Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story are property of Stephenie Meyer.

"Bella?" I heard his voice, soft and sweet as the constant rain that falls in Forks, Washington. A voice that made my heart skip a beat even if all it uttered was a single unimportant word.

I turned around to look at him, straight in those crisp coal black eyes, it sent a shiver down my spine. The thought, the meaning behind their color caused my stomach to do back flips and made me dizzy.

"Edward, I need some time alone." I could hear my voice as if I were a third person in the deserted hospital waiting room up in the ICU.

"Do you want me to come over tonight?" His voice was shaken and his skin was even paler than its usual white.


The answer was simple, but even it's simplicity couldn't protect him from it's deeper meaning. I didn't want him with me. For a moment I even thought myself insane. But I needed some time, a moment to think, breathe, and pray that everything would be okay.

I looked over at Charlie. His body blood stained and bruised, all but dead or undead. The sight made my eyes burn, the overwhelming guilt building upon an unstable structure that I knew as my heart. Was it selfish of me to love a vampire? Were these the consequences?

"Bella, I think you need-"Edward was interrupted by his father, Carlisle.

Carlisle's sandy blond hair looked as if his hands had been running through for most of the night, his body looked word down and he looked anxious. I could only imagine what his news would do to me.

"Charlie is going to be all right, but he has to stay here for a few weeks." In a way the news comforted me. Charlie would be safe here. But deep inside something was tangled, a disturbing, unfamiliar feeling.

"Dr. Cullen, not to be rude, but I would appreciate it if you could arrange for my father to be seen by another doctor…" My voice was quieter than a whisper and the words cut my throat as they came out. I could see the understanding in Carlisle's eyes, just as well as I could see the terror in Edward's.

I recognized the feeling, it was nausea. I couldn't be around them right now. Not knowing what I did. It almost seemed as if Jacob's disgust for vampires had over taken me on a less extreme level.

"I'll see what I can do for you Ms. Swan." The formality made Edward's face twist into a sour expression as if he had eaten a lemon.

"Thank you." I wanted to cry. How could I be so awful to them? " I think I'll go home for tonight and be back to see him in the morning."

"I think it would be best if you stayed away for a little while. I'll have Dr. Gerandy call you when you father wakes up."

I nodded, happy to oblige. I hated seeing Charlie like this.

I would wait-alone- until Charlie was awake and then I would do my best to make it up to him. I wasn't sure what was causing the guilt inside me, but I had an idea. I would have to wait and see if I was right…