"Why hire us? I mean, you told me that bullshit about Eric's criminal record and Robert's dad and my psychological damage, but there must be some other reason," Cameron asked House one day.

"Will you be able to handle the truth?"

"What? If I couldn't handle it, why would I ask?"

"I hate rhetorical questions. To answer your non-rhetorical one, you're all brilliant, but not necessarily in a conventional way. You're also well-rounded individuals. Chase plays the piano, he's fallen out of romance with religion, he had an absentee father – it makes him interesting. Actually, to be perfectly honest, it makes him rather like me, on paper. I never went to seminary school, but I was raised strict Catholic, my father was always off in the military, and of course I play the piano as well. You abandoned a possible future in jazz singing for med school, you married a man who was dying, you worked hard for everything instead of just taking the easy road. In some ways, you're like me, too. I had a few great scholarships for fine arts colleges, my dad pushed me to hard sciences instead. I stayed by a lover with severe cystic fibrosis until death. I never coasted in school, always studying, always excelling, and I never took the easy way out in anything.

"Foreman's different. He had his rebellious teen years like Chase, but he turned to crime instead of drugs. He's not a doctor because he loves taking care of people. People are puzzles for him, too, which makes him like me, too. I'm not sure if he's told you, but he also played upright bass in high school. I'm thinking of starting a jazz band. With Wilson on guitar, we could be unstoppable!" House continued facetiously.

"So…we remind you of yourself, so you took us on? But you couldn't have known all that from our résumés, could you?"

"Chase, yes. You, yes. Foreman took a little research, but I found what I was looking for. Also, I ran all of you by Wilson first. We agreed: you're all welcome to join us in anything between a threesome and a fivesome."

Cameron's eyebrows nearly disappeared into her hairline. "Are you serious? You and Wilson are…"

"I don't do cheating or cheaters. Thus, only when he's not married do we engage in carnal acts."

"Lamenting my lascivious nature?" a sultry male voice called from the door.

"Lamenting your utter inability to keep it in your pants," House amended for Wilson. "Think about that threesome, Cameron," he winked. "Tell the boys, too."