Falling Star

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Five girls sit at window seats, in three rows, on an airplane each thinking their own thoughts. In the third row, a girl with short blue hair pretends to read a novel, but stares blankly at the pages, thinking about the past week. Next to her a girl with brown hair folds and unfolds a candy wrapper, unaware that she is even doing it. In the row in front of them a blond girl stares into space and a girl with very dark hair stares unseeingly out the small plane window. A sad aura surrounds the four of them, but they look positively happy compared to the girl in front of them. The girl's hair was styled into two buns with long, golden streamers flowing behind, but it was unkept and put up hastily. Her normally rosy, happy face was pale and etched with bitterness, guilt, and the deepest sorrow. The depths of her eyes showed only pain, and the light blue color they sported was crisscrossed with lines of red, bloodshot from the innumerable tears that they had shed. As the hours crept by, visions of the past battle replayed over and over in her mind, focusing on the two people who should have been sitting in the empty seats next to her, and the many people who would now never get the chance to live. When the plane landed the five girls stood up and walked silently into the airport. With a last glance at the ocean they had just crossed, tears filled the once cheerful, but now lifeless, girl's eyes as she said quietly, "I'm sorry Mamoru, Chibi-usa, and," she paused as tears began to flow down her pale cheeks, "the now 'would be' Crystal Tokyo."

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