You don't have to apologise, I should have expected something like this from you.'

Mayuri felt her head under his chin, 'You forgive me? After everything I did?'

'Not all of it was your fault. Your technicians were just really rude. I did kind of put you on the spot.'

Mayuri frowned, this coming from the woman whose parents he turned into tea cups. Oh well, he thought, here comes the main bit.

'On top of that, when I saw you, looking dead, I became really scared. Really scared that I had missed my chance to tell you…'

Rei eyelids fluttered open and she leant back so she could she Mayuri properly. 'Tell me what?' she asked quietly.

He looked her in the eyes and she held his gaze. 'I was scared that I wouldn't be able to tell you that I loved you.'

Before Rei could say anything Mayuri kissed her.


When the two had run to each other. Shunsui tactfully turned the lights to them and heads turned.

They followed Mayuri's speech, hanging on every word. People sniffed move to tears. Ok, it was actually only Yumichika that was crying but the feeling was there and that's what counted. At least half the female attendees were holding tissues to their noses. Zaraki snored.

Renji didn't want to admit it but the scene was touching. He tried to banish these thoughts on the basis that they weren't manly enough but he couldn't help himself.

Nemu out of nowhere, stood beside the couple and showered them with handfuls of confetti.

Mayuri froze and pulled away from Rei. The two shinigami stared.

The Seireitei stared back.

'Oh,' Mayuri muttered, realising that everyone had just heard what he had just said. He went red with embarrassment and Rei stood timidly beside him.

'I think everyone heard,' Mayuri said.

'I wouldn't mind leaving right about now,' she replied.

'I wouldn't mind either but I have to finish up here,' he said. He blinked when he realised he was covered in confetti. He turned to see Nemu standing expressionless with a paper bag.

'Uh, Nemu, you can stop throwing confetti,' he said. She did so and looked at him.

'Congratulations,' she said quietly.


Now standing on the podium with a microphone in front of him, Mayuri was ready to end this crazy task business. It had taken him long enough. Rei had taken a seat in the front row and watched him with a smile and Mayuri felt even more nervous than before.

When he was sure he had everyone's full attention he began.

'When I was given the order to do these tasks, I was pretty annoyed. I didn't want to do them. I believed I hadn't done anything wrong. I was just doing science. But I realise having completed them, that I was wrong. I was actually a monster. I was even prepared to kill my own men to get what I wanted. That's…that's pretty bad. Even when I started out doing the tasks I wasn't that into it. But then along the way, I don't even know when, I started to change. I didn't want to just finish the tasks off in any old way. Some of the tasks were quite vague but I didn't take the easiest or quickest route to complete them. The old me would have done that but not the new one. Also, at some point, I lost the need for that mask. I don't think I'll ever wear it again. Finally, at the beginning of this journey, I had nothing, but now at the end, I can see that I have gained so much more. I now have thirty-four children-,'

At the mention on their class, the children stood up, led by little Yuji and they cheered, clapping their hands as they did so.

'I also gained friends, whom I definitely could not have done this without. They taught me about many things, namely bungee jumping, sympathy, compassion and…love-,'

'And how to cook,' someone who suspiciously sounded like Ikkaku shouted.

'uh, yes and how to cook. And most of all, I fell in love and I think this has made me a much better person. If you don't agree then you can go-uh, yes, wait, everyone can have their own opinion. Think what you want to. I won't get angry. I think that's it really. I have changed for the good. I am a better Mayuri. I don't know everything but now I do know the difference between right and wrong. Mostly.'

With that Mayuri drew his speech to an end. He pressed a button on the microphone and there was a sudden boom as a barrage of fireworks was let off. Music started up.

This day had been full of speeches. Mayuri just wanted to go home with Rei. He was still his silly self and he would readily cut off a limb to cheer children up but now he had toned down the evil scientist inside him. He just hoped it was permanent.

The audience applauded. Mayuri wasn't expecting this. Some even cheered. He stepped down of the stand and the crowd enveloped him. Someone patted his shoulder, others congratulated him. No one talked about his old self. It seemed like everyone had forgotten about that.

Mayuri wondered why they had just accepted him without questioning this sudden change.

Then he realised it was because they actually trusted him.

Mayuri would be crying if he hadn't surgically removed his tear ducts, he vaguely remembered that he had yet to tell Rei about that. But it didn't matter, that could wait.

He had done it!

All twelve tasks. Done. Finished. He remembered the craziness that he had gone through to reach this moment. Mayuri smiled. It was definitely worth it.

Through the mass of people he saw Shunsui who grinned at him. He fought his way over.

'Do you really believe it, Mayuri, that you've changed?' Shunsui asked.

Mayuri didn't even have to think about this one, 'Yes, I do.'

'What do you make of this?' Mayuri asked. Gesturing at the crowd. People were laughing, dancing, singing. Some stared at the fireworks, others brought out drinks. The twelfth squad barracks had become a party arena.

Shunsui shouted in reply but he didn't think Mayuri heard.

He repeated it again, quieter, to himself.

'A fitting end to a very strange story.'

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