Severus's Desire

Severus Snape was in the corner of his room, lights off, sitting. Tears were flowing down his face. His parents, Eileen and Tobias, were fighting, again.

"Why? Why can't we get along like Lily's family?" He thought. Lily Evans was one of Severus's best friends. He happened to have a bit of a crush on her. "No, snap out of it. You're going to be in 4th year soon! you can't cry everytime your parents have an argument." He looked up at the ceiling. It was no use. No matter how many times he brushed them away, the tears would keep on coming. He spent mostly all of his time in his bedroom, waiting for the fighting to be over. He got up, and walked down the stairs.

"Severus needed nice robes for school!" Eileen yelled. .

"More robes?! He can go to the thrift store for all I care. You just have to spend all of my hard earned money!!" Tobias was red in the face with anger. Severus hid in the kitchen, but watched them fight.

"I can't believe you! Your own son need clothes and you care about only your money?! YOU ARE THE CHEAPEST MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!" He was very angry now. He slapped Eileen right across the face. Severus let out a gasp of terror. They turned around to find him there, crying like he had never done before.

"Severus." Eileen said walking toward him. She embraced her son. He looked from his father, to the deep red mark on his mother's cheek. He cried more and embraced her back. "It's okay, honey." Ding dong! The doorbell rang. Tobias got up and answered it. Lily Evans was standing there, holding an envolope. She saw Severus crying, hugging his mother. He blushed and broke apart from her. He brushed his tears away.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Snape... This came to my house my mistake. My parents, sister, and I just got home a few minutes ago and got the mail. It said Severus Snape on it. I think it's from Hogwarts." Tobias took the letter and Lily left. He closed the door behind her and handed Severus his letter.

"T-thank you, father." He went back up to his room. "I can't believe Lily saw me crying!" He thought in rage. His letter said that the train was going to leave the 1st of September at 11:00 at King's Cross on Platform 9 3/4. He put his letter away. One more day until he goes back to school. He fell asleep, waiting for the next day to come. He had a dream of him and Lily.

"Oh, Severus. I realized I love you, so much." She said, blushing slightly.

"Lily. I love you too. I have always loved you, since I first saw you!" She ran into his arms and they kissed.

He awoke, kissing his pillow. He blushed light red and stalked down the stairs.

"Good morning, Mom." He said to his mother at the breakfast table. He looked around. "Dad leave for work early today?" His mother nodded. He helped himself to his favorite cereal. Count Chocola. He wasn't very fond of chocolate, but he loved vampire on the box.

"Honey, why are you blushing?" He dropped his spoon.

"W-w-what?" He asked, pulling the table cloth over his face. Now he was blushing deep red. "I'm not blushing!!!"

"Alright, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." His mother giggled. He removed the cloth and resumed eating. He finished within 10 minutes. He had 35 minutes left to spare. He got dressed and took his trunk, eager to get to school. But as he got to the train station, he felt guilty.

"Mom, I can't go." He said. "What if he hurts you worse than he did last night?"

"Honey, it'll be alright. Now go." He gave his mother a hug and left onto the train. He found an empty compartment and sat there.

"Hey, Sev." Lily said. He flinched. "Mind if I sit here?" He shook his head. She sat down opposite of him. As soon as all the students were aboard, the train starting moving. "So were you okay last night?" He stared at her.

"I was fine. I was just practicing for a play I'm making." It was hard lying to her, but he couldn't bear telling her the truth. They kept quiet for about an hour. Lily began to yawn. She fell asleep on Severus. He blushed. She looked so peaceful sleeping. He didn't even try to push her off. "I wish she knew how I felt about her." He thought. James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus appeared. James's expression was priceless.

"EVANS!" She awoke with a start to find her head on Severus's shoulder. She blushed.

"James?" What do you think you're doing?"


"I wasn't snogging him. I fell asleep. Excuse me for being human!" James and Lily were glaring at each other. "Just leave!" He stalked away, his friends behind him. She turned over to Severus, who had his face pressed against the window. "Severus..." She put her hand on his, causing his face to slowly become deep red again.

"D-do you mind?" He loved her so much, but he was too embarrassed. He regretted asking her that. He really wanted to hold her hand.

"Oh, sorry." She removed her hand and didn't talk to him for the rest of the train ride. The Hogwarts Express stopped. They were at Hogwarts! Students jumped down from the train, and walked to the Great Hall. As Lily stepped out, she spotted Hagrid. She ran up to him.

"Hagrid!" She called out. The first years around him, were staring. Not that you can blame them, Hagrid was twice the size of a normal man and at least 5 times wide.

"Oh, hello, Lily. How yeh doing?" Hagrid replied back. Underneath is big, bushy beard was a smile.

"Oh, I'm fine. Well, you better help those first years! I got to go, now! Bye!" Hagrid gave her wave. Severus got off the train, following after Lily. They reached the Great Hall. He left her to go to Slytherin Table.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!" Dumbledore said over the crowd. "Now before we start sorting I should tell you this: We will be having a ball during Christmas time. I hope most of you will stay during Christmas. Now sort we shall sort." We nodded to a woman with a stern face, and her black hair in a tight bun in emerald robes, holding an old hat.

"When I call your name come up here and sit on the stool. I will place the sorting hat on your head." Professor McGongall said to the 1st years. "Amanda Brown." A young girl stepped forward and was sorted into Gryffindor. After a few more students, a girl named Carie Smith sat on the stool and was sorted into Slytherin, while Bobby Turner went into Ravenclaw. The last person was Mark Yasel, who went into Hufflepuff.

"Now, let the feast begin." Dumbledore said. The goblets and plates filled up with food and drink. Severus was at the table, watching Lily. He was too nervous to eat.

"Ok... you have to ask her to that ball before Potter does." He thought.

"Sev, you going to eat?" Narcissa asked. Bellatrix was sitting next to her, playing with her potatoes and then she ate it.

"I'm not hungry." His stomach growled. "Okay, maybe a little." He filled up his plate and ate. He watched Lily slowly eat her steak. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

"Hey." A girl whispered to Severus. "I really think you should ask that girl to the ball." He jumped.

"W-who are you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Carie Smith. But, anyway, I've seen you eyeing that girl every since I got onto the train." He blushed.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about." He said; he felt really nervous. "Even if I was, you have no right to tell me this. It's none of your business." Carie gave him a glaring look, and stalked to the end of the table. After about a half hour, the food disapeared from the plate and goblets. It was now time to go back to the common room's and go to bed. As Lily walked up the stair, Severus's eyes were still on her, until she was out of sight. He went off to the dungeons.