-1(Okay Because of The Incredibles being in this new Universe I am going to have their actions addressed by their super names. IE Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, The Dash. (I have created super names for both Violet and Jack Jack. Violet's super name is Ultra Violet, and Jack Jack's name is Li' Morph.). That is until they call each other by their secret identies or by a character that already knows them. Basically the Android.)

(New York City Marvel Universe 146)

Mr. Incredible stepped through the teleporter to find a ruined city. Around him where the shelled out cars and buildings from some kind of war or invasion. He felt a sudden twinge in his heart as if he felt somehow responsible for the destruction. He watched as Elastigirl, The Dash, and Li Morph stepped through and then the portal closed. Syndrome had trapped him here and he only hoped that Frozone would be able to find Syndrome and get the teleporter open again.

"Alright everyone lets spread out and find her. Once we do we can find out what happened here." He said hoping the others would catch on to what he meant.

"Da… Er… Mr. Incredible why do we need to find out?" The Dash asked.

"Because we may be here for a while and we need to know what we are up against." Elastigirl said simply.

Both The Dash and Li' Morph nodded. Mr. Incredible pointed to The Dash and Li' Morph and pointed toward a warehouse. He then pointed toward Elastigirl and pointed toward an abandoned parking garage. They all nodded and took off in their directions.

(Inside of the warehouse.)

The Android picked up the bio signs of both The Dash and Li Morph. It released Violet and nodded to her. She ran toward her brother.

"Dash!" She shouted. The Dash looked at her and smiled. He walked forward and grabbed his sister.

"Damn Vi I thought that you where a goner. Mom and dad are freaking out looking for you." he said.

"Yeah mom yelled at me cause of you." Li' Morph said to her.

"Sorry little buddy." She said as she rubbed his head. The Android walked forward and The Dash took a fighting stance. The Android waved his hand showing he didn't want to fight.

"Dash Parr I wish not to fight you. Yes I have your information as well as your brother's, mother's, and father's. My creator, my father simply wanted me to bring Violet here and hold her here for you and your family to find. I do not know why, but I suggest that you keep quiet and find your parents." The Android stated.

"Why are you being so helpful?" Li' Morph asked.

"Because I wish not to be destroyed. That means working with beings who hold enough strenght to survive. I believe that means your entire family." The Android answered.

They three of them looked at each other and then Violet walked toward the Android.

"If you step out of line I will have my father rip you apart. Do you understand?" she asked the android.

"Yes… you may call me Zeta if you wish. I chose the name since my father named me project Z." Zeta said.

They nodded and then turned around. At that moment they saw a strange looking insect. It looked like a tiny woman and was getting close to them. The android created an energy shield around itself and ran forward. It caught the little insect and watched as it turned into a full sized woman. However she looked strange. Her outfit was something they would expect a super to wear. She was dressed like a Wasp and was attempting to bite the android. However she couldn't get past the energy shield. Finally she turned her head toward the door and screamed, "FOOD!!!!!!!, THERE'S FOOD IN HERE!!!!!!!" The strange woman shouted.

"Ultra Violet put a force field around us now!" The Dash shouted. She nodded and placed one around them. He began to run and Zeta released the woman. He then grabbed her head and crushed it causing her brain to shoot out of her skull. It hit the wall and exploded. The body then went limp in his grasp. He ran after the part of the Incredible team that ran out and followed them toward a parking garage.

(Abandoned parking Garage.)

Elastigirl looked around herself as she walked through the garage. She only heard the sounds of dripping water in the distance. She tried to see if her daughter was anywhere to be seen. After a few moments she heard the sound of something getting closer to her. She turned around to see her two sons and daughter in a force field. They where shouting about something. She ran toward them and watched her daughter drop the force field and watched as they all fell to the floor.

"Mo… Er… Elastigirl there's some kind of strange people here who wanted to eat us. We got away thanks to Zeta." Li' Morph said as they stopped.

"what are you talking about, and who is Zeta?" She asked them.

" I am Zeta." The android answered as it stepped forward.

She stepped back once she saw it. It had Syndrome's symbol on its chest and obviously it was the thing that had kidnapped her daughter. At first she felt anger but then she stopped once she thought that it had saved her children.

"Why did you help them?" She asked.

"As I told your daughter I want to survive, and the only ones here with that ability is the Incredibles. That means you, your children and Mr. Incredible himself." Zeta stated simply.

She watched him for a moment and finally nodded. "Fine, we can use the help, but don't betray us." She warned him.

He nodded and then turned his head. His scanners began their search and he stepped toward them. "There are several nonliving beings headed this way. I suggest that we find an escape route and then search for Mr. Incredible." Zeta said as he headed toward a door. They turned to see several shadowy figures heading that way.

(Sorry for ending it there, but I worked quite a while today and pretty much am kind of tired. I will add more tomorrow. Until then rock on, rock on.)