I awoke from a dark dream, frightened by what I had seen. For the first time since he had admitted to his … difference, I had seen him as society would have seen in a movie: Large white fangs peeking out from beneath his beautiful full lips, a terrifying blood thirsty look coming from his burgundy-black eyes, and his skin pale as chalk reflecting the moonlight back into the sky.

"Bella," He whispered in a less than beautiful voice. A voice I didn't recognize in its ugly sharpness. "Welcome Bella."

Caught in my throat was a bloodcurdling scream, and the last thing I wanted him to think about was blood.

When I opened my eyes, I realized that I had mad a huge mess of my room. All my blankets were on the floor and I had knocked a glass of water off my nightstand making the comforter sopping wet. Sweat leaked from every pore on my body, giving everything a bitter smell and making my body sticky. I stood to go clean my self up when I smelled an overwhelmingly sweet smell; Edward's smell.

He had been here while I was sleeping, but how did he get in? I should have known he would find away to get in here, I always forgot

I walked quietly to the edge of the stairs trying to catch a glimpse of the other person who I knew was in the house. I saw his large figure right away, trying despratly to be quiet he fumbled around my house, for what i have no idea.

"Jacob?" He turned quickly, startled by my appearence and from what I could see, dissapointed in his weakness towards me. "Jacob! What are you doing here?" excitment coated my voice even in my bitter mood.

I ran down the stairs to greet him, but ended up in his arms as I tripped on one of the floorboards. My cheeks felt hot even against his steaming wearwolf skin. I embraced him full on, I think thats what freaked him out the most, although the sobbing could've done it too. He wiped my tears with his big tan thumb and looked down at me with those beautiful sharp brown eyes of his.

"Isabella Swan, you are hopeless you know that?" His smile was weak in the dim light form the kitchen. "How did you hear me?"

"I was awake..." His eyes were gentel and in a way, completely knowing even though I had explained nothing to him.

"How are you?" His voice held an emotion I didn't understand.

"Shouldn't you be asking how Charlie is?" I couldn't look up at him, something inside me made me feel guilty even though Jacob would never blame me.

"No, I've heard about Charlie's condition all over town. I want to know what it's like back stage with the patient who is able to feel the pain."

"In truth, I feel as though I am the only monster around here-"


"Let me finish." I had to get it out."It was my selfishness that got Charlie into this mess. I love Edward..." My breath caught in my throat and I started to sobb harder than I had been before. "I don't know what to do...I just don't know."

Jacob pulled me to his chest and my face rubbed against his soft cotton t-shirt.

"Shhhh. Bella, it wasn't your fault, it wasn't your fault at all." He picked me up and carried me to my bed tucking me in and whispering in his husky voice. "Sleep Bella. Just sleep."

I closed my eyes expecting to see my minds perception of Edward, but instead all I saw was the monster I could be.