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x Therapy x 400 words

'Oishi-sempai, this really isn't necessary, is it?' Echizen Ryoma stared incredulously at the ceiling of the tennis change room as he laid on a bench.

The mother hen of the Seigaku Boy's Tennis Team, Oishi Shuichiro, seemed to think otherwise. 'Echizen, as your sempai, I have to make sure that you aren't doing anything...inappropriate.' Oishi reddened slightly.

Ryoma ignored the urge to roll his eyes, pulled himself up into a sitting position, and stared right back at Oishi. 'It's not like me and Kikumaru-sempai were doing anything.'

Oishi seemed flustered. 'It's okay if you don't want to admit it-'

'We weren't doing anything, Oishi-sempai.'

Then, Momoshiro Takeshi burst into the change room. 'Echizen! I finally found you!' He shouted, panting. 'What were you and Eiji-sempai doing last weekend?'

'Nothing.' Ryoma was feeling rather exasperated at having to repeat himself so many times.

'How could it be nothing?' Momo pointed an accusing finger at Ryoma. 'Eiji-sempai was on top of you and your face was flushed!'

Ryoma calmly explained, 'He had been trying to tickle me.'

Momo simply stared, and then responded, 'That's the lamest lie you've come up with yet, including the helping out a pregnant woman one.'

Ryoma sighed. 'I'm not lying.'

Oishi bit his lip. 'I know that it might be uncomfortable, your two sempai-tachi confronting you like this, but it's for your own good, Echizen.'

'Nothing happened!' Ryoma's voice was slightly raised, annoyed at having to reiterate again.

'Fine!' Momo frowned. 'If you were being tickled, then why weren't you laughing?'

Ryoma clarified his previous statement. 'He had stopped tickling me. And I'm not ticklish.'

'Then why was your face red?' Momo indicted.

Ryoma felt another strong urge to roll his eyes. 'Possibly because Kikumaru-sempai had been on top of me and it was rather awkward, Momo-sempai.'


Ryoma stood up. 'So can I go yet?' He raised an eyebrow, staring at his sempai-tachi.

Oishi nodded, satisfied. Precisely then, Kikumaru Eiji bounced into the change room.

'O-chi-bi!' Eiji pounced on Ryoma, and hugged him tightly.

'...Let go, Eiji-sempai.' Ryoma's voice was dark. 'Now.'

'Wah! Ochibi, you're so mean to your sempai! So mean nya!' Eiji let go and Ryoma left the change room.

It was silent. And then...


'Wha- Momo!'

As Momo put Eiji on a rather biased trial, Oishi wondered about when Ryoma had started calling Eiji 'Eiji-sempai.' x owari

x omake

'Were you really tickling Echizen, Eiji-sempai?'

'Yeah. He's not very ticklish though.'

'...73 percent chance that Echizen was going to be ticklish... I'll have to adjust my data.'


x x x

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