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Continuing immediately after the second last chapter of Deathly Hallows, before the epilogue…

'I think Harry's right,' said Hermione quietly.

'That wand's more trouble than it's worth,' said Harry. 'And quite honestly,' he turned away from the painted portraits, thinking now only of the four-poster bed lying waiting for him in Gryffindor Tower, and wondering whether Kreacher might bring him a sandwich there, "I've had enough trouble for a lifetime.'

Harry, Ron and Hermione descended the stone stairs back into the hall and headed for Gryffindor Tower to rest. Harry noticed now that Ron and Hermione were holding hands the length of the walk to the common room. Harry smiled and thought of Ginny and the hopes of talking to her and comforting her, but sleep was closing itself in on Harry and he walked almost without thinking. They reached the portrait hole but then something dawned on them.

'We don't know the password,' said Hermione furrowing her brow as though trying think up one on the spot.

However the portrait hole swung open anyways.

'I don't think I require a password from heroes such as you,' replied the Fat Lady.

She beamed down at them but called after them as the entered, 'It's a bit messy in there I'm afraid.'

Harry, Ron and Hermione had barely taken three steps into the common room when they knew that something was terribly wrong. The entranceways to where the boys and girls dormitories stood, was now a vast steaming pile of rubble and an open sky. It seems as though during the commotion from the battle, the tower of the Gryffindor common room had been destroyed and so had Harry's hopes of having a good nights sleep.

Disappointed the three friends trooped back to the Great Hall where there were less people than before. Professor McGonagall had taken the remaining over age students to the boundaries of Hogwarts and helped them disapparate home to their waiting families. All who were left that Harry knew were the Weasleys. As they entered the Hall Mr. Weasley walked towards them, his eyes puffy and swollen. Harry could hardly look him in the face knowing that the death of his son Fred must be breaking his heart but as they drew nearer Mr. Weasley smiled hugged each one of them in turn. The look in his eyes was one of thanks but also of grief and Harry knew that the Weasleys would need some time to get back on their feet.

'We're all heading back to the Burrow, Harry and Hermione of course you know you are welcome to stay with us as long as you like.' His voice was shaking but Harry knew he genuinely meant these kind words of welcome. 'Mrs. Weasley will be taking you ahead of us. Bill, Charlie and I are – well – we have to bring back Fred, Remus and Tonks so we can hold a – funeral for them.

At this Harry could feel the tears sting his eyes and saw Hermione squeeze Ron's hand in comfort. They followed a shaking Mrs. Weasley being led by Percy towards the boundaries of Hogwarts. George looked like a zombie walking beside them. There was no expression on his usually jubilant face and walked for the sake of walking. Harry fell back to walk with Ginny who's eyes, like the rest of the Weasleys were red and puffy, yet behind that Harry could see them sparkling. He grasped her hand and felt the warmth from her body flood through his hand, up his arm and into his heart. He smiled at her and she smiled back and rested her head on his shoulder as they walked.

After arriving at the Burrow, Harry closely followed by Ron headed off up the stairs to Ron's attic bedroom. The ghoul had been returned above them and could hear something that sounded like a Quaffle rolling around as though being used as a football. Harry immediately sank into his camper bed waiting for him as soon as he entered the room. He fell asleep instantly and did not even remember to remove his glasses.

Harry slept for an entire day all the while he dreamt pleasant things about Ginny in a white dress. For the first time in as far as he could remember, he did not dream about unusual dark corridors or the visions of an evil man and he smiled in his sleep. Two days after the vanquish of Voldemort Harry awoke to find a bright morning awaiting him. He looked around and felt for his glasses which had mysteriously been removed from his face as he had been sleeping. Without the knowledge of where his glasses had been put he did not recognize the person standing in the doorway, although he felt her presence.

'Good morning Ginny,' Harry said quietly to the figure now approaching his bedside.

'Good morning. I have your glasses; I didn't want you to break them so I took them off for you after you fell asleep.'

Harry put on his sparkling clean glasses and looked up into Ginny's face. She looked beautiful in the morning light gleaming in through the window. Her hair shining and looking like spun gold. Her skin was pale but glowing and her lips were pink. He wanted to kiss her but as he leaned towards her his stomach growled angrily.

'Ron and Hermione are already downstairs eating breakfast,' said Ginny smiling.

'Right – well – I'll meet you downstairs then. I just need to change.'

Harry watched her leave the room, her golden hair bouncing behind her as she went and she smiled shyly at him one last time before closing the door. Harry grabbed a t-shirt and jeans that had been neatly folded and laid at the end of his bed. After changing and washing his face he headed downstairs for breakfast. He entered the kitchen of the Burrow to be greeted by Ron and Hermione sitting very close to one another at the table eating pancakes and bacon. Mrs. Weasley who still looked as though she had been crying ushered Harry into the seat next to Ginny and gave him a plate tottering with a large stack of freshly made pancakes and crispy bacon. Harry couldn't remember the last time he had felt so hungry and gulped down the food with nearly as much talent as Ron.

After breakfast, and much pleading with Mrs. Weasley that they let her clean up, she insisted that they enjoy the beautiful day outside. Ginny convinced them all to head over to a small creek near the house to go swimming. They changed into swimsuits and packed a small lunch to take with them for a picnic. Mrs. Weasley waved out the kitchen window at them as they walked towards a dense area of trees lining the Burrow boundaries.

'So we're holding the funerals for Fred, Tonks and Remus here tomorrow,' said Ginny suddenly and Harry saw a small tear fall down her cheek. He gripped her hand and she smiled. He saw Hermione lean in a little close to Ron as she tightened her grip of his arm.

They reached the creek Ginny had told them about. The water was glistening and the sun shone through in streaks from behind the tall trees surrounding the clearing. They set their things down on a flat patch of green grass that was near the waters edge and sat down. Nobody said anything for a long while but merely looked around and admired the beautiful scene in front of them. It was Harry, who spoke first,

'Look Ron, Ginny, I don't know what to say except that I'm sorry about Fred. If only I could have prevented it...'

'Stop right there,' Ginny said turning to face Harry square on, 'It is not your fault. Do you understand me? Fred died – died for a better world. He died so that we could be here and enjoy this beautiful day and not have to worry about the future. They all did – Tonks, Remus, Colin – all of them died heroes and they would want us to rejoice in the fact that we are all free now.'

Hermione had tears in her eyes and Ron put his arm around her and placed his head on her shoulder.

'I know, and I'm grateful to them,' started Harry.

'If you're worried about the family Harry,' started Ron, 'Everyone is just going to need some time to adjust. Personally, I find it a bit odd having, well nothing to do anymore.'

They all smiled and relaxed a little. After a while they went swimming however, only about half an hour Harry noticed a brown barn owl perched on the basket of food they had brought with them. Harry left the water and hurried over to the owl which had a letter tied to its left leg. The owl stretched out his foot and Harry untied the letter. It was addressed to him and with a certain uneasy apprehension creeping in on him he opened the letter.

Dear Harry,

I wanted to invite you to lunch today so that we may discuss your godson. I'm sure he would love some company and so would I. I will understand if you cannot join us today and if not then I will see you tomorrow for the Funeral. Hope to see you soon,

Andromeda Tonks

Ginny had sat down at Harry's side. Her wet hair clinging to her back.

'Who's that from?' she asked.

'It's from Tonks' mother; she wants me to come for lunch to discuss Ted. Remus and Tonks' baby. My godson. Blimey, I almost forgot about that. She must be devastated.'

Ginny wrapped a towel around Harry's shoulders and then one around herself.

'Are you going to go?'

Harry smiled and with great excitement in his voice, 'Yeah, I am. I can't wait to see him. I just still can't believe that I'm a godfather it seems a little unreal you know?'

Ginny smiled warmly at him and grasped his hand in hers. Once again, warmth spread through his body at her touch. Then Harry realized something,

'But, I wouldn't know what to do with a baby. I've never even held a baby before.' He said, now with a slight nervousness to his tone.

'Don't worry; I'm sure you'll do fine.'

'Would you come with me? When I go to visit them today? I think Ron and Hermione might like some alone time anyway.'

Ginny looked towards the water where Ron was kissing Hermione feverishly.

'Git, goes on and on about me snogging and then what does he do? Hypocrite. Yeah I suppose you're right. Of course I'll go with you, I'd love to see Teddy too.'

Harry and Ginny explained to Ron and Hermione about the letter and that they were going to visit Mrs. Tonks and Teddy and that they would be back before dinner hopefully. They walked back towards the house to change and to tell Mrs. Weasley where they were going. Mrs. Weasley seemed hesitant to let them go anywhere, however realizing the importance she bid them farewell and pushed them towards the fireplace to use the floo network to reach Mrs. Tonks house.

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