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Summary: Bella wants to be a vampire, but what happens when Edward leaves the night before. Bella gets angry, and makes a deal with the devil what happens next? She becomes a devil's concubine.

Chapter one: Disappearance on a snowy night

It was Christmas Eve in the Cullen's house and rings of laughter could be heard as Bella was aloud to open one Christmas Eve present!

"Edward!" Bella exclaimed happily "She's beautiful!"

The Cullen's around her simply smiled their wonderful vampire smiles. Edward had gotten Bella a wonderful Christmas present.

"I knew you would like her." Edward said laughing then Alice piped up "it wasn't all his idea I helped!"

For Christmas Both Edward and Alice got together and bought Bella a beautiful rag doll kitten, one of the worlds most laid back animals.

Bella laughed and hugged both of them before sitting on the massive couch with her new baby. "Thank you guys so much." For the Christmas holidays the Cullen's had transformed their living room into a winter wonder land, in the corner sat a beautifully decorated tree with ornaments from hundreds of years ago and so on. In another corner presents were stacked neatly, and near that was a table filled with Bella favorite sweets complements of Esme's home cooking.

"I think I'll name her Yuna." Bella picked up the tiny bundle and snuggled her close, "She's so warm." At her words she noticed Edward frown. "What's wrong Edward?" She asked quickly a look of concern on her face. "It's nothing Bella it's just that I'll going to turn you tomorrow but I'm not sure if you could handle not being warm anymore you seem to like it." He paused for a moment "And you love the sun… if I turn you won't be able to go out into the sun light any more!"

Bella sighed and said "Edward we've been threw this I am going to be changed whether you have second thought or not." She held a defiant tone in her voice. Alice sighed and said "Come on guys it's Christmas Eve don't fight!" and with that she pulled out a bottle of wine

"Let's get this party started!" Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper all hooted in agreement but Carlisle stood up saying "what do you think your doing?" he looked at Alice with a look of disbelief in his eye his Alice never wanted to do things like this "Come on dad!" She pleaded "This is Bella's last night as a human we might as well let her get drunk once before she changes! Because last time I check vampires couldn't get drunk off of blood."

Esme laughed and held onto her husbands arm "She's right you know! Come on let's let Bella have a little fun!" Carlisle sighed and said "If she gets sick on my new rug it will be the devil to pay!" everyone in the room cheered even Bella she was feeling very good tonight.

Excited at the fact that she was going to be with the one she loved forever. Glasses of wine were passed around and not to long after that the game of twister was brought out.

"Um Bells right hand red." Carlisle said smiling knowing this was the one that was going to bring her down. They had play seven games and Bella had won all. Bella sighed and reach under Emmett realizing she couldn't reach over his bulk she went to go over Alice the same problem occurred.

"You're going down Bella!" Esme shouted from the bottom of the pile. "Oh really?" Bella said with a sly smile, she had found her opening she stretched out and reached under Edward who was currently doing a bridge with Alice to his right and Rosalie to his left she touched the red spot with her hand and said "Got it!" At that moment thought Jasper had to sneeze and as he did he hit Esme who hit Alice who knocked over Emmett who hit Rosalie effectively knocking Bella a top of Edward.

Everyone landed in a thump but laughter rung out "I guess no one wins this game." Carlisle concluded. At this moment Bella looked into Edwards dangerous eyes and completely lost herself to his gaze. She leaned her had down until her soft pink lips touched his cold yet firm ones. She knew they had boundaries but soon they would be gone.

When they parted many eyes started at them and then they cheered "To Bella and Edward!"

Courses of the praise rang threw the house, soon thought it was time to sleep. Bella walked up the stairs with Edwards holding her hand making sure she didn't trip she was a bit tipsy.

When they finally reached the room Edward had to help Bella change into something that she could sleep in that was an ordeal Bella kept giggle and squirming around like she was two.

As soon as her head hit the pillow she closed her eyes, she felt Edward crawl into bed beside her, she snuggled into him and said "you know how much I love you right?" there was no answer. "Edward? You know I love you right?" "Um ... what... Ya I know and I love you too." He seemed distracted but she was too tired to push further matters. She closed her eyes and fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

The next mourning the sun shone threw the curtains and straight into her face. She stretched and sighed "Why are the windows open Edward hates it when there open?" she shrugged and got dressed in a pair of black jeans and a light blue fuzzy turtle neck that brought out her blue eyes.

She walked down the stairs and heard a commotion, her first thought was that her new friend Yuna had done something on Carlisle prized rug but as she got closer she noticed that they weren't talking about the cat but talking about someone, all of them were down there she sat on the first step and listened, as she petted her new friend that had come out of the bathroom upstairs.

"What do you mean he's gone?" Alice said with a hint of anger in her voice.

"I mean he's not here I can't find him anywhere." Jasper said

"Please calm down Jasper please!" almost at once everyone in the room calmed and started talking calmly to the others.

"Edward left but why I had no clue?" Esme said concluding the conversation. Out side the room Bella gasp, she was glad none of them heard it they seemed to busy with each other.

"There hands to be a reason?" Emmett said "Why would he leave on such short notice, on Christmas day, with out Bella or changing her." Then it hit them all

"BELLA!" they said together "Why would he leave her?" Alice said this time with a sad hint in her voice. "I don't know? Maybe he had cold feet and didn't want to change her?" Jasper suggested.

Just when Alice was going to say something Rosalie piped up after coming from the bathroom that linked to the living room, "I know why Edward left, He's ashamed!" Carlisle looked at his daughter "Why would he be?" everyone looked at her and at this point Bell ahead snuck up to the wall and peaked around the corner.

"I found these in the bathroom." She held up a pair of lilac colored thong and bra, the Cullen's gasped "you don't mean he was…" Alice trailed off "Uh hu," she said "I could smell the scent when I went in and their not Bella's or Alice's or mine or Esme!"

Alice hung her head, And Esme looked horrified, jasper held closed fists on his knees and Carlisle simply looked out the window. Emmett looked at Rosalie and she looked back at him, "So whose going to tell Bella?" Rosalie said

Just then the front door slammed shut "I think she already knows!" Alice said sadly.

They heard the roar of Bella's truck engine and watched threw the window as she speed

Off threw the Christmas snow that was falling. "Be safe Bella." Esme said quietly.

Bella felt the tears hot and angry sliding down her pale cheeks. She angrily drove threw the snow; her sight was blinded by anger, "How could you Edward she shouted!" Inside her truck. She beat on the steering wheel every so often and screamed as well. But didn't know what happened when suddenly she felt herself slammed into the staring wheel, and everything going dark.

Darkness, darkness, nothing but darkness. She opened her eyes slowly, only to scream everything around her was in flames. She stood up slowly but fell backwards only to be caught by somebody. When she turned around to see who caught her she gasped in front of her was a very handsome man. He looked to be about 27 and had long jet black hair and blood red eyes. "Who. who are you?" Bell asked timidly.

"I am my dear the devil." He said in a calm seductive voice. Bella simply gaped "but how can you be the devil I must be dreaming" He shook his head "No dear Bella your not dreaming your dead." Once again she fell back but was caught by the man. "How..." "You were in an accident you ran head first into a telephone pole and died on contact."

Bella wanted to scream but held back "You mean I died and I didn't even go to heaven!!!!" The devil laughed and said "Oh no my dear I brought you here personally. See you went threw a lot of anger before you died and I brought you here wondering if you wanted revenge?"

Bella simply looked at him, but then it hit her, how Edward was supposed to change her, Him leaving, him cheating… she let out a growl and said "yes revenge is good but how if I'm dead?" "I will give you one wish." She turned to him and touched a flame surprisingly it didn't hurt she turned her blue eyes at him, they were filled with anger and betrayal.

"I wish to return to the living world as a vampire." The devil let out a laugh and his body changed he grew large black bat wings and a tail; his arms grew massive as did his legs. And he change in color his body was black "Bella swan, In the name of the Devil you will have your wish granted." And the next thing she knew he lunged at her sending her into yet again a black.

When she opened her eyes six more started into her's. She felt herself instantly jumped back and gasp for air but soon found that she had no need for the air she was taking in. She placed a hand on her chest and it was cold and still. She looked up at the people and gasped, they were all so beautiful. Just like the Cullen's, There were two female, one had soft strawberry blonde hair, that reach her shoulders, the other had ruby red hair that was cut short and shaped in a pixie cut. The third was a male that had long brown hair that reached his middle back. He walked up to Bella first "we didn't mean to scare ya…" She took the hand that he extended to her.

"It's fine." She looked at the girls smiling at her "They are Tara and cassia, Cassie was the red had Tara was the blonde." He smiled at her again "And I'm Alexander, but call me Alex" Bella let out her own smile "My name is Isabella swan but call me Bella." They all laughed and she simply looked at them. "What?" she asked

The girl named Tara piped up "nothing sweetheart it's just you haven't noticed full yet that you look like a goddess." Bella cocked her head, and Alex led her to a mirror. She gasped looking at her was a beautiful woman. She had lost her baby fat, and her hips had gain a little more meat giving her a beautiful hour glass figure. She had larger breasts and the legs were long and lean she smiled and noticed she had fangs. She placed a hand over her mouth and gasped yet again "I'm a…" "Vampire?" the three said. She nodded.

"We are like you." Cassie said walking up behind Bella "What do you mean?" it was Alex who answered "we have all made deals with the Devil he called us and saked us to watch you." She nodded her head "What's your story?" Tara asked. "Well…" Bella said and started her story.

When she finished they all looked at her. "So you fell for a vampire too huh…" Tara said "Well all did. I fell for a handsome man named Jasper." The Alex spoke "I got caught up with a girl named Rosalie" Cassie sighed and said "Emmett for me." Bella simply looked at hem she hadn't mentioned any last names or any other members of the Cullen family except Edward "What were their last names?" They all said "Cullen." Bella let out a laugh and said "So was mine!" but then she stopped and a blood red came to her eyes "Uh oh…" Tara said "Looks like…" Cassie sang "Someone's hungry!" Alex finished.

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