First chapter of the continuation of "Better Than Me". It's more of a prologue than chapter since it's so short.

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Chapter 1: Listening

Hinata strolled through the village's main market street. She was heading toward her favorite café for lunch as she did every Saturday when she was on her break. Working at the hospital was very rewarding but also very stressful as Hinata still tended to get too attached to her patients if she wasn't careful.

Hinata kept her ears open to the gossip surrounding her. While the shy heiress herself wasn't very interested in keeping up with the latest scandal, she was listening specifically for any news on the youngest Uchiha.

That was why Hinata was taking this route to "yuki's café" instead of by a more direct path. Ever since she had returned to Konoha a week ago at Tsunade's insistence (having both her and Sakura away from the village, and the hospital, had put too much of a strain on the other medics (Tsunade hadn't had a moment to get drunk since they left!)) she had been spending all of her free time waiting and listening for any new information on the teams movements. With both Kiba and Akamaru's senses and Shino and his swarm, the Hokage determined the team had ample tracking capability. And since Sakura had her insane strength as well as her medical skill to contribute, Tsunade decided to call Hinata back home.

So, everyday Hinata would leisurely meander through Konoha's Market Square, eagerly listening for any news about the return of the team… and her fiancé.

Realizing she could spend no more time dawdling, and still have enough time to eat, Hinata picked up her pace and walked in the open door of "yuki's".

She had just placed her order and was calmly sipping her tea at an outdoor table, when a messenger came running up to her looking panicked.

Hinata was already digging in her pocket to pay for the tea before the messenger caught his breath.

"Tsunade-sama is ordering all medics to report to the hospital immediately! Kakashi's team has just returned with Uchiha and his comrades. There were heavy casualties."

The moment he said "Uchiha", Hinata had thrown a handful of coins on the table and started sprinting for the hospital.