Title: On the Consumption of a Wriggling Yellow Substance
Author: Lady Yueh
Characters: Ten, Rose, Jackie
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not. My. Doctor.
[Response to Five First Lines Challenge using purplerhino's line.
A/N: You'd think that summer vacation would have me writing more, but no. I have some challenges to complete and I'm moving into my new apartment tomorrow but I will get around to writing more stuff. Promise. Eventually.

It would have been easier to eat the jello-like substance if it didn't try to squirm its way across the plate.

Then again, it would be far more preferable if he didn't have to eat it at all.

In all his centuries roaming across the universe he could say, with absolute certainty, that he'd seen, smelled, consumed and even heard some of the most disgusting, unappetizing and completely disturbing things the universe had to offer as sustenance.

Most times there was little actual problem, he could appreciate the differences in biology and culture that made some species and groups create a certain dish, no matter how unappealing or fungus-infested. If not, he could decline the offering.

Running worked if that didn't.

One of the few exceptions to these rules and, of course, the cause had to be known as Tyler.

The blame could be allotted in equal measures: Rose's pout, Rose's eyes (which both begged and demanded in equal turns), and his own inability to refuse previous stated enticements. Oh, Jackie's cooking should probably get a share of the guilt as well.

"Is it supposed to do that?" The Doctor whispered to an inappropriately amused Rose Tyler.

"It's Jell-o!" she hissed. As if that explained everything.

"I know Jell-o. I've had Jell-o. That is not Jell-o!" he shot back furiously.

"Just eat it!" she murmured vehemently.

Yet her own portion was stealthily deposited into a potted plant, with expert experience he noticed.

Was it his imagination or had the foliage shivered? Was that a cry of agonized pain?

On any other occasion he might be interested in the emergence of a new life form.

How things changed.

With his own considerable skills, he withdrew his sonic screwdriver.

Setting 246C, stun for gelatinous organisms.

Into his dimensionally transcendental pockets it went.

"Good?" Jackie prodded as she saw that his plate was empty.

He mustered his most convincing and sincere smile, the product of centuries of experience.


Jackie nodded, satisfied.

And doled him out another portion.


Yes, I am aware that what Americans call Jell-O the Brits would call JELLY but it's artistic license. Now shoo, review!