Lara Croft

By: romance_lover

Type: Action/Adventure/Romance

Summary: Lara comes home after destroying the triangle and discovers that she is being highly paid to go on another mission with Alex West. Her employers are Angelica Tompson and Austin Mc Gregorry, both American.


Narrator: After a high-packed adventure, Lady Croft decides to rest. Just then, a phone rings.


Narrator: Lara looked sleepily at the phone, reached over, and picked it up.

Lara: (sleepily) ...hello....

Man: Hello, My name is Austin Mc Gregorry. Is this Lady Lara Croft?

Lara: Who wants to know?

Man: I will pay you one million dollars for an artifact that was placed Africa sometime ago. Will you go?

Lara: Yes, I am Lady Lara Croft, and I do accept you offer.

Mc Gregorry: One more thing, you will be working with a Mr. Alex West.

Lara: Shit. OK, but how did you know I was a Tomb Raider.

Mc Gregorry: I am-was a close friend of you father.

Lara: OK, when do we leave?

Mc Gregorry: You and Alex West will be leaving tommarow, first thing.

Lara: Thank you, goodbye.

Narrator: Lara slammed the phone down.

Lara: Hilary, pack my bags. I'm going to Africa for a few months.

Hilary: Gotcha.

Narrator: Hilary went upstairs to pack Lara's usual clothes, tanktops, and shorts.

Lara: Don't forget my pistols.


Alex: Good morning Lara. How are you?

Lara: Why are you being so nice?

Alex: Well, I dunno. Change??

Lara: Well, everyone changes.

Alex: Even you.

Narrator: Lara was wearing a white dress that went down to her ankles.

Lara: This is the only time you'll be seeing me in a dress Mr. West.

Alex: Why? Why are you wearing it then.

Lara: Hily forgot the laundry. Only thing clean.

Narrator Alex rolled his eyes.

Alex: Really.

Lara: I'm going to sleep.

Alex: Nighty-night.

Lara: Shut-up.


Man: Mr. Alex West and Miss Croft.

Lara: Lady Croft.

Narrator: Lara corrected him.

Man: ANYWAYS, you'll be staying in Sabotag`e Hotel.

Lara: Two rooms?

Man: One room. That was all that was payed for.

Lara: (to Alex) I get the bed.


This is my first Tomb Raider fic, so please be gentle. I would appreciate a review. Thanks for reading.